Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nocow - Ruins Tape

label - gimme5
genre - dubstep
release date - 2011

Once again, Gimme5 takes you further than humanly tolerated, squeezing through your ears the magnificent unknown still sleeping in your brain. With this 'beat tape' release from Nocow, the listener is yet one step deeper, not only into the music, but into the process itself that brings life to it. These short songs are a glimpse into Nocow's vision of the world, a brief sigh through the immensity of the 'possibles', snatched from some underlying world and compiled inside this tape which, by the way, is free. Yes, you heard well. This is so totally free that you have no excuse not to get it and prepare yourself for Nocow's debut LP soon to come.
Nocow on soundcloud and on GNs.

01 Allow
02 Up On A Roof
03 Overnight
04 Moonlight Flit
05 Dispel The Wind
06 Indoubt
07 Thorny Path
08 Long Way Home
09 Round In Circles
10 The Gill
11 You Got Me (Digital Bonus)
12 Ruins (Digital Bonus)


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