Monday, December 31, 2012

Catching Flies - The Stars EP

genre - downtempo, chillout
release date - 2012

Catching Flies website

01 Sunrays
02 Let Your Hair Down
03 Mt. Wolf - Life Size Ghosts (Catching Flies Remix)
04 The Stars


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kixnare - Digital Garden Remixed EP

label - u know me records
genre - electronic, hip-hop, remix
release date - 2012

After two years from releasing Digital Garden 2LP we are back with a special project of remixes made by UKM artists and friends.
Kixnare on GNs

01 Keepthat (Disordered Remix)
02 Tomorrow (Innocent Sorcerers Take 2)
03 Knock Out (Good Paul Remix)
04 Heartbeat (Polyp Remix)
05 Computer Love (Teielte Remix)
06 Heartbeat (SLG's Old School Mix)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Volor Flex - My Story

label - dark clover, origami sound
genre - dubstep, ambient
release date - 2012

Six months after his highly anticipated and well-received debut album, Volor Flex delivers a sequel - the 15-tracks effort entitled "My Story".
Alexandr is discreetly taking some distance from the somewhat controversial sound of "Tramp" in a follow up that will hopefully shape up his place in the 'church of Burialism' as more than just a tribute while keeping the eerie and emotive sound true to his main influence.

01 Foretime
02 Faint Hope
03 Northbound
04 Inexplicable Thing
05 Cryptic
06 True Faith
07 Forsaken
08 Fake Love
09 Last Night
10 My Story
11 The Sign
12 Someday
13 Shame
14 Leave In Silence
15 Revulsion


Friday, December 28, 2012

Free The Beats Vol​.​9

label - free the beats
genre - abstract hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2012

For the 9th installment of FTB, we have a hand crafted CD pouch made by Lokie McGuiness from recycled kangaroo leather. All branded with the number 9. It comes in a variety of colours and cuts so your item may differ from the picture.
Freethebeats on GNs

01 Able8 - Scraggy Dog
02 Weakling - Berkshire Hunt
03 GHprodu - I Just Don't Know
04 Nosmo King - Chilli n a Chilli
05 Forcefields - Bon Voyage
06 How Green - Water Bird
07 Beat Romantics - Tears
08 Moonbase Commander - circa/dian
09 MicMac - Truth
10 Junglemire - Dexif
11 Weakling - ffflowers
12 Roleo - Supasoaka
13 Kosmo and Bazaar - If I Had It My Way


Thursday, December 27, 2012

DustyCrates - Outoforder3

label - duzz down san records
genre - glitch-hop
release date - 2012

Dusty Crates is a Vienna based beatmaker/DJ collective sharing the love for old and dusty records, the art of sampling and analog & digital synthesizers. Coming from Austria, Italy, Germany, Philipines and Croatia, all living in Vienna, they combine different styles and techniques. Hiphop-rooted but influenced by electronic and jazzy flavors.

01 Alpha (ra-b)
02 Miro (melik/olinclusive)
03 Telesthesia (simp)
04 War (stsk)
05 Duckstep (olinclusive)
06 Noshit (melik/olinclusive)
07 Empty whiskey bottles (ra-b)
08 Kapitän nemo (stsk)
09 Sylva (melik/schinowatz)
10 Downtown (schinowatz/melik)
11 Shame on you (olinclusive/melik)
12 Skit (melik)
13 Onesoul (simp/julian loibl)
14 Wosisig kopfmist rmx (stsk)
15 Irgendwann (ra-b)
16 Adb (melik)
17 Nogoodnobad (melik)
18 Oh-mega (ra-b)


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Secret Garden

genre - hip-hop, downtempo, trip-hop
release date - 2012

We have tried to compile an album of instrumental electronic music, with artists from different influences! The color is jazzy, melancholic and epic! We go from hiphop, to triphop & downtempo! Simply, a big thanks to all the artists for their participation!

01 JIM - La Douche (Intro)
02 Tor - Heikki
03 Poldoore - Solstice
04 Travelling Day - Smoking Dog
05 Hugo Kant - Morning Broadway
06 Roger Molls - Free My Soul
07 Mindpleasure & Friends - Où es-tu mon amour (Instrumental)
08 Juliano - Bat
09 Nym - Et Moi
10 Frameworks - Dawn (Instrumental)
11 Marcas - The Looking Glass
12 Nik Laker - The Present In The Past (Blossom Remix)
13 Mononome - Vibrating Pulses
14 Chairman Maf - Yesterday
15 L'Orange - The Quiet Room
16 Crookram - The Good, The Bad & The Gypsy
17 HashFinger - December
18 Jenova 7 - Rat's Theme
19 Kognitif - Old is Gold
20 Le Melodist - Fana (Exclusive Version)
21 C Milli - Expectations
22 JIM - Sambasunn (Outro)


Monday, December 10, 2012

Cuefx - International Post-War Chill Remixes

label - export label
genre - nujazz, electronic, remix
release date - 2012

Last winter was exceptionally rich in interesting recordings and important premieres for Export Label. After Blossom’s debut album Blue Balloons which created quite a buzz, there was the premiere of ‘International Post-War Chill’ by Jacek Latoń, aka Cuefx. The latter is not only a nu-jazz album, it is also the most ambitious item in both the author’s and Export Label’s discographies. The abundance of experimental sounds and musical themes allow the listener to interpret and re-interpret the content of the album and of each individual track.
“Musically it’s all about jazz, ingeniously mixed with abstract hip-hop in a very illustrative way that brings to mind a film score. Echoes of New York experimental scene can be heard on this album; illbient, Laswell, DJ-a Spooky or The Blue Series, that actually connect the hip-hop and jazz scene, all seem to have inspired Cuefx as much as Scandinavian nu-jazz has.” That’s what Bartek Chaciński (Polityka) had to say about the album.
Nearly a year has passed since the release of the album. It is time for the next step: International Post War Chill Remixes. The most interesting takes on the original tracks have been selected in the course of a contest. “Who Wants A Bomb”, “25 Years Of True Love”, “Neurodramatic Hip Hop”, “International Post-War Chill” and “Re-Manhattan Blues” are among the remixed tracks. All in all the album features 9 never before published remixes and two bonus tracks – the results of Cuefx Band’s cooperation with Marcin Babko (hipiersoniK, Muariolanza) and with Eufoteoria.

01 Cuefx Band feat. Marcin Babko - Reduktor
02 Cuefx Band feat. Eufoteoria - Neurodramatic Hip Hop part 3
03 Who Wants A Bomb (Quantifier remix)
04 Who Wants A Bomb (Nik Laker remix)
05 25 Years Of True Love (Prod.B remix)
06 25 Years Of True Love (Gauvin remix)
07 Neurodramatic Hip Hop (Ortalio remix)
08 Neurodramatic Hip Hop (Synnc remix)
09 International Post-War Chill (zabity remix)
10 International Post-War Chill (Dark Budda remix)
11 Re-Manhattan Blues (Aske remix)


Friday, November 30, 2012

Cut Volume 1

label - cut records
genre - dubstep, electronic, idm
release date - 2011

Cut's first release is a statement of intent, a taster of what we have to come. A cross-section of our sound, and a starting point for us to develop from. Over an hour of incredible electronic music for free. 14 beautiful tracks covering deep dub-techno, dubstep, drum and bass, future garage and IDM.

01 Vax - Let's Go
02 Lostlojic - Give Me Love
03 Atomic Haze - Couchlocked
04 DFRNT - Going The Distance
05 Lush - Spatial Love
06 Lung - Whale Song
07 Klatu - Zealous
08 Mekha - Acufen
09 Myrkur - Transmission
10 Toffee - Milkshake
11 Jazzy Jazzy - Friends With Benefits
12 Nowan - Snowflakes
13 Vandera - India Joya (DnB Remix)
14 Oddisee feat. Oliver Daysoul - In The Now (Krts Remix)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dowdy / Alovesuprime - Do Da Di / Sadovoe

label - ritmo sportivo
genre - funk, dance
release date - 2011

While your bodies languishing from the heat, we want to give you some more summer madness. For cookin' this digital double - single we got into our archives and found two crazy joints (recorded in midsummer of 2010) from 2 representatives of the deepest Moscow underground scene - Dowdy and Alovesuprime. Tribal rhythmes in ''Do da di'' from Dowdy and funky grooves in ''Sadovoe'' from Alovesuprime- all this shit is exactly what you need to make your headphones finally melted from the heat. Be careful listening it.

01 Dowdy - Do Da Di
02 Alovesuprime - Sadovoe


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deep Shoq - Life of Swing

genre - downtempo, hip-hop
release date - 2012

The second attempt to conquer the playlists of picky music lovers characterizes by the shades of mellow beats, electronica, neo-soul, soft dubstep, house and goes under the name of „Life of Swing“ (not Swag). The new EP consists of 9 equivalent and orbicular pieces (+ 2 Bonus tracks) .
Collaborations with local and foreign artists is the thing your ears must notice. It includes distinctive voice of London based mc/vocalist Joleon Davenue and Chantelle Nandi from Maverick Sabre’s band, Canadian singer Eric Nicholas and Lithuanian soulstress Kotryna.
Deep Shoq on bandcamp

01 Desire (ft. Joleon Davenue)
02 Wulin Water
03 By the channel
04 Chrystal flashbacks
05 Redemption (ft. Joleon Davenue & Chantelle Nandi)
06 Need to feed (ft. Kotryna)
07 Fool without you (ft. Eric Nicholas)
08 Make dis choize (Need to flip) (ft. Kotryna)
09 Sip the heat


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Salvia Kamili - High Life EP

label - morgen-noi
genre - dub, hip-hop
release date - 2012

Inspired by african highlife and bass music, Salvia Kamili's debut EP dips into a warm, fuzzy vinyl sound with a strong and powerful vibe. So, turn it up and enjoy the high life !

01 No.1 de No.1
02 Radio Amboussa
03 Porry
04 Right On
05 Paid in '92


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cube Face - Fair Use EP

label - cadence collective
genre - electronic
release date - 2012

Sample based electronic music, with lots of vocals and hiss. Wooden and metal percussion in different rooms. UK. Will soon take live bookings.
Cube Face on soundcloud

01 Intro
02 Called You
03 Give
04 I Guess
05 For Me


Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Call It a Sound - Reworks & Remixes

genre - electropop, house, remix
release date - 2012

EP album from polish band We Call It a Sound with 5 reworked or remixed songs made by their friends - polish producers: An On Bast, Dextre, Disordered, Hailo and Lemodien. Available for free!
We Call It a Sound on bandcamp

01 Hailo feat. We Call It a Sound - Akwamaryna Rework
02 An On Bast feat. We Call It a Sound - Sun Antonio Rework
03 Triangles (Disordered Remix)
04 Adriatix Harmonix (Dextre Remix)
05 Cocain Moon (Lemodien Mix)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Niedodźwięki - Szybki strumień widoków zza szybki EP

genre - nujazz
release date - 2011

Niedodźwięki on bandcamp

01 Intro
02 W bloku startowym
03 Szybki strumień widoków zza szybki
04 Podróz po areszcie
05 Życie podszyte jest aksamitem
06 Koncert życzeń sobie ciebie tutaj
07 Trzy trzustki


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Symbiotic Sounds new album

Sequel One is proud to welcome a new member: Lukasz Szyda better known as Symbiotic Sounds. Artist who’s recently released 5 tracks EP called “EVERYBODY LOVES AN 808”. The material is based on the sound of legendary drum machine Roland 808. Symbiotic Sounds presents sounds strongly inspired by the JUKE and FOOTWORK music derived from Chicago, but little bit different from original genre framework. However, the whole material covered by modern synth sounds combined with classic samples gives very interesting results, and allow to distinguish this release among other of its types.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thallus - To Gain Volatility

label - ritmo sportivo
genre - hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2012

"To Gain Volatility" is a long-awaited debut official long-play from 22-year old german hip-hop producer Thallus, who is the one of the few young musicians in instrumental hip-hop music nowadays with highest level of creativity in his mind which allows him to convert each of his records into a new emotional piece with its own beginning and ending....In front of you 14 finished stories, 14 frames with its own sound and 1 year of the work over it...1 year of the life for the moment.
Thallus on GNs

01 Walk With Me
02 Great To Know
03 Hidden Memos
04 When Something Appears To Help You
05 Green Tea
06 Midnight Journey
07 Behind The Past
08 His Words
09 Crushed Marbles
10 Jazz For Breakfast
11 Growing Up Not Down
12 Homeless Instruments
13 Grey Sweatshirts In The Rain
14 May The Heart Be At The Right Place


Friday, October 26, 2012

Karaoke Tundra - Obor Haraburda

label - mad-hop
genre - hip-hop, dubstep
release date - 2012

Mad-Hop on bandcamp and GNs

01 Oni
02 Obor Haraburda
03 Kvadrant XXX (feat. 3ck)
04 Dinosaury Hulili
05 Nehudba Cveng
06 Obor Haraburda (Grillo Remix)
07 Obor Haraburda (Polyklinik Remix)
08 Obor Haraburda (Digi G Alessio Remix)
09 Oni (Dnte Remix)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sumeo - Birds

label - ritmo sportivo
genre - abstract hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2011

6 months of work, just 6 tracks. Sometimes it takes a while to start. Now we are ready to say confidently that Sumeo’s time has come. Who's this guy? His shit sounds like it was recorded somewhere in Santa Monica. He's from Syberia? Are you kidding? No, we're not kidding. This young cat doesn't look for inspiration in the futuristic sounds, he doesn't collect analogue synthesizers, and he doesn’t care about the fact that nowadays trendy blogs visitors are typing in the search bars "Flying Lotus" more often than "Questlove" or "Karriem Riggins". Sumeo is makin' his beats as simple as possible, following old-school techniques and solutions and maybe that’s why you don’t count how many samples and loops Sumeo used in every particular track. You just relax and the music takes you up high. So high that even birds can’t reach you.

01 Concrete
02 Climate For You
03 Night Flight
04 Tea, Vynil, Midnight
05 Rooks
06 Heaven
07 Concrete (Cream Child Remix) (Bonus)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blameful Isles - Bound To Ohra

label - urban waves records
genre - nujazz, hip-hop
release date - 2012

We're gladly presenting to you a new member of the Urban Waves family, Swedish producer Daniel Israelson aka Honks Burry. With "Bound To Ohra" he's introducing his new project, Blameful Isles which freshly binds Jazz, Trip Hop and Hip Hop on a spiritual level like ever heard before.

01 Oharaijua Settlement
02 Greeting In Ohras Forest
03 Sins Of A Vulture
04 Shamans Dance


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roux Spana - 9 Weeks of Sun

label - u know me records
genre - electronic, soul, funk
release date - 2012

For a long time I had an idea of making a project based on the 80s boogie funk. I figured out that the best time to do it was during the summer break. For nine weeks, every monday, I uploaded a new song on my soundcloud profile. In every tune I was trying to catch the essens of a summer vibe and sunny mood. "9 Weeks of Sun" is a collection of nine compositions inspired by boogie funk, 80s, soul, r'n'b and electronic music. In addition to the original idea, the material has been enhanced with four previously unreleased tracks.
U Know Me Records on bandcamp and on GNs

01 1st week (just to let u know)
02 2nd week (she is gone now)
03 3th week (when u feel like movin')
04 4th week (the sun is here)
05 5th week (u r next 2 me)
06 6th week (u better believe it)
07 7th week (we r almost there)
08 8th week (make it up 2 u)
09 9th week (is this the end)
10 10th week (I don't wanna let u go)
11 11th week (set me free)
12 12th week (sunday love)
13 13th week (on my way)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wladyslaw Komendarek - Śmietnikowy Ptak

genre - electronic, remix
release date - 2012

Komendarek on facebook

01 Śmietnikowy Ptak (Oryginal)
02 Śmietnikowy Ptak (Envee remix)
03 Śmietnikowy Ptak (Futurospekcja remix)
04 Śmietnikowy Ptak (Giro Arana remix)
05 Śmietnikowy Ptak (Marcin Cichy remix)
06 Śmietnikowy Ptak (Teielte remix)


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mad​-​Hop vol​.​5

label - mad-hop
genre - dubstep, glitch-hop
relese date - 2012
Mad-Love brings together many artists from around the world and features a variety of styles and genres based on the hip-hop sound characteristic for our 5th compilation.The whole compilation creates a wonderful atmosphere of futuristic hip-hop, post-dupstep and what is best for our fans: It’s a free download.
Mad-Hop on bandcamp and on GNs
01 Lomovolokno - 22
02 Anders Wallden - Oandligheten (Ninjato Remax)
03 Sina. - Not That Man
04 Mokhov - U Know
05 Leadsmen - Words Unspoken (Arts The Beatdoctor Remix)
06 Kingstux - Beat The Clock
07 Lee Spacey - Thermal Blooming In The 80s
08 Filtercutter - Ataristix
09 Headshotboyz - ERMAC
10 Foolk - Broken Mirror
11 Jemapur - Empty (free)
12 Antti Szurawitzki - 3 Minutes City
13 Lupid Ocampo - Night Shift
14 Zova -Toy Crash
15 GLGN - Red Clouds
16 Dnte - Could We Dance
17 Dizz1 - Relentless
18 Metaform - Boombox Casket
19 Favorite Flava - So Cruel (Yosi Horikawa Remix)
20 en2ak - Oral Hygiene Basics
21 Jimmy Pé - Old Times
22 9th Cloud - Riffrafing In Front Of You (Gaex & Karaoke Tundra Remix)
23 XLII - Dickey Mouse

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teielte - Selcouth (Maxi Single)

label - u know me records
genre - electronic, glitch, abstract hip-hop
release date - 2011
U Know Me Records on bandcamp and on GNs
01 Selcouth
02 Selcouth (Liquid Molly Remix)
03 Selcouth (Rhythm Baboon Remix)
04 Selcouth (HighleeF Remix)
05 Selcouth (Deam & Lapsky Remix)
06 Selcouth (Good Paul Remix)
07 Selcouth (Invent Remix)
08 Selcouth (Adam Peter Remix)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tomasz Andersen - Wbrew Wskazówkom

genre - hip-hop, funk, electronic
release date - 2011
Tomasz Andersen on facebook
01 Intro
02 Krach
03 Do grobowej deski
04 Witamy na ziemi
05 Wypracuj to
06 Ona mówi
07 Trzeba się jej pozbyć
08 Taka jaką jesteś
09 Ostatnia noc maja
10 Kruki
11 Wehikuł

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nu Sounds from Poland

label - noecho
genre - electronic
release date - 2012
NoEcho Records on GNs
01 Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Illium
02 Stendek - Dziury
03 Eufoteoria Little Gift
04 HALF OF A dB - Młyn
05 Dat Rayon - Rambler Six
06 Letdown Dept. - Off
07 the brainhole - od¿y³y
08 Ebola Ape - King Siamang
09 Dirty Bitch - Swagger & Dance
10 PIES - Radio
11 Władysław Komendarek - Walc op. 69 nr 2 (Fryderyk Chopin)
12 Sedativa feat. Dawid Portasz - Cliffs of Dover

Friday, September 28, 2012

Color Plus - Cerulean Dream

genre - electronic, abstract hip-hop, chillout
release date - 2012
Color Plus on bandcamp
01 Fortune Tellers
02 Ashore
03 Take Yr Time
05 Escape Rope
06 Clock Town
07 Manatee:in:Motion
08 (Mind)
09 My Three Suns
10 Really Real (Lifted)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Symbiotic Sounds - New Beginning EP

label - phatt sounds
genre - electronic, house
release date - 2012
Symbiotic Sounds on soundcloud
01 What You Want
02 Frequency Shifter
03 Groove Baby
04 Bamboo

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buszkers and Groh - U Know Me Showcase III

genre - electronic, mix
release date - 2012

U Know Me Records on soundcloud

01 Roux Spana - Aeon
02 Galus - Orchid & Birds
03 Kebab & Milk - Sly Little Fur (prod. Sobura)
04 Twardowski - Growing Up
05 MentXXL - No Way
06 hau_mikael - Good Vibe (Zeppy Zep Remix)
07 Polyp - Tin Drum
08 b szczesny - ad da
09 en2ak - Ego Surf feat. Spisek Jednego (Lower Entrance Remix)
10 Teielte - The Crystal Run
11 Daniel Drumz - Let It Whip
12 Lower Entrance - I Don't Like to Jump
13 en2ak - Pipes on Pluto
14 hau_mikael - Good Vibe (Envee remix)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Free The Beats Vol​.​8

label - free the beats
genre - abstract hip-hop, electronic, glitch-hop
release date - 2012

This time around an even smaller run of only 50 CD's, beautifully crafted calico sleeves (by Joss Gabriel) with a simple stencil graphic from Ears. Textural, minimal, diy.
Freethebeats on GNs
Freethebeats website

01 Durban Poison - Slipping
02 Brokers - Flightrisk
03 Elliot - A Moment With You
04 Ta-Ku - E2WLA
05 Ears - Rafters
06 Silent Jay - Oddspace
07 Moonbase Commander - Welcome Thillho
08 Forcefields - Matchsticks
09 The Silent Titan - Think Back
10 Luskin - Hopeless Endeavours
11 Testament Of Future Soul
12 Ishu - Never (Remix)
13 Hairy Knuckles - Stonerock
14 Oisima - Corner Stop
15 Friendships - I Never Get A Morning Anymore


Sunday, September 23, 2012

6th guest Blossom

genre - downtempo, nujazz, electronic, mix
release date - 2012

Blossom on soundcloud and on GNs

01 Sweatson Klank - It's All In Your Head
02 Void Pedal - Observer
03 Attune - Lost
04 Johnny Ripper - Circles (Hugo Kant Remix)
05 Berry Weight - The Day Nothing Happened
06 Offbeatkid - Breath
07 Tor - Glass & Stone
08 Thrupence - Stop Using Logic
09 Nik Laker - The Present In The Past (Blossom Remix)
10 Chris Clark - Herr Bar
11 Emancipator - All Through The Night
12 Hidden Orchestra - Antiphon
13 Blossom - Eternaldream (Nik Laker Remix)


Friday, September 7, 2012

Master's Voice - Summer Ain't Easy

genre - hip-hop, jazz, mix
release date - 2012

Master's Voice on soundcloud and GNs

01 Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Find A Way
02 A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
03 Sunburst Band – Far Beyond/De La Soul – Stakes Is High
04 De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Dj Spinna Extended Remix)
05 Samiyam – Cheesecake Backslap/De La Soul – Stakes Is High
06 Dj Mitsu – The Way/Mic Geronimo – Wherever You Are
07 Louise Vertigo – Peau d’Ane
08 Dj Mitsu - Tokyo Girls/J-88 – The Look Of Love
09 Hamilton Bohannon - Unknown/ Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M
10 Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson - Antiquity


Thursday, September 6, 2012

INC: Collection 1

label - indelible niche collective
genre - ambient, chillout, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2012

INC Collection 1 is the first of many Compilations from this brand-new community. Curated by like-minded artists, INC Collection 1 is filled with many emotions. Though whens its all said and done "FEEL GOOD" would sum up the album. As many of you know I am very driven by all our creative differences and equalities in the community.

01 Mr. Boston Beatdown - Every Wish'll...
02 Dad School - Orientation
03 Tru Highs - High Persona
04 JAH RA - You Don't Even Know
05 Naono - Fotago
06 Mr. Kwazi - Moody Man
07 Mellow Bloke - Lonely Daydreamer
08 Mammut Is In Love - Magical Song
09 Lackflow Intolerant - MeYouWe (Prod. by Boston Beatdown)
10 Light Escape - 001
11 _moohn - dgtlsnset
12 Prof. Logik - Some Sought of Fusion
13 Toma & evolv - But the Mountains, I Raise
14 munno - Orange
15 Bass Kapital - Surrndrr
16 B.Ro - Sippin Beer on the Beach
17 Nathan Watson - Forgotten
18 9Planets - Too Much Of Nothing
19 Prod. B - My Chance
20 i AM esper - When the Sun Sets Over the Wilderness
21 Junoflo & evolv - Dinner For One (Prod. by evolv)
22 Nodding Off - At the Edge of the Sky
23 Cyan P - Gravely
24 Ullapul - Silo #1
25 Drig & evolv - Crawl Space (Drig & evolv)
26 evolv - Alluring
27 Jacob Gemmell - Sonnet of Garages
28 JAH RA & evolv - Emanate
29 David Redwine & Dalena Tran - Cla-sick Poetry (Feat. Dalena Tran)
30 Apollo Knives - Peter and the Burning Building
31 Pysch3 & evolv [SuperSmashBros] - Grain
32 Bara lítið - höfuðverkur
33 Twisted Perspective - I Have a Dream
34 2D Nation - Real Talk
35 Alone - All That Can, Does
36 Beatoven - Clip Clop Stop
37 Hyde and Shriek - Djaruma
38 Full Body Champoux - CryptKeeper
39 Intelligent Quotes - Lyrical Fitness
40 Bass Kapital - Orientation (Dad School RMX)
41 evolv & Apollo Knives - Here We Go. . . Up
42 Mellow Bloke - Holly & Paul
43 Mr. Boston Beatdown - Day After Day
44 JAH RA - Dat Bub Bubs Bounce
45 Nodding Off - Ink and Exhibitionists
46 Tru Highs - Mirror Kisses - Kameron (Tru Highs Remix)
47 Jahvolv - Wig Bent Sh** (The Last Wig Bender)
48 Cyan P - Stones
49 Drig & SELA - Atlantis (Prod. by SELA)
50 evolv - September 1937
51 Mr. Kwazi - You Got Another One?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Minoo - All The World

label - mad-hop
genre - hip-hop, dubstep, glitch-hop
release date - 2012

All the World it's new Minoo album released on young label Mad-Hop . On his second album, the producer from Krakow follows the path he marked out on his debut "White Mice" (Asphalt Records, 2011). Outcome oscillates on the border of experimental hip-hop and electronics introducing a consistent climate. A novelty for fans of Minoo may be invited guests. We can hear not only great Polish MC's and producer (O.S.T.R., Teielte, ZBRKLKU) but also from those from other countries (Jon Kennedy, 3ck, Oh-Neco, Pixelord).
Mad Hop on bandcamp and GNs

01 Now (feat. 3ck)
02 Run In Town (feat. O.S.T.R.)
03 Let's Make It (feat. Jon Kennedy)
04 All The World
05 Dodes (feat. Teielte)
06 Magic (feat. Oh-Neco)
07 Black Crystal (feat. ZBRKLKU)
08 Enemies
09 All the World (Pixelord remix)


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Podotykaj sobie dźwięk vol. 2

genre - experimental, electronic
release date - 2012

Podotykaj sobie dźwięk on facebook

01 Demonszy - Trzaskadwatysiącepięć
02 Adam Gołębiewski / Witold Oleszak - Duo Studies 07_03
03 Adam Gołębiewski / Witold Oleszak - Duo Studies 10_01
04 Adam Gołębiewski / Witold Oleszak - Duo Studies 10_07
05 Ryzykowna wyprawa batyskafem - Great Barrier Reef
06 kakofoNIKT - Short Dream
07 Wo - Telegram


Friday, August 24, 2012

Podotykaj sobie dźwięk vol. 1

genre - electronic, experimental
release date - 2012
Podotykaj sobie dźwięk on facebook
01 Urinatorium - Maskotka Prezesa ('kolejny rok minął' remix)
02 AVABAF - folkKKk
03 Herr Rubin - 08
04 AVABAF - samplerSTEREO_001
05 TV OST - Under
06 Rafał Zapała - Xyn thi 03
07 Rafał Zapała - Xyn thi 04
08 WW Duo - DRYKK
09 Śnieg - Golden Apple of Discord

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eufoteoria - Expoet

label - export label
genre - abstract hip-hop, folk, electronic, trip-hop
release date - 2012

Export Label presents the newest release in the label’s catalogue – Expoet by Eufoteoria. It is the third album in the career of this Polish producer, who debuted at the beginning of 2011, immediately receiving recognition from the critics and following from the audience. It is with the audience in mind that we present this new album, Expoet.
The material consists of several compositions arranged on a ten-track album. The first track, entitled ‘Terapia’, was released six months ago as a part of GNs’ compilation Empty Shadows. Today this track, alongside other compositions and skits, contributes to the coherent sound of Expoet. Eufoteoria has invited two other artists to cooperate with him on this album: Technikal Development, a UK rapper published by a Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, and Maed, Polish producer, co-author of the album Figures released by Export Label.
Eufoteoria on soundcloud and GNs

01 Sitting here patient (feat. Teknical Development)
02 Lucid
03 Synesthesia
04 Entity
05 Ayahuasca
06 Obscure
07 Terapia
08 Incubus
09 Mysteria
10 Morning (feat. Maed)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eufoteoria - Expoet (promo video)

Ears - Red Silhouettes

label - free the beats
genre - abstract hip-hop
release date - 2012

Following on from the 2011 beat tape Sea Legs, Ears has released his first full length album, Red Silhouettes. A ten track wander through various corners of forward thinking production.
Featuring crunchy vinyl drums, heavy analog synths, warm and vibrant acoustic guitars, lush violins and Ears' trademark bleeps and bloops. This album delivers a sophisticated and considered approach to beat making while retaining an organic undercurrent.
Ears on GNs

01 Red Silhouettes
02 Boki
03 Panda
04 Dust battles
05 Rafters
06 Open hearts
07 Washed
08 Awake
09 Giant sleeping
10 Riding tides


Friday, August 3, 2012

Enigmatical - Exercises in Beat Tradition Vol. 1 & 2

label - out of the blue
genre - downtempo, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2009

Exercises in beat tradition Vol. 1 & 2 is an instrumental journey through the previously unpublished Enigmatical beat catalogue. All sample based compositions from the period 2003-2008. The art of building collages by layering sounds is being explored. The character can be described as a melting pot of breakbeats & expressive jazz fragments, through a traditional, yet original, beat-perspective.

01 A Shimmering Beginning
02 Gatto's Building
03 Some Freedom...
04 Cycles And Recycles
05 The Implicit Cellist
06 60's Interior
07 Thunderdrums
08 Uprising
09 Transparent
10 Spirit Of Convivencia
11 Mind Modulation
12 Emerge Bass
13 Straight Up
14 Thinkerman
15 Between (Interlude)
16 Kaleidoscopic Jazzdrums
17 A Mood That Change
18 Byard Deep
19 Cultivate
20 Untitled Groove (Original Mix)


Monday, July 23, 2012

Fonoteka 7 (Remixed)

label - estrada nagrania
genre - hip-hop, intrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2012
Fonoteka Remixed on GNs

01 Dobry start
02 Spisek Jednego - I Can't Hold It
03 Ortega Cartel - Szare pudło (produced by Bryza)
04 Symbiotic Sounds - 1987
05 Kręcioł & Piotrush - Miejski krajobraz (produced by Taivan)
06 Graf Cratedigger, Ocho Lee - Wyprawa po sampel
07 Graf Cratedigger, Ocho Lee, Leon Raz, Slime - Dokładnie tak
08 2 Pac - Thug Style (produced by ylaib)
09 Product Placement
10 Sukces
11 Run DMC - Adidas World (produced by Roman)
12 Slime - Dni, których nie znamy
13 Dni, które znamy
14 Synnc & Symbiotic Sounds - Days
15 Printempo - Szarość poniedziałkowego popołudnia
16 Siedem minut z lotniska
17 Ortalio - Cynematyka
18 Robak - To nie jeszcze wszystkie troski
19 Graf Cratedigger - Lotniskowiec
20 Zasada
21 Sawersky - Spectral Type 1
22 Synnc - Nights
23 Informacje
24 Slime - Ważne są tylko ...
25 Ortalio - Zadzwonię jeszcze drugi raz
26 Albo nie


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boomruin/BMRN - Monochrome LP

genre - downtempo, trip-hop
release date - 2012

Boomruin or abbreviated to BMRN is a lo-fi instrumental HipHop/Electronic music producer. An independent artist associated with the Edit Alliance Label & Foxwood Independents.
Boomruin/BMRN on facebook

01 Monochrome Intro
02 Haz
03 Nights Interlude
04 Chewing Tape
05 At A Time
06 Locate
07 Going Down Fighting
08 BMRN Beatrolude
09 Shark Membrane
10 Month of March
11 Colkakings
12 Rats (One for the Soon)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Suhov - Instrumentals vol​.​01

genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2012

Suhov on GNs

01 Do2 - Álmodj (Suhov Instrumental)
02 Do2 - Ami ami az (Suhov Instrumental)
03 Do2 - Ucca Ucca (Suhov Instrumental)
04 Hazai Márka - Idill (Suhov Instrumental)
05 Joe - Tér (Suhov Instrumental)
06 Jószomszéd - Csak az olvassa (Suhov Instrumental)
07 Jószomszéd - Reggeli illúziók (Suhov Instrumental)
08 Jószomszéd - Vész (Suhov Instrumental)
09 ASK-HM -Lakótép (Suhov Instrumental)
10 Mikrofontos & FMaN - Csapásszám (Suhov 55 Instrumental)
11 Striktbeatz - Písz van a tatamin (Suhov Instrumental)
12 Wemsical - Szegeden Szabadon (Suhov remix Instrumental)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glenn Astro - Walk Away (Remixes)

genre - house, remix
release date - 2011

Glenn Astro on soundcloud and GNs

01 Walk Away
02 Walk Away (Krts Remix)
03 Walk Away (Rasho T. L'Or Remix)
04 Walk Away (I.M.YRMiND's Broken Juno Edit)
05 Walk Away [With You] (Renaud Davis Remix)
06 Walk Away (Duktus Refeeled)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yumø - Echelon EP

genre - electronic, house, nujazz
release date - 2011

The Echelon EP features six tracks from within the Yumø labyrinth, all complimenting one an other in a bass and funk infused harmony. "I’m inspired by a lot of shit from hip hop, club music, electronic, jazz, Pacific percussion and my tribal roots" he told us in an interview late last week, further explaining "Even the weather can help shape the sound of something I could be thinking about".

01 Yumøcean
02 Midnight Social
03 Purple Lady
04 Shotter
05 I Woke Up In The Pacific
06 Smokescreen


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blocktreat - Traditionals

label - jellyfish recordings
genre - electronic, instrumental hip-hop, idm
release date - 2012

This recording samples extensively from casual bluegrass jam sessions with my talanted friends. If you listen closely, you will hear the likes of Syd Beagle, Jeff Beaulieu, Colin Easthope, Kevin Easthope, Leathan Milne, Myriam Parent, Whitney Peterson, Tad Ruszel (and probably many more).

01 Old Joe Clark pt. I
02 Windsor Blue Number Seventeen
03 The Game of Poverty
04 Through the Floorboards
05 Nighttiger
06 Burns Lake
07 Painted Boat, Oh Painted Boat
08 Elephants
09 Right Girl Wrong Lifetime
10 Old Joe Clarke pt. II


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soulection Compilation

label - soulection
genre - abstract hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

Soulection is a medium where innovating music, radio, artists, and art coincide. What started off as an idea, rapidly turned into a reality.
We put together a selection of music that we felt would be a great introduction to show you how music should sound like. 29 talented artists from all over the world felt our vision and we're willing to create and contribute their sounds. It doesn't matter what your preference of music is, the music within this project is universal and timeless.

01 Ahnnu - Runaway
02 AFTA-1 - 4nia (92)
03 Abjo - Wave|Dance
04 Xperiment - Rhythmic Philosophy
05 Nikko Gray - Water on the Moon (Space Kid Remix)
06 Ahwlee - Ajar
07 Space Monk - Tzurremix
08 Fitz Ambro$e - Ayane
09 Transit7 - Cash Croppin'
10 eLan - Crunchin Tablets
11 Dibiase - Last Attempt
12 V Looper - Phocho
13 Häzel - Lightmares
14 Elaquent - Noir
15 Versis - 365
16 Insightful - As She Sleeps
17 Duktus - LE Raw
18 Cazeaux O.S.L.O. - Happily Neva AFTA DEAL
19 Feux - Spaceducation
20 B. Lewis - Frozen
21 Kritikul Beats & Teddy P - Abounding Grace
22 GETEYE - My Kind
23 Ohbliv - Nephlegm
24 Jesse Futerman - Strangefruit Remix
25 The Dene Road - Eri


Friday, July 6, 2012

AstroLogical - Far Far Away

label - jellyfish recordings
genre - instrumental hip-hop, chillout
release date - 2011

Far Far Away' is the sophomore album by Vancouver beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist AstroLogical, AKA Nate Drobner. Using samples, live instruments, and hiphop-based drum programming, AstroLogical has created a sonic psychedelic world; 'Far Far Away' is a melting pot of bouncy colourful grooves and dreamy soundscapes that pair nicely with afternoon smoke sessions and/or midnight ponderings.

01 Out To Sea
02 Everything Is...
03 Kosmos Jam (Painting With My Feet)
04 Sea Level In Tazmania
05 Cushions ft. Noah Becker
06 Kudzu Vine
07 Lemon Tree Bath
08 Moon Units ft. Noah Becker
09 Duzznt Bother Me
10 Bon Soir (Good Evening)
11 Dream Dust Interlude
12 Sundrips ft. Yellow Lunar Human
13 Exit Music (To An Album)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glenn Astro - Various

genre - house, electronic, remix
relaase date - 2010

Glenn Astro on soundcloud and on GNs

01 We Killed Our Probation Worker
02 Avokansiv
03 Uncut/Raw (Never Sellout)
04 Walk Away
05 Take - Neon Beams (Glenn Astro Remix)
06 Gift you gave me (Headphone version)
07 It's still there
08 Let's hang out
09 Vikter Duplaix - Messages (Glenn Astro x Elefantastic remix)


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vintage Beats - Saturday Night

netlabel - dusted wax kingdom
genre - instrumental hip-hop, jazz
release date - 2012

Here is the debut album from american producer Jeremy Wood (a.k.a. Vintage Beats). "Saturday Night" LP contains 11 extremely enjoyable blunted head-nodders produced with MPC and flavoured with beloved crispy sound from the oldschool hip-hop era.

01 Ability
02 Unsafe
03 Heaven Or Hell
04 Sharks
05 Griffin
06 Mancini
07 Saturday Night
08 Save
09 Converstation
10 Sea
11 Old Man


Friday, June 29, 2012

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Wasser EP

label - soulection
genre - intrumental hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2012

With so many beat makers in existence out there in the world, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie stood out to us because their style and approach to making music is so diverse within every single track. The element that stands out most in their production is that every single track that they create has an average of 2-3 segments or breakdowns that create a new sound direction and vibe. It's not so much that they are the first ones to ever do it, but they are one of the first ones to do it right and consistently. With that said, despite this EP consisting of 4 tracks, there is really 7-8 tracks total within due to their signature style of implementing multiple tracks within one.
Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie on soundcloud

01 Am Meer
02 Der Stiller See
03 Verschmutztes Wasser
04 Stiller See ft. Soia


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Modlee & Vlooper - Sunwalk EP

label - soulection
genre - soul, electronic
release date - 2012

VLOOPER is part of the Alaclair Ensemble who have a deep progressive momentum that is spreading worldwide. His solo work and collaboration release ‘Analog Love’ with Modlee was a great success in 2010. The whole vibe of this EP has a future-soul and forward thinking sound direction that compliments Modlee’s vocals. Modlee compliments the depth and style of Vlooper’s productions.

01 All Matter (Bilal's)
02 Doo
03 Pon DI LUV
04 Dancin'
05 Sunwalk ft. Kenlo (Alaclair)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Superpoze - The Iceland Sound EP

genre - downtempo, electronic, remix
release date - 2012

Superpoze on GNs

01 The Iceland Sound
02 London Alone
03 The Iceland Sound (Part 2)
04 The Iceland Sound (Les Filles Et Les Garçons Remix)
05 The Iceland Sound (Zerolex Remix)
06 The Iceland Sound (Samba De La Muerte Remix)