Friday, December 12, 2008

Zengineers - The Return of Intelligence

netlabel - id.eology
genre - drum'n'bass
release date - 2008

The Zengineers consist of Phour Trakk and Sick-E who formed the band in 2005. After having produced truckloads of tracks and beats on their own they decided to finally join forces in the probably vain attempt to save the world from whack muzak. Their influences range from electronic music in general to Hip Hop, Jazz, Trip Hop, Worldmusic and Drum and Bass, an eclectic mixture heavily influencing their own production-style.
Zengineers on MySpace.
Zengineers music on GNs.

01 The Future (Intro)
02 The Fusion
03 Heliopolis
04 Don´t blink
05 My Way to you
06 State of Intending
07 Tea on the Terrace
08 Ishin
09 La Jetee
10 TV on mute
11 Through the Lens
12 Stop each other
13 Lost in plain Sight
14 Passage to India


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