Sunday, June 2, 2013

GNs Compilation - Animal Spirit

label - export label good netlabels
genre - abstract hip-hop, nujazz, downtempo
release date - 2013

Animal Spririt is the fourth volume of the GNs Compilation series, compilations that are released to celebrate Good Netlabels’ birthday. This newest one has once again been assembled in the course of a competition, in which we selected the most interesting contributions. So now we present to you those chosen compositions under the title of Animal Spirit. It consists of 11 pieces, which can be stylistically divided into two parts. The first part is more ambitious, stripped down, with elements of electronic music, and the second is more gentle, calmer, with a nujazz feel. As usual you can download the whole compilation for free, and while you’re at it, why not check out the previous releases in the series: Jazzy Puzzle, Break Asymmetry and Empty Shadows.
GNs Compilation - Empty Shadows [2012]
GNs Compilation - Break Asymmetry [2011]
GNs Compilation - Jazzy Puzzle [2010]
01 Aske - All Those Funerals
02 Niteffect - Animal Spirit
03 James Blake - Retrograded (Rally's Bootleg Remix)
04 Mi Croevkhas - Trip Through Beardphone
05 Avant'n'Gard - Soare staniol (Makunouchi Bento remix)
06 Ears - Sweet Lady
07 Low K - Telliskivi (feat. Typicalflow)
08 Hrair - Step Forward
09 Ars Mars - Diving Ad Hoc
10 adeiLhp - Gathering Pieces of Mirror
11 Dark - Spacepark