Monday, January 31, 2011

Adapt - Vamos a un lugar espacial

netlabel - miga
genre - idm, minimal, glitch
relase date - 2011

Vamos a un lugar espacial contains eight tracks in which Adapt bets on dubstep as a common thread of his discourse although using his own resources, care arrangements in voices and songs, approaching to other styles and providing a good dimension of the capability of this artist.
Adapt's website.

01 Moon
02 Jupiter in dub
03 Venus underwater
04 Observe & report (feat David Whitaker)
05 Alone on Mars
06 Mercury cry
07 Norbert Kristof - White dress (Adapt Saturn Remix)
08 Bad news from Uranus


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Spice - The Very Polish Cut Outs Mixtape 02

label - the very polish cut outs
genre - nudisco, mix
release date - 2011

Our new Polish Cut-Out’s Mix (the 2nd in the series) comes from Old Spice – our dear friend & contributor from Zielona Góra. This mix is something very special, as it contains, lots of previously unrealesed polish music edits from the men and, if this wasn’t enough, the whole thing was recorded live in december 2010 at the Nocne Marki Awards in Warsaw. Enjoy….this mix is a true gem!

01 Kombi - Przytul Mnie (instrumental)
02 kombi - Przytul Mnie (Old Spice edit)
03 Krystyna Prońko - Wszyscy Wiedzą
04 Old Spice - What is Music
05 Grażyna Łobaszewska - Anioł Struś
06 Kawka - California lick
07 Kombi - Nie Poddawaj Się (Old Spice Edit)
08 Klaus Mitffoch - Dla Twojej Głowy Komfort
09 Voovoo - Faza 4 (Old Spice Edit)
10 Dwa Plus Jeden - XXI wiek
11 Kombi - Teleniedziela (Old Spice Edit)
12 Zdzisława Sośnicka - Letnia Miłość (Kameral edit)
13 Kombi - Pieniądze (Old Spice edit)
14 Kram - Zabita Woda (Old Spice edit)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Bonny Larmes - We Love Polish Jazz

genre - jazz, mix
release date - 2010

We Love Polish Jazz

01 Janusz Muniak Quintet - Przejażdżka Walcem
02 Big Band Katowice - Hey, Man
03 Laboratorium - Funky for Franka
04 Krzysztof Sadowski and His Group - Syrinx
05 Zbigniew Namysłowski Quintet - Quiet Afternoon
06 Camplot of Six - Pieprzem i Solą
07 Extra Ball - Taniec Na Linie
08 Sun Ship - Mrówka jak wiemy
09 Kazimierz Jonkisz Quintet - Joewer
10 Zbigniew Namysłowski - 3xSpagetti
11 Lora Szafran - Lonesome Dancer
12 Wojciech Karolak & Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - Walkin'
13 Paradox - Intymne życie wuja Leona
14 Jazz Carriers - Szara Kolęda
15 Adam Makowicz - It's not bad
16 Tomasz Stańko - Night Peace
17 Krzysztof Komeda Trio - Ballad for Bernt
18 Krzysztof Komeda Trio - Crazy Girl


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Intensity of Sound - Lounge Affairs Vol. 1

label - 3345music
genre - downtempo
release date - 2011

Each song on Volume 1 is a shimming downtempo gem. The amazingly subtle production - clean, crisp yet warm and inviting – provides the palette for Kim Bennett’s soaring vocals. The smooth funk propels the bliss of passion.

01 Don't Turn Away From Me (Cinnamon MIx)
02 Passing By
03 This Is The Place (Late Night Mix)
04 Don't Turn Away From Me (Original Version)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suhov - Heartbox

netlanel - budabeats
genre - instrumental hip-hop, chillout
release date - 2011

Suhov - the beatmaker from Szeged - after three years, when his first EP released by Budabeats, is here with the new LP! He has more release in latter time, but now we can listen his cut up and wring beats in instrumental again. The young producer found out his unique sound and his style totally, what 17 songs prove now. Hungary's sunny side!
Suhov on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Heartbox Intro
02 Heartbox
03 Igene
04 Csele
05 Délibáb
06 Love Is
07 Nappal
08 Az Ember (Márai Sándor)
09 Hontalan feat. Döme
10 Onelove
11 Wupimaster feat. Dj Globe
12 Ene
13 Take 9
14 Someone
15 Álmodj
16 Toute Seule
17 Vasárnap feat. FMaN


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Louis Mackey - Destroyer of All Things

label - world around
genre - instrumental hip-hop, funk
release date - 2010

As a rapper, Louis seeks to unite the rhythmic, multisyllabic structures of Golden Era hip-hop with their long-estranged roots in humankind’s most ancient poetic and bardic traditions.
As a producer, Louis slings only the finest in high-velocity funk bangers with signature psychedelic swagger.

01 Over the Hill They Lie in Wait
02 MC-Ide
03 Margarita Levieva
04 Sleepy Heads
05 Destroyer of All Things
06 It's Never Sunny Here
07 Drunk at Heorot


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Polar - Alpha State

netlabel - 001 netlabel
genre - instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop
release date - 2010

Here you will find an interesting and warm music of the southern artist POLAR from Patagonia Bambaataa. This work comes from Patagonia, the extreme south of the World, and develops rhythms of instrumental hip hop and the most exquisite displays of electronic music.
Thanks to Emeliks -

01 El derecho de samplear
02 Panoramica Polar
03 1 Grado n’ Scala Beauford
04 Summer 68
05 Neuro Cosmetika
06 Atlantico Sur
07 The first Super Group
08 Sample and Cut Discipline
09 Pingui Funk
10 Neuro Cosmetika (Materia Prima remix)
11 Green Turtablism


Saturday, January 8, 2011

J. Baracuz - Lasergun Romances

label - evilmama records
genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic

release date - 2006

Lasergun Romances is the first full-length album of the Berlin-based producer J.Baracuz. Merging futuristic sounds with dusty grooves and breaks, it immediately captivates the listener with its distinctive and unique style.
Eleven mostly instrumental tracks are peppered with crackling samples, filthy synths and boisterous MPC-soaked drums and create an overall dirty, urban atmosphere.
The result is more than just another instrumental hip-hop record for sampling heads or vinyl junkies. It´s the perfect soundtrack for the concrete jungle: raw, coarse and melancholic.
J. Baracuz on MySpace.

01 Introducing This
02 Lasergun Romances
03 10 Reasons Left
04 Michele Track
05 Silenced
06 One & A Half Dissonant Relationships
07 Yellow Cab
08 A Taste Of Tomorrow
09 Come With Me (Feat. Maxim)
10 February Chilling Spree
11 Another Urban Dreamer´s Hug
12 Playgirls And Gameboys (2010 Rework)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pogo - Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

label - pogomix
genre - downtempo, chillout, rmx
release date - 2010

Pogo is the pseudonym for the 22-year old electronic music artist Nick Bertke currently living in Perth, Western Australia. His work focuses on recording small sounds from single films or scenes, and sequencing them to form new pieces of music. Pogo has produced tracks using films like ‘Alice’, ‘Up’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Sword In The Stone’, ‘Hook’, ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’, and ‘Toy Story’.
Here are some new Alice In Wonderland mixes by Pogo. Included is a revisited version of Alice and a few extras that have never been heard before. Enjoy!

01 Alice (Extended)
02 One Mushroom Too Many
03 Raining In Wonderland
04 Oyster Dreamland