Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Lights - Filling Up The City Skies CD2

genre - electronic, instrumental
release date - 2008

"Filling Up The City Skies" is a collection of songs arranged in two sections, each about the maximum length of one blank cd(80 minutes).
The second disc contains 12 songs that are, stylistically, along the lines of what I have been playing at Pretty Lights shows for the last 10 months. They are for the most part more upbeat and high energy production, but still maintain a very organic element. They range from hip-hop to two-step to house and tend to get faster as the disc progresses..except for the last song which is a remix of "Finally Moving" from the first Pretty Lights album "Taking Up Your Precious Time".
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01 How We Do
02 Hot Like Sauce
03 Who Loves Me
04 More Important Than Micheal Jordan
05 If I Gave You My Love
06 Aimin At Your Head
07 B-Rock
08 Take The Sun Away
09 Up & Down I Go
10 Speaking Of Happiness
11 Electro Cali
12 Finally Moving Remix


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