Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matam & Master's Voice - Good Netlabels vol.3

netlabel - gns
genre - nujazz, downtempo, hip-hop, turntablism, mix
release date - 2009

Netlabels and turntablism – two seemingly very fresh notions, yet without them for some guys our world would appear unbearably miserable. Matam and Master’s Voice – the authors’ of the Good Netlabels third compilation - definitely belong to these people. You may know the first gentleman from goodnetlabels.blogspot.com, and the other one, as he admits, is the most useless but still third element of tablism.com, famous European scratch board.
Not so long ago mixtapes were rather a peculiar sign of modernity. Nowadays, tapes became a synonym of the past. At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Matam and Master’s Voice approached this invention as they should in the present- day. Breaking the schemes, they’ve made a mixtape together, and their collaboration was based only on contacts via the internet. Thanks to that, we’ve received a unique mix full of netlabel’s Nu- Jazz, Downtempo, Hip- Hop, and some pleasant, quality scratches.
Matam on MySpace.
Master's Voice on MySpace.
Thanks to:
Axunarts.pl, Radio Rewers, Poznan HipHop, 80bpm and Nicolas, Arek.

01 Vangel vs. DJ Unkut - Listen
02 Ozmatic & D-Lam - Incredible
03 Aphilas - Lifelong Fiction
04 Dysposable Heroes - Maynerd's Digital Techniques
05 Mr. Moods - A Little Something (Vombat Radio version)
06 Cmy - Subway blues-hop + Spisek - Pisze do Ciebie (acapella)
07 Kixnare - Time Travelling
08 Mentz - Frames
09 Stavros - Włoczega brudnego break'a
10 Prof - Pod prad
11 Roszja & Lu - Fantastyczna wyspa
12 Nas - Made You Look (P-Plan rmx)
13 Icek - Linguistics (Jurassic 5 rmx)
14 NPoT - Szczytowanie


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Emily In Love - Let's Pretend We're In Love

netlabel - corpid
genre - electropop
release date - 2009

Emily – producer, musician, all-round renaissance woman and the guiding light behind Emily In Love – presents her new release “Let’s Pretend We’re In Love”. Compared the her first EP on Corpid Extra, the sound is a lot more defined and confident now, a lot less electronic, as Emily spent a lot of time recording instruments live, occasionally bringing in other musicians like her partners Pia and Ricardo. corpid-label.de
Emily In Love on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Sow the Seeds
02 Jellybean
03 Half A Chance
04 Everything's Ok
05 Here with you


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miss Ueki - Shake Shake

netlabel - beatismurder
genre - electropop, rmx
release date - 2009

Miss Ueki are Bernd and Nils from Munich, Germany. Miss Ueki collect ideas, snap shots, patterns, that eventually evolve into full grown lo-fi pop gems, from version 0.1 to 1.0 and beyond. Lately, these evolutions led to a fully finished shiny EP.
"Shake Shake" is a triple-A-side-single. Three timid, precious (so called) indietronica hits to shake your heart to. Sloppy but to the point. Professionally amateurish. For fans of The Notwist, Mùm and Hood. For fans of giant sea monsters. For fans of baby mammals. beatismurder.com
Miss Ueki on MySpace.

01 Circles 1.0
02 Kyoto 0.9
03 Reykjavik 1.0
04 Circles 1.0 (Yeah Pretty Boy rmx)
05 Reykjavik 1.0 (Liger rmx)
06 Kyoto 0.9 (Duran Durandom is playing at my house rmx)


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Foolk - Lush Hour EP

genre - electronic, experimental, glitch-hop
release date - 2009

These eight tracks of small duration came out from live sets of the author — he got his inspiration for this EP directly from himself. In compare with early works, the sound of Foolk became more lacerated and twitchy but this fact just underlines the uniqueness of Dusan's music — with its jazzy variations and with an inevitable using of samples.
According to words of Dusan, this selection of beats and sounds is a good material for those DJs who are attracted to glitched hip-hop stuff. Also the author hopes that ‘Lush Hour’ will be a nice method for listeners to construct their own set of short and dynamic videos in the mind's eye — at any time and in any place if it's possible to use headphones. 56stuff.ru
Foolk on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Lush Hour
02 Moon Saver
03 Laugh Song
04 Woop Woop
05 Flying Flies
06 Skanky
07 Zewa Mane
08 Nova


Monday, December 14, 2009

Attarus - L'arte di combattere senza combattere

genre - instrumental hip-hop, funk, soul
release date - 2009

Attarus official website.

01 Head to the sky
02 Broken dreams
03 Love madly
04 Il colpo si esegue da se
05 Livin on the frontline
06 Free funk
07 1984


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Qulturap - Streamtape vol.2

label - qulturap
genre - abstract hip-hop, hip-hop, rock, punk, electronic, electro, experimental
release date - 2009

Qulturap on MySpace.
Streamtape vol.1 on GNs.

01 Horace Silver - The Mohican and The Great Spirit (Kixnare rmx)
02 Monosylabikk - Fantomah
03 Polaroid Android - Wolność Słowa
04 Tryp - Wędrówka Ludów
05 Psychoformalina - Mekka
06 Wieże Fabryk - Serce (live Żak 16.05.09)
07 Polaroid Android & Krew Z Kontaktu & Konrad Góra - Wrocław
08 En2ak - Mario Should Never Pick Up That M
09 Etamski - It's so strange / dust
10 Wojtek Cichoń - Przypadkowy dzień Roku 2006 (Goldi prod.)
11 Niwea - Klata Piersiowa
12 Vein Cat - 15 Years
13 Kamp! - Zen Garden
14 Skinny Patrini - Japan
15 Mr. Nooze - With Pleasure...
16 Chłopomania - Lodowisko (Feat Cocker Cock)
17 CO - O ( Spanco Version)
18 Bontone - Burnt Resistor
19 Ddekombinacja - Cecha Inherentna
20 Belladonnakillz & Karma - C2day
21 Mołotofski - AdrenalinA
22 Ivan Ives - Revenge (Młodzik rmx)
23 Jesus Rodriguez - Zero


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Marjen - You are here. so am I

genre - instrumental hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2006

Marjen on MySpace.

01 Untitled 1
02 Untitled 2
03 Untitled 3
04 Untitled 4
05 Untitled 5
06 Untitled 6
07 Untitled 7
08 Untitled 8
09 Untitled 9
10 Untitled 10


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beatcasso - Thoughts of a waiter

genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2009

Beatcasso on MySpace.

01 Intro how to be a good waiter in less than two minutes
02 Before Waiting A Table
03 Ice Skating Waiter
04 Noyse (I Need A Raise)
05 Thoughts Of A Waiter
06 Resonance from a Fork Set
07 Snow on Clients Chair
08 Ethics In a Public Bathroom
09 The Waiter's Paycheck
10 Closing Hours Outro


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Niteffect - Live at Netaudio Berlin 09 – East meets West

netlabel - kreislauf
genre - trip-hop, abstract hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, mix
release date - 2009

Recorded during the Netaudio Festival 09 at Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin/Germany. kreislauf.org
Niteffect on GNs.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nienvox - Sphere EP

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - nujazz
release date - 2009

Let the music lead you, sit back comfortable and sip from his chilled cocktail of transparent moods, frisky cheerful drums and hot-chocolate jazz samples. dustedwax.org
Nienvox on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Sphere
02 Boring Rains, Pines Have Dispersed You
03 The River Express
04 Patterns of Love
05 In Watermellon Sugar (feat. 813)