Saturday, December 22, 2007


Attention !!!

Good Netlabels needs a new logo !!!

You are gifted, creative, inventive designer, have good ideas, original projects ... you can help in creating Good Netlabels's logo. Here you can see the old logo (witch is my design :)), but it's only temporary. If you want to change it, please send your project to e-mail, or write in a forum. I don't impose a subject matter on you, but the logo has to contain the name - Good Netlabels, of course. If you have any questions - write to e-mail or in forum.

Thanks for your inventions.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emily In Love - You Break My Heart, You Bought It

netlebel - corpid
genre - electropop

Emily In Love is the side project of Emily, one half of the electropop duo Bisexual Cyborg, a sad Australian girl who makes dreamy indiepop/folk/tronica for herself and her imaginary cats. Sometimes a couple of her friends, Pia and Ricardo, join her to do amazing things with singing and guitars.
Emily In Love on MySpace.

01 Outside To Play feat Pia and Ricardo
02 Lullaby feat Pia and Ricardo
03 Dreams feat Bisexual Cyborg
04 I Can't Imagine


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Le Mépris - Le Mépris

netlabel - aerotone
genre - piano
release date - 2007

Reiko Matane is a female Japanese piano player. The selftitled mini album "Le Mépris" is featuring eight very calm piano songs straight from the heart. This album is an unique musical experience and reminding us on the little things that count - in every aspect.

01 Hikkikomori
02 Susu
03 Aki
04 Kodo
05 Hashirihaki Suru
06 Shibo
07 Yuki Piano
08 Kuki


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SoundLab - Leaves

netlabel - soundlab
genre - chillout, downtempo, lounge, ambient
release date - 2007

01 Mild Climate - Delay
02 N.I.T.R.O. - Love sustained (ded. to T.Z)
03 Dj Skill - Far Away
04 Quantifier - Suburban Night
05 Slive - Rafa Kolorowa
06 Fullinstrumentale & Piter - Moon Walk
07 Endorphine - Muzykoterapia
08 Blasi - Travel Deep
09 Maj - Inside my Soul
10 NoBraiN - Celestial Mechanics
11 Mirrored - Don't Leave
12 Fatiq - Race To Love
13 Cammiloo - Life
14 Avell - 54.511827,18.551788


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Asup - .kleine Revolution

netlabel - retrofuturism
genre - electronic, turntablism

Less samples, more electronic sounds. But distinguished from other producers he knows how to do electronic music with soul.
Asup on MySpace.


01 Une expérience solo
02 Memorable V.2
03 They do NOT know me
04 Destination Unknown
05 NDSTWTRST Interlude
06 Audio Sermon V.2
07 600ML
08 Gil speaking over a sloppy beat
09 Zone out
10 Test Icles
11 N'zeto
12 Toxic dust (Instrumental)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Monophobic - Autumn Leaves EP

netlabel - dirtybird rexx
genre - downtempo, electronic
release date - 2007

Monophobic's release is a bit more on the downtempo side than his usual material - but the trippy melodies, tough beats and top notch mixing skills haven't gone anywhere.

01 riddler
02 stoned
03 escape
04 sureshot


Monday, December 3, 2007

NPoT - Instrumentalny Seks

netlabel - 16wersów
genre - funk, instrumental hip-hop, jazz
release date - 2007

01 Gra wstępna
02 Gruba struna w dłoni
03 Partenofilia
04 Jedwabne jak aksamit
05 Hormonalny dialog
06 9
07 Szczytowanie