Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Printempo - Fluctuation

label - export label
genre - downtempo
release date - 2014

Printempo is back after a long absence with a serving of strong, appetising downtempo. Thirteen new tracks are a treat for those expecting the best from the genre. The rhythm, the trans, the chill energy are all there, flowing steadily. It is blissful, but not static, changing from track to track, making it difficult to pick a favourite. At a time when we seem to value and demand more, faster, stronger, Printempo returns to the roots of the genre and does it unapologetically, masterfully. There are no boundaries, language barriers, expectations or empty promises. A paradise island of dreams, to which I drifted in slightly less than an hour. Where will I like it better than here? I press ‘repeat’ and I’m staying. exportlabel.com
Printempo on GNs

01 PT01
02 PT02
03 PT03
04 PT04
05 PT05
06 PT06
07 PT07
08 PT08
09 PT09
10 PT10
11 PT11
12 PT12
13 PT13
14 Unbecoming
15 The Strut
16 Interruptions Taking Shape
17 Daybreaker
18 Pure Bliss
19 Subways Are For Sleeping
20 Hand In The Cloud (Part One)
21 Hand In The Cloud (Part Two)
22 Tired High
23 Sono di Montecarlo
24 Exit Call