Sunday, January 31, 2010

Etamski - Kosmos EP

genre - electronic, abstract hip-hop, free jazz
release date - 2009

Etamski on MySpace and on GNs.

01 It's so
02 D ytil
03 It's so strange / dust
04 Stars from my pocket
05 A lot of dust
06 Buddha under a table
07 Kosmos


Friday, January 29, 2010

Swede:art x A-rec x Fuer.steps - ABC Alphabeat

netlabel - error broadcast
genre - abstract hip-hop, glitch-hop, instrumental
release date -2009

The first installation in a series of beat tapes here at Error Broadcast is ABC Alphabeat, a compilation of raw and unpolished scribblings from Boom Bap to Wonky Rap, Dubstep and textural electronic music.
Behind ABC Alphabeat is three young German Rap cats, namely Swede:art, A-rec and Fuer.steps. While you might have heard of sir Swede:art for his Monday Jazz mix or his feature on Mishoo the Drumkit’s recent EP and A-rec who popped up in a Lucky Me mix, fella Fuer.steps is pretty virgin to the scene.
Swede:art on MySpace.
A-rec on MySpace.
Fuer.steps on MySpace.

01 Swede:art - Wonkycarz
02 A-rec - Haha
03 Fuer.steps - Der Kleine Pilz
04 Swede:art - The Mohawke
05 A-rec - Obituary Of A Sell Out MC feat. D-Fine
06 Swede:art - Stalactite Cave
07 A-rec - S'wet
08 Fuer.steps - Japan Domino
09 Swede:art - Don't Leave Me Alone
10 Fuer.steps - nOw
11 A-rec - Wildwonderfulmusic
12 215 The Freshest Kidz - Vnecks (Swede:art x A-rec Remix)
13 Fuer.steps - Lunar Dust
14 A-rec - Dream Interlude
15 A-rec - Girls And Boys
16 Swede:art - Coffee Anthem
17 A-rec - Afterhour


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

kIRk - About Simple Things

netlabel - 16wersów
genre - nujazz, electronic, experimental, trip-hop
release date - 2009

kIRk on MySpace.

01 Lost Bits
02 Więcej Kawy
03 Hedone
04 Jawy!
05 Si Begg's Jetlag & Tinnus Totally rekIRked


Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Lights - Filling Up The City Skies CD2

genre - electronic, instrumental
release date - 2008

"Filling Up The City Skies" is a collection of songs arranged in two sections, each about the maximum length of one blank cd(80 minutes).
The second disc contains 12 songs that are, stylistically, along the lines of what I have been playing at Pretty Lights shows for the last 10 months. They are for the most part more upbeat and high energy production, but still maintain a very organic element. They range from hip-hop to two-step to house and tend to get faster as the disc progresses..except for the last song which is a remix of "Finally Moving" from the first Pretty Lights album "Taking Up Your Precious Time".
Pretty Lights on MySpace and on GNs.

01 How We Do
02 Hot Like Sauce
03 Who Loves Me
04 More Important Than Micheal Jordan
05 If I Gave You My Love
06 Aimin At Your Head
07 B-Rock
08 Take The Sun Away
09 Up & Down I Go
10 Speaking Of Happiness
11 Electro Cali
12 Finally Moving Remix


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pretty Lights - Filling Up The City Skies CD1

genre - downtempo
release date - 2008

"Filling Up The City Skies" is a collection of songs arranged in two sections, each about the maximum length of one blank cd(80 minutes).
The first disc contains 14 organic downtempo songs.. not that they're all slow, but they do have a common style throughout them. Also, every song on the first disc contains a vocal sample which I chose and arranged in an attempt to tell a story about myself, my life, and the world in which I live. The vocal samples are typed out below in case you find them difficult to understand in the music.
Pretty Lights on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Someday Is Everyday
02 The Time Has Come
03 My Other Love
04 Cold Feeling
05 Solamente
06 Fill Your Eyes
07 Something's Wrong
08 Evening Sun
09 Double Love
10 Pop Quiz
11 At Last I Am Free
12 Make You Feel
13 Summer's Gone
14 Maybe Tomorrow


Friday, January 22, 2010

Aydio - Deltitnu

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - downtempo
release date - 2009

The debut Aydio's EP "Deltitnu" is a fabulous chilled fairytale! The tracks gradate lightly one into another, painting beautiful dreamy soundscapes with a wonderful ornate melange of groovy basslines, dub soulful guitars, phat beats and expanded ambience. If you feel the Groove Armada and Morcheeba's chilled trippy vibes, you'll definitely fall in love with this release!
Aydio on MySpace.

01 Track
02 Deltitnu
03 XHD
04 Step One


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pretty Lights - Taking Up Your Precious Time

genre - downtempo, electronic

Pretty Lights is producer Derek Smith from Fort Collins, CO accompanied by a drummer in the live settings. At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin' beats, Pretty Lights is giving the peope what they want; electro organic cutting edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion.
Taking Up Your Precious Time was the first Pretty Lights release.
Pretty Lights on MySpace.

01 Short Line
02 Until Tomorrow
03 Wrong Platform
04 Finally Moving
05 Stay
06 Summer's Thirst
07 An Empty Station
08 Switch Up
09 Waiting For Her
10 Samso
11 Down The Line
12 Happiness (Troubled Faces)
13 Almost Familiar
14 The Last Passenger
15 Try To Remember


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Manuele Atzeni - The Miyazaki Tour EP

netlabel - wm recordings
genre - instrumental hip-hop, chillout, turntablism
release date - 2009

Manuele Atzeni a.k.a. Miyazaki is a dj/producer from the underground music scene in Florence, Italy. Born as a hard-techno dj, since 2001 he has been spinning and scratching in parties, clubs and festivals around Italy mixing hip hop, funk and drum 'n bass.
In 2008, along with Johnnyboy, he formed "Overknights", an independent dj and beat-producing duo based in Florence recently evolving to include other talents from their local scene, like Millelemmi, Digi G'alessio (A.S.F.T.) and Biga (Ether).
Manuele Atzeni on MySpace.

01 Bonacisi
02 Crezima
03 NeVe
04 Little Star
05 Ouch The Couch feat. Franco Crudo