Saturday, September 20, 2008

Niteffect - Lost Identity

netlabel - kreislauf
genre - trip-hop
release date - 2008

Niteffect's last album on GNs.
Niteffect's site.
You can listen Lost Identity on

01 Dark Clouds Coming
02 Blur Emotions
03 No Way To West
04 Going With The Flow
05 Burma Beat
06 Tropical Heat
07 Sick Manga
08 Lights Off
09 Vintage Photos
10 Never Land


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Artcrime a.k.a Circo Inverso - Still Travelling

genre - hip-hop, instrumentl hip-hop, trip-hop
release date - 2007

Artcrime a.k.a circo inverso is producing music since 2003.Playing as a performer dj since 2005 to several small clubs.Currently studying music technology and works as sound engineer in a studio. Member of a hip hop duo also featuring an underground mc,sentive and a trip hop/experimental band,Mystery Train both based in Athens.
Artcrime a.k.a Circo Inverso on

01 Intro
02 December
03 Walls around us
04 Jmt - animal rap(2.1 mix)
05 The present
06 Blue
07 D.st8
08 Distraction(demo version)
09 Teatro di narrazione
10 Santa sangre
11 Still travelling
12 What about what(mixtrack)
13 Way of the samourai interlude
14 Personal note
15 Trip to lourmarin vaucluse
16 The world is yours now
17 Athens by train(demo version)
18 Untuned sunset
19 Outro


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mr.S - HPS

label - audiorascal
genre - ambient, downtempo, lounge
release date - 2007

Following on from the great success of the fantastic "Extracerebral" album, "HPS" is a free single release featuring a massive 8 tracks for your listening pleasure. Featuring the huge talents of Krypton, Tomasz Bednarczyk, en2ak and Stealpot, the HPS single is a fantastic download and a brilliant showcase for Poland's astounding talent for electronic music.
Mr.S on

01 HPS (Radio Edit)
02 Extracerebral (Krypton rmx part 1)
03 HPS (Tomasz Bednarczyk rmx)
04 HPS (en2ak rmx)
05 Extracerebral (Krypton rmx part 2)
06 Acoustically Illustrated
07 HPS (Stealpot rmx)
08 Outro: Reminisce


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Transient - Feel good inside

netlabel - camomille
genre - ambient, instrumental hip-hop, house, idm

release date - 2008

You've seen Transient on various labels such as Thinner, Miasmah, Mono, Sutemos, One and his own output Noisy Vagabond, becoming one of the netlabel community's most hard working individuals. This time, he offers an amazing 1hour 20 minute album filled of warm and delicately stirred tracks dwelling in hip-hop, idm, pop, ambient and house. To us, this is the definite Transient collection, showcasing his talent and his mastery of all things electronic.
Transient's EP from Miasmah on GNs.

01 Conserve
02 Crick
03 Cvtecvt
04 West lake wave cradle
05 Kane mountaine firetower dub
06 The possibilities in movement, color, tone
07 Falcon kills fish
08 Lovebug
09 Feel good inside
10 Deep mountain
11 Cayadutta
12 Qoqqoq
13 I won't hurt you when you're down
14 Holding back
15 Footprints in the snow
16 Lovestory