Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cmy - Eclipse

genre - instrumental hip-hop, turntablism, chillout, nujazz

release date - 2002

Milton Waukee (producer, instrumentalist); Jorge Saxon (DJ, turntablist).
After 7 years of undercover action, the duo has finally revealed their identities. In an ingenious attempt to avoid prejudice among Polish listeners, Cmy managed to get their attention and be recognized as one of the most fresh and inspiring acts to emerge from Poland in the last couple of years.
It turns out that Cmy are actually: Yaro a.k.a. Milton Waukee (a well-known and recognizable Polish music producer) and DJ George a.k.a. Jorge Saxon (Yaro’s long time music friend and co-worker). cmy.pl
Cmy on MySpace and official site.

01 If I only had...

02 The next train

03 Barflies on wax

04 I feel so bad

05 Asian pleasures

06 Hangover party

07 Apocalypse - tomorrow
08 Monsieur Bassman

09 Le Printemps de Bourges '91/'97
10 Nightlife at 45 rpm

11 Fryderyk is drinking

12 Good evening, jazznuts

13 Dixie spring
14 Subway blues-hop

15 Tah-tah-teeh-tah ;-)

16 Boogie all night long

17 622 Downfalls of Bungo

18 Catch my flow, hissremovers


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audioterror said...

heh płytka zacna swego czasu gdzieś u siebie wrzucałem nawet, po dziś dzień z empe3 nie schodzi ;D