Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Manuele Atzeni - The Miyazaki Tour EP

netlabel - wm recordings
genre - instrumental hip-hop, chillout, turntablism
release date - 2009

Manuele Atzeni a.k.a. Miyazaki is a dj/producer from the underground music scene in Florence, Italy. Born as a hard-techno dj, since 2001 he has been spinning and scratching in parties, clubs and festivals around Italy mixing hip hop, funk and drum 'n bass.
In 2008, along with Johnnyboy, he formed "Overknights", an independent dj and beat-producing duo based in Florence recently evolving to include other talents from their local scene, like Millelemmi, Digi G'alessio (A.S.F.T.) and Biga (Ether).
Manuele Atzeni on MySpace.

01 Bonacisi
02 Crezima
03 NeVe
04 Little Star
05 Ouch The Couch feat. Franco Crudo


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