Friday, March 30, 2012

Free The Beats Vol​.​7

genre - abstract hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2012

For this release we went for a simple design with a subtle palette. Employing Australia Post official rubber bands the CD remains exposed while the wood backing and woven material maintain our textural aesthetic.
Freethebeats on GNs
Freethebeats website

01 Oisima - Melting Paraiso
02 Mic Mac - Slumber
03 Roleo - Tropikal Beach Juice
04 Milo Firewater - Waiting For Sunday
05 Jonti - Nagoya Train Station 3am
06 Monkfly - Salad Crunch
07 Forcefields - Driftwood ft.Evan Jones
08 Ostinato - In Time With Time
09 Mike Berkley - Her
10 Kid Fiction - With An Open Mind
11 Dance, Candles - Mae
12 Soupaloops - Push The Magick Buttons Dub
13 Stackhat - As You Wish
14 Limetipe - Masquerades


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Past + Present = Future (PHONOcast 6)

label - phono
genre - soul, jazz, mix
release date - 2012

PHONOcast on GNs

01 Erykah Badu x David Lee Jr - My People Wymbo-Ngoma
02 David Lee Jr - Regeneration
03 Build An Ark x Dwight Trible - Improvisation Day 2 Rise
04 Paul Horn - The Mahabhutas e. Akasha
05 Paul Horn x Reggie B – Space Go
06 Paul Horn x John Klemmer - Akasha Prelude II
07 Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Dede
08 Robb Scott - Baracoa De Cuba
09 DJ Spinna – Peace & Quiet
10 Amp Fiddler – Dope
11 Olivierdaysoul - Soul4u
12 Siji - Heal



Monday, March 12, 2012

GNs Compilation - Empty Shadows

label - export label good netlabels
genre - instrumental hip-hop, abstract hip-hop, glitch-hop, electronic, downtempo, chillout
release date - 2012

To celebrate the 5th birthday of Good Netlabels, a site devoted to the promotion of noteworthy endevours within the underground scene, we have decided to release a new album in the GNs Compilation series. It is the third project in the series, but for the first time ever the contributions have been selected in the course of a contest. Over the last three months we have collected entries that would then undergo a careful selection. In order to make the process as fair and unbiased as possible, music journalists, visual artists as well as musicians have been asked to make the selection.
This newest part of the GNs Compilation series, entitled Empty Shadows, is an international project that marks a shift in the approach to and the preparation of the compilation. While Jazzy Puzzle and Break Asymmetry were collections of recordings created specifically for these compilations by artists invited to these projects, this time it is Good Netlabels readers that contributed to the compilation, by the same token showcasing the underground scene.
Once again the author of the cover is Justyna Bielecka. All translations have been done by Ola Górska, and the sound and mastering have been done by Cuefx.

01 Fakear - 1985
02 Aske - Eight Days of Floating
03 Bogart - Empty Shadows
04 Lupid Ocampo - Elephant Mountain
05 Niteffect - Loop For Life
06 Vaginia Ludwigia - I tried to kill myself, but it didn’t work
07 Synnc - d400
08 Ears - Awake
09 Cactophage - Tesselation
10 Superpoze - Death On A Falling Star
11 Creep Crawl Flash - Vantage Point
12 Prod.B - Always in my head
13 CNK - Noir
14 DJ Friss - Make something
15 Eufoteoria - Terapia
16 evolv - September 1937
17 Alexander Chereshnev - Parfois (feat. MiElle)


Cuefx (Hipnoza Export Label Silesian Banquet Union)
Blossom (Export Label)
Mr. S (Among Notes Ms. No One)
Emilia Stachowska (Podotykaj Sobie Poznań Radio Meteor Piętrowe Piosenki)
Kamila Szeniawska (
Jędrzej Siwek (Phono Radio Soul-Jazz)
Justyna Bielecka (GNs Compilation covers)
Mateusz Bogucki (promo video Export Label Good Netlabels)

Thanks to: Radio Meteor Podotykaj sobie Poznań Fragile

Sunday, March 11, 2012

HOAdB - Low Impedance (PHONOcast 5)

label - phono
genre - jazz, nujazz, mix
release date - 2012

PHONOcast on GNs



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Suite For the Single Girl (PHONOcast 3)

label - phono
genre - soul, mix
release date - 2012

PHONOcast on GNs

01 Bill Withers - My Imagination
02 D.J Rogers - I'M Your Real Friend
03 Norman Connors - You Are My Starship
04 Jerry Bulter - Only Pretty Girls
05 Walter Heath - Soul Mate
06 Walter Jackson - We Could Fly
07 Teddy Pendergrass - Feel The Fire



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chłopak z Sąsiedźtwa - Polish Edits Ep #5

label - the very polish cut outs
genre - disco, remix
release date - 2012

The Polish Edits Series on GNs.

01 Tadeusz Nalepa - Dbaj O Miłość (Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa Edit)
02 Zdzisława Sośnicka - Moja Muzyka, To Ja (Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa Edit)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sigmafly - Tetrachrome EP

label - cut records
genre - dubstep
release date - 2011

Taking the musical aesthetics from the likes of Boards Of Canada, Lapalux, Burial and some of our previous Cut producers like Great Skies or Essáy, Tom envelops all the great parts and ultimately produces his own emotive, melodic and beautifully deep take on the style.
With carefully considered layers of intricate sound, chimes, piano, vocal snippets and echoing percussion these truly crafted pieces of outstanding audio make for great individual pieces, but combined, as an EP you can really appreciate the value of his aesthetic.

01 And We Begin With Colour
02 Similar Self
03 Radio Sleep
04 Facing Waves
05 Tetrachrome
06 Radio Sleep (Empyrean Remix)
07 Monochrome (Everlone Remix)


Sunday, March 4, 2012

SertOne - Quesadillas

genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2012

Tribute EP to the late, great, J Dilla. All profits going to the J Dilla Foundation. This is a free download, but please donate to help fight Lupus and spread the music of James D Yancey.

01 Introduction
02 Envious (James Make Em NV)
03 Look
04 Love in Fall