Friday, April 20, 2012

Cuefx Band - Cosmic Drive

Zomblaze - Dronk Noise

netlabel - budabeats 
genre - hip-hop, glitch-hop
release date - 2012

The new Zomblaze LP 'Dronk Noise' is a fine mixture of classic and newschool hiphop, glitch and trip-hop. Despite of the rather dark atmosphere- it fits perfectly into the Budabeats catalogue: due to the good old sample based production style on the album you can hear new interprations of songs from Marlena Shaw, Kati Kovács or even Clint Eastwood and General Saint. Zomblaze got support from well known MC's like Kemon and Ponza (S10 Records) and expect some guitar action from Vanis.

01 In
02 Bakkinadayz
03 Fokkthatrain
04 Drunk And Stoned
05 Michael 1
06 Beat 1
07 Mind Op
08 Straight InnaDi Face
09 Beat 2
10 Polycycle
11 Beatige feat. Ponza & Vanis
12 Van Jó Minden Rosszban
13 Lovizoke
14 Yes No Sleep
15 So Far Fart Away feat. Kemon freestyle
16 Out

Monday, April 16, 2012

Superpoze - Lost Cosmonaut

netlabel - digital pit
genre - downtempo
release date - 2010

Superpoze on GNs

01 The Haunted House
02 Lost Cosmonaut
03 People in Colours
04 Writing Animal (feat. Matthew MC)
05 Sweet September
06 Monkey Attack
07 Five Fishermen
08 Favourite Flavour
09 The Jazz Club
10 Ol'Days (feat. Matthew MC)
11 Broke My Headphones
12 We Came Down (feat Thotem)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fakear - Washin' Machine

netlabel - digital pit
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2012

Fakear no GNs

01 Matin Gris
02 Funk of the dead
03 1985
04 A New Camp
05 Liqueur
06 Washin' Machine
07 Hip Hop Homework
08 Nightlife
09 One For The Brave
10 Bloody Western
11 Human


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Etnies & Switchstance Recordings Anniversary Compilation

label - switchstance recordings
genre - downtempo, hip-hop
release date -2012

Etnies & Switchstance Recordings are celebrating their 25th & 10th anniversary with this free music compilation!

01 Ancient Astronauts - Risin' High (feat Raashan Ahmad)
02 Deela - Shelta Blues
03 Kabanjak - Dub To Go
04 Protassov - Wake Up
05 Ancient Astronauts - 36 Hours (Fort Knox Five Remix)
06 Deela - For What You Are (feat. Mango Juice)
07 Kabanjak - Rhythm (feat. Azeem)
08 Aeronautix - Veda Noir (Astroboter & Kabanjak Remix)
09 Protassov - Another Letter


Friday, April 6, 2012

Prod.B - Simple Melodies

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2012

Simple Melodies" is a project made by Prod.B a.k.a. Biegaj. After couple of bumps on the road (issues with equipment, loosing data etc.) the album is done. The whole project is a combination of different styles(from hip-hop beats to electronic sounds). Making this project the producer didn't care bout frontiers, genres, labels or anything. Although tracks are loosely placed and have nothing in common, all of them are connected by their producers original style. Thanks to albums diversity it can be digested as a whole or by separate tracks. It is interwined by sleepy and dark records, which supposed to be listened at night, and strong and fast records, which shall give you a head-bumping experience.
Prod.B on GNs

01 Start time
02 Bad dream
03 Heartbeats
04 Simple melodies
05 Always in my head
06 Last hour
07 Return
08 Say goodbye

bonus: Run!!!
bonus: Every day