Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cvees - Hiphop vs Rap EP

netlabel - tokyo dawn records
genre - hip-hop

Three different mcees, three different styles, one sound. And a sound like no other. representing Harlem NYC, Swave Sevah and Probe DMS met at a very early age. Later in their teenage years they met Ike P. After becoming good friends and finding out what each of them can do, they formed a group. The group was called N.B.C (New Born Chaos). But after noticing the usage of the word chaos in a lot new groups titles, they decided to change the name to C.V (Cult Vertigo) which was soon changed to CVEES (Ceremonial Victorians).
Cvees on MySpace.

01 For You
02 Dro Please
03 Spread love to ya


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