Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hugo Kant - Searching London

genre - downtempo, trip-hop
release date - 2011

Hugo Kant is a pseudonym musician/producer Quentin Le Roux, from Marseille, France. He played in several bands as multi-instrumentalist/composer, since his teenage years. Quentin began his solo project in 2010, making an electronic music based on acoustic recordings, improvisations and instrumental performances.
Hugo Kant official website.

01 Searching London
02 Dark Night Dreams
03 Hauntingly Silent


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rebeka - Fail

label - brennnessel
genre - electropop, remix
release date - 2011

Rebeka is a phenomenon the grapevine has been buzzing with even before their first official release. And it all boils down to the explosive duet between a charismatic vocalist: Iwona Skwarek and a compelling producer: Bartosz Szczesny. Homebrew disco, Chinese techno cooked up on a vintage keyboard bestowed eons of time ago at The First Communion. "The laser versus the axe," as they say of their music. "It won't be disco, rather resounding brass and diamonds."
Rebeka on soundcloud.

01 Fail
02 Roksana (B Szczesny remix)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sweetheart of Kairi - Sweetheart of Kairi EP

genre - ambient, dubstep
release date - 2011

Sweetheart of Kairi on soundcloud.

01 An Intro...
02 One Chance With Her ,Two With Mistakes
03 To Yearn And To Reconcile
04 Approaching Farewell
05 Leaving You Behind
06 Approaching Farewell (Stumbleine Remix)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Ambassadeurs - Ambassadeurs E​​P

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic, dub
release date - 2010

Ambassadeurs aka Mark Dobson, a Musician/DJ/Music Lover hailing from Brighton, UK who's eclectic sound draws influence from Electronic, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dub, Field Recordings, Ambient and many other forms of music and continues to try and push the boundaries when it comes to production.
Ambassadeurs on soundcloud.

01 Tunnel Vision
02 Memphis
03 Vahlia
04 Serge
05 Gal U Look Nice (feat. Top Cat)


Monday, November 21, 2011

Degiheugi - The Broken Symphony

genre - hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2008

Degiheugi's website.

01 1, 2, 3… The magic number
02 Brick tones feat. L’omelette
03 Mes nuits tziganes feat. Ghostown Nawelle
04 Danse avec moi
05 La fille a la balancoire
06 What if (introduction)
07 What if (remix) feat. Screenatorium
08 Jessy
09 The broken symphony
10 Horror scratchy show
11 Des poemes
12 Blues and sushi
13 Night black Crow part.1
14 Night black Crow part.2 feat. Ghostown
15 Dans tout les p’tits bars
16 L’improvisation au ukulele avec l’Omelette


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free The Beats Vol​.​5

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

Once again we offer you a limited run of 100 CD's for Free The Beats Vol.5. This time around we have a super sci-fi green case rescued from Reverse Garbage with a bunch of our favourite science fiction images with that classic zine feel. Actual image may differ from the picture.
Freethebeats on GNs.
Freethebeats website

01 Admin Beats - We've Got To Contact Them
02 Able - We Have No Time
03 Riccardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (DJ Dek Rework)
04 The Silent Titan - Strength and Science
05 Jack Prest - Lunar Yacht Music
06 Lewis McCallum - Scary Music Pt.2
07 Pmajor - Space Gods
08 Kaputs - BRunner
09 Elliot - Space Hopping
10 Kit Complete - Flu Season
11 Ears - Magic Carpet!
12 The Arkane - Forgotten
13 C.J.Soulman - Space Spy


Monday, November 14, 2011

B.R.O. - Proxima Centauri Remixed

label - so far unknown records
genre - jazz, remix
release date - 2011

“Proxima Centauri remixed” is a classic remix EP. The artists we have invited to cooperate with us on this EP were chosen not only because we hold their work in high praise, but also for their diversity of styles, and their distinct approaches to production. The result is this six-track EP. The EP is concluded and completed by the newest creation of our duo, Alpha Centauri, featuring Emilia Osik.
B.R.O. on GNs and facebook.

01 Proxima Centauri
02 Proxima Centauri (Remy LBO remix)
03 Proxima Centauri (Graham O'Brien remix)
04 Proxima Centauri (Graf Cratedigger remix)
05 Proxima Centauri (Wladyslaw Komendarek remix)
06 Alpha Centauri (bonus track)


Monday, November 7, 2011

Jorge Saxon - Something Like Jazz (PHONOcast 1)

label - phono
genre - jazz, trip-hop, electrinic, hip-hop, mix
release date - 2011

Jorge Saxon's website.

01 Lonnie Liston Smith - A Gargen Of Pace
02 Marc Moulin - Tohubohu Part I
03 The Herbaliser - The A Mother (For Your Mind)
04 Gravity - What Is It ?
05 Pete Rock - Walk On By
06 The Wiseguys - Sweet Baby Truth
07 La Funk Mob - Slimfasst
08 John Klemmer - Waterfall Ii
09 Ingrid De L’Ambre - Le Blues (Orginal Mix)
10 Nightmares On Wax - Dread Overboard (Dj Food Lifesaver Mix)
11 Bison - Soup Fiction (Instrumental)
12 Jonelle Allen - Baby, I Just Wanna Love You (Sleazy Mcqueen Re-Edit)
13 Dj Krush - Maze
14 Waxolutionist - Power Transfer No. One