Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TrianguliZona - Flossy

netlabel - test tube
genre - jazz, nujazz
release date - 2007

TrianguliZona is Croatian collective. Ivan Kapec (electric guitar and electronics), Andrej Jakuš (trumpet, flugelhorn and electronics), Janko Novoselić (drums) and Vladimir Končar (video), have been working in the confluence of different languages in modern music, a complex reality which, pointing at several directions, blurs the borders between genres and styles. From electro-jazz with distant references to 70’s electric Miles Davis, to ambient-flavored experimentalism, to Steve Reich’s minimalism, going through dub and loop techniques, all framed with a live improvisation setting, there are recognizable signs in the music of TrianguliZona.
This blend results in a homogenous sound, with an experimental flavor. Instant composition as a result of the sound-image interaction, in which sound and vision acquires a special place in live performances. The main impression is jazz-fusion, based on progressive electric guitar, trumpet with pedal and electronic effects, and this mighty groove, balanced with creativity and good taste. Melodic and hypnotic, delicate and subtle, the TrianguliZona sound is likely to become the soundtrack to that special road trip. testtube.monocromatica.com

01 Rippling
02 Rising
03 Flossy
04 Waiting
05 Screaming
06 Recapturing


Friday, April 25, 2008

Lokua - Trails

netlabel - moment sound
genre - downtempo, nujazz, instrumental hip hop, house
release date - 2008

Lokua is a master of melody, texture and mood. Many are yet to experience this musician’s full scope of ability. Lokua’s earlier works consist largely of down-tempo instrumental hip-hop. Recent works branch out to include a large scope of electronic genres with a significant amount of dance material. Lokua’s sound is characterized by the richness and sincerity of its emotional content with even the danciest of tracks retaining a deep, cerebral sophistication. momentsound.com
Lokua on MySpace.
Thanks to Slava.

01 A Thousand Pages
02 Bub Sag
03 Crystal Ball
04 Burning Money
05 Coupe Deville
06 Ghostrider
07 Grasshopper
08 Taxi
09 Interlude
10 Tai Chi
11 Trails
12 Thanks Raining
13 Crystal Coupe
14 Y.E.A
15 Coup Deville Reprise


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Foolk - Bells Remixes EP

label - deadred
genre - nujazz, electronic, rmx
release date - 2008

Bells is remixed by slovak electronic producers.
It's for free until 18.05., because 18.05. is official LP "Red Pills for Daddy" release date.
Foolk on MySpace.
Thanks to Lienka.

01 Bells (Abuse / Rain & Hail Remix)
02 Bells (Ear Drum Kru / Ring The Bell Remix)
03 Bells (Karaoke Tundra & Peťo Tázok Remix)
04 Bells (Millex / Latin Lover Mix)
05 Bells (DJ Milos Remix)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moosefrog - Come EP

netlabel - lo-kiwi
genre - downtempo, nujazz, trip-hop
release date - 2005

"Come EP" is a mixture of downtempo, triphop, nu-jazz with a good rock'n'roll attitude. However with a bit darker tones, then on the last ones. Features Jukka Torso, Mr. Mouse and Tuomo of Ingrey. lo-kiwi.org
Moosefrog's official side.

01 Zero Gravity Container
02 You Don't Know It Yet
03 Sergey a Go-Go
04 Sixshooter
05 Them Figures
06 Coffee with Cream
07 Dreaming of Wings


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Audiokonstrukte - Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears

netlabel - 1 bit wonder
genre - trip-hop, ambient
release date - 2007

"Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears" - beautiful melodies meet sluggish rhythms in a sound field between ambient and the almost forgotten genre of trip hop. 1bit-wonder.com
Thanks to hifiterror - audioterror.

01 Sensitive Poem
02 In Sleepy Town
03 Sensi City
04 Dusty Atmosphere
05 Neurospiderweb
06 Microtraffic
07 Soki Nyha Ten
08 Slow The Moment
09 Quiet Mood
10 Disfiction
11 Fruitcrashes
12 Karmakoma
13 Parkbench


Friday, April 11, 2008

Breaks Inc. Sampler

netlabel - rebound
genre - drum'n'bass
release date - 2004

72+ minutes of drum and bass from Rebound that attempts to capture the spirit and energy that characterized this legendary tracker label. Mixes everything: Krii's melodic "So Close To You (July Mix)", Emit & Julius Kinet's dark hallucination "Enoch" and Psidream's furious tech-step "New Species" to provide a basis to further explore the Rebound archive. archive.org/details/breaksincsampler

01 Krii - So Close To You (July Mix)
02 Dijin & Krii - Iwo Jima
03 T.Malinen - Random Sheit
04 Tricolore - Subterfuge
05 Tyree - Tarmac
06 Chro - No Hide
07 Emit & Julius Kinet - Enoch
08 Julius Kinet - Artemisia
09 Wesi & Krii - The White Zone
10 JCole - T-Long Twam
11 Marcus - Vantaa Oldsk00l
12 Psidream - New Species


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Barry Lynn - 98 EP

netlabel - acroplane
genre - dub
release date - 2008

"I made Koss, 98 Loop and Rhodes Draft in 1998 (...) I was heavily into DJ Shadow so I wanted to try putting tracks together from samples of old vinyl, which I already had a decent sized collection of thanks to my Dad. I also spent ages going through all the record shops in Belfast looking for old jazz and soundtracks and stuff like that to sample when I first started university (...) There's a version of Koss with a nice Hendrixy guitar solo but the rest of the track is a mess so you get the more chilled version here.
The other two tracks were done digitally in reaktor 3 and were made a bit after.
Hope you enjoy them!"

01 Koss
02 98 loop
03 Rhodes draft
04 Hard to say
05 Loughside


Friday, April 4, 2008

Keit - Thujone

netlabel - chill-label
genre - chillout, electronic, rmx,
release date - 2008

Keit decided to release an extraordinary compilation of remixes and beats made in 2007. Among 19 tracks you will find the real pearls like KEIT&M.A.J remix of "Makro" by Kasia Nosowska, "Hruloe" by Husky and "Can't see the light" by Lukeing Forward. Not only a fresh doze of best chill out music, but also a graceful trip to another dimension of existence.This sonic foundry remains in the classic Keitology style. chill-label.pl

01 Zigurat
02 Mising
03 L'ange de Thujone
04 Czesio skit (Włatcy Móch rmx)
05 What's next rmx
06 Nightstring drum time
07 Lukeing Forward Can't see the light rmx
08 Troubles of the world bulb rmx
09 112 skit
10 Cogito
11 Kasia Nosowska Makro (KeitMaj rmx)
12 Papillons
13 Mox skit
14 DayDream/Tuesdays with Morrie rmx
15 Babel rmx
16 Husky Hruloe (KeitMaj rmx)
17 Patchwork skit
18 Samotność feat Ania N.
19 Sleepwalk blues rmx feat Ania N.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Norton - Kersche Remix

netlabel - aerotone
genre - electronic, rmx
release date - 2008

Norton is four young guys make music for World to hear. They are from city in the middle east of Portugal called Castelo Branco and they're the symbioses between the simplicity of Mum, the soft pop of The Postal Service and the tension of Mogwai. nortonmusic.net
Kersche Remixed is, as the name announces, a remixed version of Kersche. People from all around the world were putting new visions, new sounds, new atmospheres in Norton songs. aerotone.300l600.de
Norton's official side.

01 Our June (Will Remix)
02 (Your) Balcony (Corwood Manual Remodelling)
03 Sailing Across A Distant Sea (Lost Room Remix)
04 Kersche (Muxu Remix)
05 Spherical Hearts (Trondheim Remix)
06 Still Stays On (Daily Misconceptions Remix)
07 Pleased To Get Home (And Me Remix)
08 Sailing Across A Distant Sea (You Echo Remix)
09 Still Stays On (Transient Remix)
10 (Your) Balcony (FM Belfast Remix)
11 Cinnamon & Wine (Loto Remix)
12 Sailing Across A Distant Sea (Stereoboy Remix)
13 Lowlands (Nuuk Remix)
14 Kersche (Cars And Trains Remix)
15 (Your) Balcony (Hidden Letters Remix)