Friday, December 5, 2008

Vangel VS. DJ Unkut - Mini EP

genre - instrumental hip-hop, turntablism
release date - 2008

One world class producer, one world class dj, one vision. Vangel (Canada) & DJ Unkut (Germany) are well known for their talents and innovation in their respective fields of art.
Vangel is an unassuming instrumental producer whose diverse musical catalogue has been redefining genres that don't exist. DJ Unkut is the 2007 Vestax Extravaganza World Champion and has become the next evolution in turntablism.
"Vangel VS. DJ Unkut" is been released as a showpiece of what happens when 2 masters combine talents to create something, " never heard of."
DJ Unkut on MySpace.

01 Doing Things
02 Listen
03 Butcher Freestyle 08 (DJ Unkut Practice)


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