Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspired Flight - Through Sight and Sound EP

genre - hip-hop, soul, dub
release date - 2009

Rooted in hip-hop and dipping into elements of indie rock, downtempo, dub and dance, Inspired Flight is taking your pre-conceived notion of what a band and DJ are and merging them into something new and quite hypnotizing. By creatively integrating traditional DJ elements, like sampling and scratching into original head-nodding songs, this duo from San Diego, CA is carving their own unique niche into music translating into the ultimate electric, live experience. Inspired Flight conducts their music live by combining multiple laptops, keyboards and turntables whilst incorporating guitars, kalimbas, melodicas and vocals ...
Inspired Flight on MySpace.

01 An Outlet
02 Parasympathetic
03 It Always Takes
04 Ahmad - Back in the Day (Inspired Flight rmx)


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formusickind said...

Today they launched a remix competition and completely relaunched their website. The new album is due in March 2010! Thanks for listening.