Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Przaśnik - Itz jazz'eh?

genre - dance, funk, jazz, nujazz, mix
release date - 2009

Przasnik are Bontone and En2ak, based In Wroclaw, producing and djing duo. Przasnik are friend of label called Qulturap (established as sublabel of Blend Records). Bontone (member of Jon Kennedy Federation, UK) debuted as a finalist of Skalpel’s “Break In” remix contest, released by Ninja Tune. Today they collaborate with artists from around the globe, preparing some stuff together and also solo projects. Sets played by Przasnik are mostly eclectic. They combine many music styles. You can catch here many oldschool tunes – funk, jump blues, retro swing, latin grooves, also dancefloor jazz, nu-funk, breakbeat and hip hop straight from the golden age.
Przaśnik on MySpace and on GNs.


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