Friday, October 21, 2011

Jellyfish Recordings - Another Dimension

label - jellyfish recordings
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

Jellyfish Recordings presents ANOTHER DIMENSION a compilation of Vancouver and West Coast Canada based beat makers and producers. The second beat compilation on Jellyfish Recordings, it is the follow up to to 2010′s DIMENSIONS. While the last batch was compiled from international beatmakers/producers, we are proud to say this years is comprised of all West Coast Canadian talent with the exception for our one wild card contributor Chief.
Once again styles vary but quality is consistent. Fresh up-and-comers are side by side with established producers over a range of styles, some straight ahead hip hop, some more experimental in nature.
Jellyfish Recordings on bandcamp.

01 TightMike - Sugoi
02 Geewuht - Sunset (Enter Jah)
03 Nick Wisdom - Alien Kiss
04 AstroLogical - Vessels
05 Headspace - Its All Coming Together
06 Jolin Ras - The Hunter
07 Rawja Dawja - Hell Below
08 Galaxaburn - Rod DeVoe
09 Moka Only - Lynn Valley Montage
10 Wondrkut - Arches
11 Axiom - Seventimental
12 Dpeee - Unpoppable
13 Culp - PWNHWM
14 Potatohead People - Celebrate Yoself
15 Blocktreat - Aloe Kitty Mau Mau
16 Chief - Give What You Want


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