Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blossom - Blue Balloons

label - export label
genre - downtempo, nujazz
release date - 2011

Blossom, who debuted a few months ago with a remix on Cuefx’s single “Whale”, is introducing his first solo album today. “Blue Balloons” is the result of several months of hard work. The final product is filled with many downtempo guitar motifs, distinctive complex rhythms and a complementing rich base line. All these sounds are wrapped in the unique aura that makes Blossom’s debut homogenous and balanced.
“Blue Balloons” has been released in the limited number of 140 items. It can be ordered through exportshop. exportlabel.blogspot.com
Cover design Justyna Bielecka
Translation Ola Górska
Blossom on soundcloud and on GNs.

01 169
02 Blue balloons
03 Canvas
04 Double K.
05 Nightbeat
06 Eternaldream
07 Noon's bourg
08 Three isles
09 Road of wind
10 Cuefx - Whale (Blossom rmx)



Monday, December 19, 2011

Blossom - The Longest Journey (PHONOcast 4)

label - phono
genre - downtempo, nujazz, mix
release date - 2011

Blossom on soundcloud and facebook
PHONOcast on GNs

01 Loka - fire Shepherds
02 Protassov - Steam and oil
03 Four tet - She moves she
04 Barakas - Kes
05 Quantic - Prelude
06 V love - The Wilderness
07 Berry Weight - Heart shaped rock
08 Loka - My life's in these bottles
09 Tm Juke - Just for a day (bonobo remix)
10 Blue States - Walkabout
11 Husky rescue - The good man
12 Shawn Lee - Black monday
13 Nils Petter - Vilderness (Cinematic Orchestra Mix)
14 Stac - Balls bounce (Bonobo remix)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

KVZE - Kontrast

netlabel - budabeats
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

Getting back to the 80's, well nowdays it's not a big deal anymore but Richmond based producer KVZE does it in a pretty unique way. His fresh production style with crispy rhythms and mad samples blends hip-hop and funk into his very own sound which will please you for shure! budabeats.com

01 Heartburn
02 Space For More
03 Noodles
04 Buddies4danite
05 SpeakEasy
06 Lazyeyes
07 Souvenir
08 Scotch


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abby Lee Tee - Stray Cat Remixes

label - shash records
genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic, remix
release date - 2011

Abby Lee Tee on soundcloud

01 Morning scene (Ritornell rework)
02 Liability (Comfort Fit remix)
03 Hungry cats (Swede:art remix)
04 Tab 80 (Dusty Crates remix)
05 Voodoo (Chrisfader & Testa remix)
06 Monozyte (Kalifornia Kurt remix)
07 Stuck into (Minor Sick remix)
08 Bravel tug (Feux remake)


Monday, December 12, 2011

Moment - Handful of Moments EP

genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

Moment on bandcamp

01 First Time
02 Hold on Tight
03 Daydreaming
04 Not Long
05 High feat. Kasper Krzywiecki
06 You Know
07 Late Night


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free The Beats Vol​.​6

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

This time around we're in the pocket! Denim pockets printed with the FTB logo. Colour and style will differ from the item pictured. Strictly limited to 100. freethebeats.com
Freethebeats on GNs
Freethebeats website

01 Monkfly - Cosmic
02 Megatroid - Ego Grinding
03 Elliot - Turntable Exercise
04 Lower Spectrum - Blank Page
05 Flight Recorder - Phase
06 Ostinato - Stardust
07 Moskau - Kaukana
08 Jozz Scott - Throwback
09 Admin Beats - Dangerous
10 Digby Tomes - Boots
11 Rotes - Struttin
12 MOR - Bestia
13 Mashy P - Space Cat
14 Ostinato - Freedom


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eufoteoria - Cookies

label - musica vermella
genre - abstract hip-hop
release date - 2011

We apologize for our long hollidays, but we are here again with great ideas and intentions! We begin a new phase after nearly three months of absence, with an album signed by Amadeusz Szczerbowski, aka Eufoteoria, which is named Cookies. Cookies is presented as a strange mixture of different aesthetic concepts, but we prefer no tags, everyone will want to tag that listens! Enjoy it! musicavermella.com
Eufoteoria on GNs.

01 Latte
02 Great Inside
03 Great Inside (prod Jakub Nox Ambroziak)
04 Paradox 27
05 The Canonical Composition
06 The United States of Music
07 Plume
08 Don't Go Away (Trupa Trupa Remix)


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hugo Kant - Searching London

genre - downtempo, trip-hop
release date - 2011

Hugo Kant is a pseudonym musician/producer Quentin Le Roux, from Marseille, France. He played in several bands as multi-instrumentalist/composer, since his teenage years. Quentin began his solo project in 2010, making an electronic music based on acoustic recordings, improvisations and instrumental performances. last.fm/music/Hugo+Kant
Hugo Kant official website.

01 Searching London
02 Dark Night Dreams
03 Hauntingly Silent


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rebeka - Fail

label - brennnessel
genre - electropop, remix
release date - 2011

Rebeka is a phenomenon the grapevine has been buzzing with even before their first official release. And it all boils down to the explosive duet between a charismatic vocalist: Iwona Skwarek and a compelling producer: Bartosz Szczesny. Homebrew disco, Chinese techno cooked up on a vintage keyboard bestowed eons of time ago at The First Communion. "The laser versus the axe," as they say of their music. "It won't be disco, rather resounding brass and diamonds." brennnessel.pl
Rebeka on soundcloud.

01 Fail
02 Roksana (B Szczesny remix)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sweetheart of Kairi - Sweetheart of Kairi EP

genre - ambient, dubstep
release date - 2011

Sweetheart of Kairi on soundcloud.

01 An Intro...
02 One Chance With Her ,Two With Mistakes
03 To Yearn And To Reconcile
04 Approaching Farewell
05 Leaving You Behind
06 Approaching Farewell (Stumbleine Remix)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Ambassadeurs - Ambassadeurs E​​P

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic, dub
release date - 2010

Ambassadeurs aka Mark Dobson, a Musician/DJ/Music Lover hailing from Brighton, UK who's eclectic sound draws influence from Electronic, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dub, Field Recordings, Ambient and many other forms of music and continues to try and push the boundaries when it comes to production. soundcloud.com/ambassadeurs
Ambassadeurs on soundcloud.

01 Tunnel Vision
02 Memphis
03 Vahlia
04 Serge
05 Gal U Look Nice (feat. Top Cat)


Monday, November 21, 2011

Degiheugi - The Broken Symphony

genre - hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2008

Degiheugi's website.

01 1, 2, 3… The magic number
02 Brick tones feat. L’omelette
03 Mes nuits tziganes feat. Ghostown Nawelle
04 Danse avec moi
05 La fille a la balancoire
06 What if (introduction)
07 What if (remix) feat. Screenatorium
08 Jessy
09 The broken symphony
10 Horror scratchy show
11 Des poemes
12 Blues and sushi
13 Night black Crow part.1
14 Night black Crow part.2 feat. Ghostown
15 Dans tout les p’tits bars
16 L’improvisation au ukulele avec l’Omelette


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free The Beats Vol​.​5

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

Once again we offer you a limited run of 100 CD's for Free The Beats Vol.5. This time around we have a super sci-fi green case rescued from Reverse Garbage with a bunch of our favourite science fiction images with that classic zine feel. Actual image may differ from the picture. freethebeats.com
Freethebeats on GNs.
Freethebeats website

01 Admin Beats - We've Got To Contact Them
02 Able - We Have No Time
03 Riccardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (DJ Dek Rework)
04 The Silent Titan - Strength and Science
05 Jack Prest - Lunar Yacht Music
06 Lewis McCallum - Scary Music Pt.2
07 Pmajor - Space Gods
08 Kaputs - BRunner
09 Elliot - Space Hopping
10 Kit Complete - Flu Season
11 Ears - Magic Carpet!
12 The Arkane - Forgotten
13 C.J.Soulman - Space Spy


Monday, November 14, 2011

B.R.O. - Proxima Centauri Remixed

label - so far unknown records
genre - jazz, remix
release date - 2011

“Proxima Centauri remixed” is a classic remix EP. The artists we have invited to cooperate with us on this EP were chosen not only because we hold their work in high praise, but also for their diversity of styles, and their distinct approaches to production. The result is this six-track EP. The EP is concluded and completed by the newest creation of our duo, Alpha Centauri, featuring Emilia Osik.
B.R.O. on GNs and facebook.

01 Proxima Centauri
02 Proxima Centauri (Remy LBO remix)
03 Proxima Centauri (Graham O'Brien remix)
04 Proxima Centauri (Graf Cratedigger remix)
05 Proxima Centauri (Wladyslaw Komendarek remix)
06 Alpha Centauri (bonus track)


Monday, November 7, 2011

Jorge Saxon - Something Like Jazz (PHONOcast 1)

label - phono
genre - jazz, trip-hop, electrinic, hip-hop, mix
release date - 2011

Jorge Saxon's website.

01 Lonnie Liston Smith - A Gargen Of Pace
02 Marc Moulin - Tohubohu Part I
03 The Herbaliser - The A Mother (For Your Mind)
04 Gravity - What Is It ?
05 Pete Rock - Walk On By
06 The Wiseguys - Sweet Baby Truth
07 La Funk Mob - Slimfasst
08 John Klemmer - Waterfall Ii
09 Ingrid De L’Ambre - Le Blues (Orginal Mix)
10 Nightmares On Wax - Dread Overboard (Dj Food Lifesaver Mix)
11 Bison - Soup Fiction (Instrumental)
12 Jonelle Allen - Baby, I Just Wanna Love You (Sleazy Mcqueen Re-Edit)
13 Dj Krush - Maze
14 Waxolutionist - Power Transfer No. One


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Footprints 19 - Original Jazz Compositions

genre - jazz, mix
release date - 2011

The mix lasts 27 minutes. The names enlisted below are probably well-known among the fans of the music encompassing brass instruments as you can see some real jazz legends in here, with the exception of Mattia Cigalini, a young and promising Italian saxophonist born in 1989. I’d say he’s worth keeping an eye on. Do not get misleaded by the list: the dates given are those of reeditions.
'I’ve just moved to Warsaw and I thought I need a soundtrack reflecting what surrounds me now. There are no boom-pow-experimental jazz tracks in this particular mix, it’s rather one of those you can listen to while exploring countless streets, nooks and crannies of a big city on an autumn evening, hence Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science on the cover created by Mr. Jayes' - Master's Voice.
Master's Voice on GNs.
Footprints on GNs.

01 Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - The Opener
02 Soul 4 introducing Mattia Cigalini - Arriving Soon
03 Kenny Dorham - Sunset
04 Donald Byrd - The Loner
05 Bill Evans Trio - Re: Person I Knew
06 Krzysztof Komeda - Po Katastrofie
07 Novi - Trzeba Wracać
08 Jazz Chorał & Tomasz Szukalski Quartet - Hymn Dla Słońca


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jenova 7 - Dusted Jazz Volume One EP

netlabel - dusted wax
genre - nujazz, trip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2011

Dusted Jazz Volume One is a downtempo jazz/trip hop EP by Los Angeles based trip-hop artist Jenova 7, released as a free digital download from the Dusted Wax Kingdom label. The EP features a dark, raw and cinematic style that crests and troughs along its short path, ranging from nightmarish to dreamlike in sound, while staying true to jazz form. jenova7.bandcamp.com
Jenova 7 on bandcamp.

01 Dark Water Jazz
02 Dusted Wax
03 Metamorphosis
04 A Touch Of Evil
05 Life Is Just A Ride


Monday, October 24, 2011

Lower Spectrum - Lower Spectrum

genre - downtempo
release date - 2011

Lower Spectrum fuse intricate, lush and cinematic instrumental compositions. This first studio EP brings an expanse of subtle sonic manipulations and compound layering. lowerspectrum.bandcamp.com

01 Introduction
02 Closed
03 Lower Spectrum
04 In/Out


Friday, October 21, 2011

Jellyfish Recordings - Another Dimension

label - jellyfish recordings
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

Jellyfish Recordings presents ANOTHER DIMENSION a compilation of Vancouver and West Coast Canada based beat makers and producers. The second beat compilation on Jellyfish Recordings, it is the follow up to to 2010′s DIMENSIONS. While the last batch was compiled from international beatmakers/producers, we are proud to say this years is comprised of all West Coast Canadian talent with the exception for our one wild card contributor Chief.
Once again styles vary but quality is consistent. Fresh up-and-comers are side by side with established producers over a range of styles, some straight ahead hip hop, some more experimental in nature. jellyfishrecordings.com
Jellyfish Recordings on bandcamp.

01 TightMike - Sugoi
02 Geewuht - Sunset (Enter Jah)
03 Nick Wisdom - Alien Kiss
04 AstroLogical - Vessels
05 Headspace - Its All Coming Together
06 Jolin Ras - The Hunter
07 Rawja Dawja - Hell Below
08 Galaxaburn - Rod DeVoe
09 Moka Only - Lynn Valley Montage
10 Wondrkut - Arches
11 Axiom - Seventimental
12 Dpeee - Unpoppable
13 Culp - PWNHWM
14 Potatohead People - Celebrate Yoself
15 Blocktreat - Aloe Kitty Mau Mau
16 Chief - Give What You Want


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nocow - Ruins Tape

label - gimme5
genre - dubstep
release date - 2011

Once again, Gimme5 takes you further than humanly tolerated, squeezing through your ears the magnificent unknown still sleeping in your brain. With this 'beat tape' release from Nocow, the listener is yet one step deeper, not only into the music, but into the process itself that brings life to it. These short songs are a glimpse into Nocow's vision of the world, a brief sigh through the immensity of the 'possibles', snatched from some underlying world and compiled inside this tape which, by the way, is free. Yes, you heard well. This is so totally free that you have no excuse not to get it and prepare yourself for Nocow's debut LP soon to come. gimme5.bandcamp.com
Nocow on soundcloud and on GNs.

01 Allow
02 Up On A Roof
03 Overnight
04 Moonlight Flit
05 Dispel The Wind
06 Indoubt
07 Thorny Path
08 Long Way Home
09 Round In Circles
10 The Gill
11 You Got Me (Digital Bonus)
12 Ruins (Digital Bonus)


Friday, October 14, 2011

T-Woc - Jetstar

genre - abstract hip-hop, dubstep
release date - 2011

So we live in the future these days, a time of plentiful digital bounty to make up for the shortfall in the real world. All recorded music is just a few clicks away if you know where to look. It's easy to be overwhelmed as a listener, and as a producer and DJ, the more pies you have fingers in, the harder it is to define your sound. It's an issue that t-woc has certainly had to deal with. A ultra-diverse DJ, Reggae selectah par excellence, helmsman of the alphabet set electronica collective, Hip-Hop fanatic, one of Ireland's original dubsteppers and fan of many other things weird and wonderful in music. alphabetset.bandcamp.com

01 Ricardo Rolled
02 Sam's Brake
03 Work all day
04 Zion live


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sound Healers vol.1

genre - abstract hip-hop, hip-hop, electronic, glith-hop
release date - 2011

Sound Healers on bandcamp.

01 Danaet - If I get Iced
02 Blank and Kytt - Same Old
03 S.Maharba - Nice to meet you
04 Crewdson - Metal and Wood
05 Bambooman - Drips
06 Sina - One I Love
07 Soosh - Stay Ft. Sarah H
08 Kashmere - Astro Crunch
09 Option Command - Sunday Sausage
10 Zack Christ - Fox Prawns
11 Deft - Last Night
12 Jabu - Can't See
13 Jon Phonics - 5 stax Max
14 Roof Light- Shut in a box
15 Grouphums - Words


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mad-Hop vol.3

label - mad-hop
genre - abstract hip-hop, glith hop
release date - 2011

Call it MAD or simply future Hip Hop, MAD-HOP Vol.3 is an international collection of tracks from world’s finest experimental hip-hop based producers. Generally instrumental, Vol.3 expands from floaty cosmic waves to bass heavy sounds and abstract glitchy beats. With a wide palette of influences including soul, wonky, garage and juke this compilation delivers diverisity and unique flavour.
This third trip around the world has connected artists from Japan, Serbia, Canada, Hungary, U.S.A, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, England, Russia, France and Slovakia. mad-hop.com

01 Himuro Yoshiteru - Thread incoming
02 Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Proton decay (Stendek remix)
03 Huess - Gak (Miqi O. Huey Newton Remix)
04 Ambassadeurs - M.O.P.E
05 Gaex & Karaoke Tundra - Nodding Bears
06 Parallel Concept - Buckyball Molecule
07 Headshotboyz - Sweton
08 Pixelord - Dominator
09 BFPSP - Creator (Prod. AL_PD)
10 aKiLi - Mellowdining
11 Lambent - Happy ever after song
12 Alphabet's Heaven - Toníse
13 Cy6erSlut - Nb 39
14 B-Ju - Audition
15 Cy6erSlut ft 2Legit2Quit - Nb 39 (Karaoke Tundra Remix)
16 Powell - Virtual I
17 Manni Dee - Subconscious Ocean (Filtercutter feat Zzuuu rmx)
18 Stephen Farris - Waterfalls
19 Save Slaves - Nice haircut
20 Tilman Ehrhorn - Sat (Himuro Yoshiteru remix)
21 Gaex & Karaoke Tundra - Party


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Niteffect - Electric Waste

netlabel - kreislauf
genre - downtempo, trip-hop
release date - 2011

Niteffect on Facebook and on GNs.

01 The Hero Is Dead
02 Vandykes
03 Get Bogged Down
04 Sobersides
05 Slubber
06 Beatitude
07 Swing Swift
08 Zonked Out
09 Waste My Life
10 Termination
11 Royal Jelly
12 Quick To Anger
13 Protein Factory
14 Power Strip
15 Sweet Sorrow
16 Binary Exponents


Friday, September 30, 2011

Footprints 18 - Joteff presents Wandering Constellations

genre - jazz, funk, mix
release date - 2011

“Wandering Constellations” is basically a trip throughout the music of the seventies. Jacek Furtak has skillfully mixed broadly-defined Polish jazz and funk music along with different sounds coming from various places on the map of Europe. The mix is also enriched with some new tracks from labels such as Strut or Now-Again. Let us take a look at the author himself: Joteff is a promoter, record collector and a DJ, previously co-responsible for Basmentalism Poland project. He’s been publishing in magazines such as Klan Magazyn, Hiro, Hip Hop Magazyn, Polska The Times. Once having his broadcast in Warsaw’s Jazz Radio, now he’s engaged in a sociomusical project called Jazzmentalism. Here’s a short manual from Jacek: “I suggest taking a seat in a comfy armchair, along with a bottle of red wine, and listen…”
The mix was recorded with the use of analogue records exclusively. Moreover, it is available in a form of a nicely packed, 50 copies limited CD. The cover art was created by Radek Drutis known for his cooperation with Stones Throw Records. footprints-jazz.blogspot.com
Footprints on GNs.

01 Jerzy Milian - Never More
02 MRR-ADM - Untitled
03 The Heliocentrics - Joyride
04 Csaba Deseő Jazz Quintet & Friends - Message
05 Stringtronics - Ballata
06 Arp-Life - Baby Bump
07 Laboratorium - Przejazd
08 Milan Svoboda & Polish-Czech Big Band - Tribute To G.E.
09 Piotr Figiel Ensemble - Agent 008
10 Marc Moulin - Tohubohu - Part I
11 Mulatu Astatke And The Heliocentrics - An Epic Story
12 Hydroponic Sound System - Delirium
13 Dzamble - Swieto Strachow
14 Endaf Emlyn - Dawns y Pair
15 Heavy Metal Sextet - Prosze Natychmiast Przestac Padac
16 The Natural Yogurt Band - Soft Cheese


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scrimshire - A Free E.P.

genre - chillout, nujazz
release date - 2009

This is a collection of songs that were written before, during and after the making of Along Came The Devil One Night... and just never fitted any release. Some are tracks where the files were lost and couldn't be retrieved and so I gave up on them. Either way, they are tracks I loved and wanted to share even if they didn't make it onto a full release. I hope you will enjoy them and check out some of my other music. scrimshire.bandcamp.com
Scrimshire's website.

01 Sinnerman
02 Blue Sky
03 By Hook or by Crook
04 Rain in July feat. Nick Etwell


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Polish Edits EP # 3 Invent

label - the very polish cut outs
genre - electronic, remix
release date - 2011

In time, for the last days of summer, we give you our third EP in the Polish Edits Series. The man behind the release is Invent, a young polish producer and dj who has his roots in the polish hip hop scene but lately made a turn to 4×4 electronic music. He made two short edits of two classic polish cut’s by the one and only Czesław Niemen & jazz/funk composer Witold Szczurek. Definetly proper dj tools to keep the crowd dancing. Enjoy! polishcutouts.wordpress.com
Invent on Facebook.
The Polish Edits Series on GNs.

01 Witold Szczurek - Hey, Hullo (Invent's The Rat Funk Edit)
02 Czesław Niemen - Sen o Warszawie (Invent Edit)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry (PHONOcast 2)

label - phono
genre - soul, mix
release date - 2011

01 The Delfonics - Walk Right Up To The Sun
02 The Modulations - Those Were The Best Days Of My Life
03 By The Moments - Girls
04 The Individuals - Together (We Can Make Something Happen)
05 Delegation - Oh Honey
06 J.R. Bailey - She Called Me


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boho Fau & Elevated Soul - Coffee House Swinger

genre - hip-hop, soul, jazz
release date - 2010

Boho Fau & Elevated Soul on Bandcamp.

01 Coffee House Swingin' f. Nile River
02 Bookworm
03 Cafe Au Lait
04 Open Mic
05 I'm Into You
06 Caffeine
07 Cup O' Tea
08 Vibin'
09 I'll Be...
10 Smitten
11 Perculating (G' Mornin') (bonus track)
12 The Shift Change (bonus track)
13 Coffee House Swingin' (instrumental)
14 Bookworm (instrumental)
15 Cafe Au Lait (instrumental)
16 Open Mic (instrumental)
17 I'm Into You (instrumental)
18 Caffeine (instrumental)
19 Cup O' Tea (instrumental)
20 Vibin' (instrumental)
21 I'll Be...(instrumental)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Plain Ant - The Bridge (feat. Sleaze)

label - bloc sonic
genre - hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

The man who helped blocSonic launch its original series of releases is back with something fresh for true heads to nod to. “The Bridge (Featuring Sleaze)” is the first single from the forthcoming album “[albumtitle]”. If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you’re most-likely quite familiar with Just Plain Ant’s progressive hip-hop sound. If you aren’t… do yourself a favor and follow-up by downloading “The Bridge” and then checking out his blocSonic catalog! blocsonic.com
Just Plain Ant on bandcamp and GNs.

01 The Bridge (Featuring Sleaze)
02 The Bridge (Instrumental)
03 The Bridge (Acapella)
04 ThreeEightySixteen
05 Somebody Stole My Neighbor's Cat


Friday, September 9, 2011

Chooko - Boogeyman Sonata EP

netlabel - musica vermella
genre - downtempo
release date - 2011

From Croatia, Niko a.k.a. Chooko, presents us his first job at Música Vermella in EP format. We find five tracks, variations of the same song; five variations who use different tempos and dynamic styles. We can appreciate different electronic music styles, combining them very good. We show you Chooko with his Boogeyman Sonata. musicavermella.com
Chooko on MySpace.

01 Boogeyman Sonata I - Largo
02 Boogeyman Sonata II - Andante
03 Boogeyman Sonata III - Allegro
04 Boogeyman Sonata IV - Moderato
05 Boogeyman Sonata V - Freestylato


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raedawn - Beaccs! EP

netlabel - dusted wax
genre - instrumental hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2011

After teaming up with Main for the self-released "2/8" EP, Raedawn drops a special one for Dusted Wax Kingdom. 5 deep-flavoured downtempo tracks with delicious laid back grooves, acid jazzy chords and hip-hop rhythms come for your listening pleasure. dustedwax.org
Raedawn on MySpace.

01 Opening Section
02 Smoking Area
03 Home Is Where The...
04 Tired of This Shit
05 Ending Section


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ears - Sea Legs

lebel - export label
genre - abstract hip-hop
release date - 2011

Versatile, instrumental, ambient, complete and ambitious. These adjectives best describe the new material by Ears (Daniel O’Toole). The release of this first solo project of the Australian was preceded by his guest appearances on compilations of the series Free the Beats and Break Asymmetry. This way Ears has been preparing us for something more substantial, something introduced by such tracks as ‘Red Rope’ or ‘Bus Trip’. This something is his album Sea Legs that features not only fantastic violin, piano or vibraphone parts, but also a mass of electronic and ambiguous sounds, that fantastically go together with the light equivocal rhythm section.
‘Sea Legs’ is certainly the culmination of Ears’s musical influences. It is also the proof that abstract and ambitious hip-hop is still a source of inspiration and a genre that has not yet come a full circle. exportlabel.blogspot.com
Translation Ola Górska
Cover design Daniel O’Toole
Mastering Jack Prest

01 Magic carpet
02 Red Rope
03 Brass buttons
04 Video game
05 Bustrip
06 Lazerbeard
07 Passing
08 Beastman
09 Boomclap
10 The trembling fires of dreams
11 Sea legs (feat. Daniel Kowalik)
12 Hello
13 Looking
14 Angelic wolf (feat. Bukhu)


Friday, August 19, 2011

Flourish Fill - Herd Of Buffalo

genre - abstract hip-hop
release date - 2011

Flourish Fill on Soundcloud.

01 Sunstroke
02 Whore Queen
03 Rate On The Protagonist's Death
04 Guesswork
05 Forehead Wrinkles
06 Puff
08 Theory And Practice
09 Blue Dog


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mecca:83 - The Life Sketches EP

label - solar sound system
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

01 Together(ness)
02 Around Midnight
03 Detroit Twilight
04 The Message
05 ScopeSight
06 Loungin
07 Godbless & Goodnight
08 Untitled #174 (Bonus Beat)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Manudub - Elephant Room Sessions

netlabel - libre comme lair
genre - dub
release date - 2011

Manudub would define this LP as a travel diary with a " Lo-fi higrade computer Dub 2.0 " soundtrack : homestudio dub inspired by jamaican & punk philosophy of DIY, blended with inspirations and energy stored during my excursions in Asia. This is also the result of years sharing with a lot of other "dub activists" from around the web, the track with Leah is a good example of this process. I call this different communities & networks of dubbers "Dub 2.0"... lclweb.org

01 Ascetic Club
02 Osaka Dub Mission
03 Huay Kwang Dub
04 Underground Dub Iration
05 Dub Day
06 You never know Dub
07 Chao Praya Dub
08 Dub for a girl
09 21st Century Dub Cloud
10 Irie Dub feat. Leah
11 Massalia Dub Selecta