Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jenova 7 - Dusted Jazz Volume One EP

netlabel - dusted wax
genre - nujazz, trip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2011

Dusted Jazz Volume One is a downtempo jazz/trip hop EP by Los Angeles based trip-hop artist Jenova 7, released as a free digital download from the Dusted Wax Kingdom label. The EP features a dark, raw and cinematic style that crests and troughs along its short path, ranging from nightmarish to dreamlike in sound, while staying true to jazz form. jenova7.bandcamp.com
Jenova 7 on bandcamp.

01 Dark Water Jazz
02 Dusted Wax
03 Metamorphosis
04 A Touch Of Evil
05 Life Is Just A Ride


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