Monday, December 29, 2008

Emily In Love - You Break My Heart, You Remixed It

netlabel - corpid
genre - electropop, rmx
release date - 2008

Corpid present five wonderful remixes for Emily In Love: Three years after his Bobby Baby remix Rupert Falsch returns to Corpid with another remix anthem and performing a duet with Emily. Newcomer Microholiday turned 'I can't imagine' into an electro tune, while Lucky Misu couln't decide which of his two mixes he preferres - so we simply released both of them. Towards the end of the EP, Emily remixed herself and made a more dancable version of 'Outside to play'. The wonderful artwork was made by Uwe.
Emily In Love on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Lullaby (Rupert Falsch rmx)
02 I can't imagine (Microholiday rmx)
03 Dreams (Lucky Misu's 1st rmx)
04 Dreams (Lucky Misu's 2nd rmx)
05 Outside To Play (Emily's Dancing Outside Mix)


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Planete Sauvage - The Strange Mood Of The Dirty Rocks

genre - electronic, experimental, ambient
release date - 2008

This album is the third release of Planete Sauvage built around the eponymous piece composed and performed by Usull "The strange mood of the dirty rocks". It's weird atmosphere reminds a lot of the frightening and disturbing openning of Ridley Scott's first "Alien" from witch it is partly inspired .
Planete Sauvage's official site.

01 Image d'un objet recompose (part1)
02 L'immanence des serpentines
03 L'eveil de Shemty (chap2)
04 Le spectacle du non vivant
05 L'eveil de Shemty (chap3)
06 The strange mood of the dirty rocks
07 Le retour de Biculah dans sa patrie(chap3)


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Philipp Weigl - Common Cause

netlabel - comatronic
genre - idm, dub, house
release date - 2005

The introductory "The Waiting" features chirring pads, sparingly used dub elements and lets you get acquainted with your companion on this half-hour long journey through emotion, melancholia and passion: Philipp Weigl. "Strangers" comes up with a set of rich pads, a nicely delayed piano pattern and minimal, straight-line beats. Like in "While You're Sleeping", Weigl's voice is skillfully incorporated into mix and arrangement, thus creating a calm but elusive atmosphere. In "Sometimes You Lose" an alienesque voice is accompanied by predominant pads and a deep, wobbling bassline, while the slow-motion title track "Common Cause" makes use of clearer drawn vocal lines and completes a thoroughly intense and thought-provoking listening experience.
Philipp Weigl's music on GNs and his official site.

01 The Waiting
02 Strangers
03 While You´re Sleeping
04 Sometimes You Lose
05 Common Cause


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Various - Nettare

netlabel - nettare
genre - electronic
release date - 2008

Something more about netlabels and threir artists.

01 Jambassa - Red Words (Tobler rmx)
02 Nheap - Nunc
03 Simone Pelliconi - Time for a body cream
04 Mihi Lavish - Spanny
05 Mass Prod - A night for you
06 Dadub - Cargonauta
07 Abstraakt - A new sun is rising
08 De haan spruit - Take w2-2
09 Dubmode - Powertothepippa
10 Hugo vs Andrae - What the bleep
11 Punknow - Waitin'
12 MEmathical - Gigas
13 Topper - Rosaplot
14 Phooka - Cut 1
15 Jaeck The Bit - Innocent Cyber Woman
16 Oto - My Jolly
17 Feder - Draw Power
18 Gollywop - The Precrime Program
19 Neeva - The Incredible Adventures of Tommy Illfiger
20 Con cetta - Completion


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Synthamesk - Milk and Cookies

netlabel - net-lab
genre - experimental, electronic, drum'n'bass

Tight beats and some seriously catchy melodies in this breakcore landmine from Montreal (Canada) based artist, Synthamesk. This EP comprises 8 superbly produced tracks including highlights like “Seizure” and “17, 34, 89″.

01 Playin' with yer ears
02 Seizure
03 Leaving the scene
04 Intro to violence
05 17,34,89
06 Murder is fun
07 Kimura
08 Traces


Friday, December 12, 2008

Zengineers - The Return of Intelligence

netlabel - id.eology
genre - drum'n'bass
release date - 2008

The Zengineers consist of Phour Trakk and Sick-E who formed the band in 2005. After having produced truckloads of tracks and beats on their own they decided to finally join forces in the probably vain attempt to save the world from whack muzak. Their influences range from electronic music in general to Hip Hop, Jazz, Trip Hop, Worldmusic and Drum and Bass, an eclectic mixture heavily influencing their own production-style.
Zengineers on MySpace.
Zengineers music on GNs.

01 The Future (Intro)
02 The Fusion
03 Heliopolis
04 Don´t blink
05 My Way to you
06 State of Intending
07 Tea on the Terrace
08 Ishin
09 La Jetee
10 TV on mute
11 Through the Lens
12 Stop each other
13 Lost in plain Sight
14 Passage to India


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blackdaylight - The Second Season Mix

netlabel - stigae

genre - soul, trip-hop

release date - 2008

Blackdaylight on MySpace.

01 The Second Season Approaches (live + screwD)

02 Teeth (live)

03 Lost In The Moment

04 Beta Waves (live)

05 West End (autumn blaze mix)

06 B l u e 6


Friday, December 5, 2008

Vangel VS. DJ Unkut - Mini EP

genre - instrumental hip-hop, turntablism
release date - 2008

One world class producer, one world class dj, one vision. Vangel (Canada) & DJ Unkut (Germany) are well known for their talents and innovation in their respective fields of art.
Vangel is an unassuming instrumental producer whose diverse musical catalogue has been redefining genres that don't exist. DJ Unkut is the 2007 Vestax Extravaganza World Champion and has become the next evolution in turntablism.
"Vangel VS. DJ Unkut" is been released as a showpiece of what happens when 2 masters combine talents to create something, " never heard of."
DJ Unkut on MySpace.

01 Doing Things
02 Listen
03 Butcher Freestyle 08 (DJ Unkut Practice)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cartel - The Lost Tracks

netlabel - universal indie records
genre - hip-hop

Underground hip hop producer, Cartel has cooked up a special treat with this exclusive album of tracks that he produced and recorded between the years of 1990 and 1997. The song, “Nobody Plays Hard In The Graveyard” features the first appearance of Murder Inc’s Cadillac Tah.

01 Criminal Thoughts by The Crime Lords
02 Forget Me Not by The East Side Hustlas
03 Hardcore by Perfection and Smpte Ranx
04 Leftside by The Leftside
05 Live That Life by The Bland Projects Squad
06 Nobody Plays Hard In The Graveyard by The Leftside featuring Cadillac Tah
07 Pourin Moe by The East Side Hustlas
08 The Pressure Is On by The East Side Hustlas
09 Tons Of Paper by The Crime Lords
10 You Ain't Real by Born God Allah


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cvees - Hiphop vs Rap EP

netlabel - tokyo dawn records
genre - hip-hop

Three different mcees, three different styles, one sound. And a sound like no other. representing Harlem NYC, Swave Sevah and Probe DMS met at a very early age. Later in their teenage years they met Ike P. After becoming good friends and finding out what each of them can do, they formed a group. The group was called N.B.C (New Born Chaos). But after noticing the usage of the word chaos in a lot new groups titles, they decided to change the name to C.V (Cult Vertigo) which was soon changed to CVEES (Ceremonial Victorians).
Cvees on MySpace.

01 For You
02 Dro Please
03 Spread love to ya


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cmy - Eclipse

genre - instrumental hip-hop, turntablism, chillout, nujazz

release date - 2002

Milton Waukee (producer, instrumentalist); Jorge Saxon (DJ, turntablist).
After 7 years of undercover action, the duo has finally revealed their identities. In an ingenious attempt to avoid prejudice among Polish listeners, Cmy managed to get their attention and be recognized as one of the most fresh and inspiring acts to emerge from Poland in the last couple of years.
It turns out that Cmy are actually: Yaro a.k.a. Milton Waukee (a well-known and recognizable Polish music producer) and DJ George a.k.a. Jorge Saxon (Yaro’s long time music friend and co-worker).
Cmy on MySpace and official site.

01 If I only had...

02 The next train

03 Barflies on wax

04 I feel so bad

05 Asian pleasures

06 Hangover party

07 Apocalypse - tomorrow
08 Monsieur Bassman

09 Le Printemps de Bourges '91/'97
10 Nightlife at 45 rpm

11 Fryderyk is drinking

12 Good evening, jazznuts

13 Dixie spring
14 Subway blues-hop

15 Tah-tah-teeh-tah ;-)

16 Boogie all night long

17 622 Downfalls of Bungo

18 Catch my flow, hissremovers


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tom Caruana - Welcome Aboard EP

netlabel - budabeats
genre - hip-hop
release date - 2008

Tom Caruana has several releases at Breakin' Bread, one of the best English labels. Caruana's works were born in freestyle we also prefer. So it is not surprising to find a rich variety in his repertoir: dubstep (Cause for celebration), hip hop (Tea of sea), break-hop (Keeping it me), funky break (Get it off your chest), dub (Never seen before) and funny-sampling tracks. Even though he usually composes short tracks, it could probably be the secret of his success brief tracks one after the other, giving an especially exciting movement of so many styles.
Tom Caruana on MySpace.

01 Sailing The Sea Of Tea
02 Cause For Celebration
03 Never Seen Before
04 Music Therapy
05 Keeping It Me
06 Sea Of The Tea (remix)
07 Get It Off Your Chest
08 This Here's A Party
09 Judy


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fonoteka 2 (Remixed)

label - estrada nagrania
genre - hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, nujazz
release date - 2008

Fonoteka 1 on GNs.

01 Pekin
02 Fizz - Way To Wonder
03 Patr00 feat. Caucasian - Thinking Of You (Download AVI)
04 Always On Time
05 Mr.White - Po to rodzisz się
06 Dilated Peoples - Marathon (produced by Mr.White)
07 2 Pac - Thugs Get Lonely Too (produced by Pióro)
08 RaV - 194
09 Anon - Pati
10 Nicolay & Kay - Stop My Way (produced by Kurek)
11 Dyzma feat. Seb Zillner - That's Love
12 Fio - M'Ann
13 Przaśnik - F Word
14 Moskwa


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lukeing Forward - Wandering in Urban Fog

netlabel - rec72
genre - nujazz, trip-hop, electronic
release date - 2008

For those of you seeking in music a truly adamant verve, multiphase merging, illustrative downbeat, gloomy dubstep or unique unexpected experimental music; will find contemplation in listening to lukeing forward’s debut album “Wandering in Urban Fog”. This album has various genres and moods to offer: deep, dark dubstep, ambient nujazz , IDM and cineastic soundscapes. “Wandering in Urban Fog” contains nine fresh-from-the-oven tracks that have been carefully developped in his home studio over the last month.
Lukeing Forward on MySpace.
His official website.

01 Lull Before the Storm that Never Comes
02 Soulless
03 Where Everything Falls Apart
04 Reverse the Order
05 Kept in Unlocked Prison
06 Saving the World’s Weirdest Creature
07 Feel the Motion of the Air
08 Insane Landing
09 The Glass Full of Lead


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Maed - Untouchable Stories

netlabel - 16wersów
genre - nujazz
release date - 2008

Maed on MySpace.

01 Intro
02 Some Kind Of Mystery
03 Come Into Mind Again
04 So Much
05 Black God
06 Seductive
07 Bulle
08 Chinatown
09 2 Minutes Out Of Your Life
10 Lost Soul


Friday, November 14, 2008

Footprints 9

genre - jazz, mix
release date - 2008

Footprints 7 is mixed by en2ak.
Previous parts of Footprints are here.

01 Józef Skrzek, Tomasz Szukalski – Sweet Pultyna (Helicon, 1983)
02 The PR TV Group & Strings – Currency (Colorsound Library, ?)
03 Krzysztof Zgraja – Alex Funky (Muza, 1981)
04 Henryk Debich – Na opak (Muza, 1975)
05 Novi Singers – All Together (Muza, 1970)
06 Czesław Gładkowski & Krzysztof Zgraja – Alter Ego (Muza, 1974)
07 Jerzy Milian – Bazar w Aszchabadzie (Muza, 1969)
08 The Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet – I Won’t Stay with You (Muza, 1967)
09 ARP-LIFE – Baby-Bump (Muza, 1977)
10 Laboratorium – Ikona (Muza, 1979)
11 Adam Makowicz – Seven for Five (Muza, 1973)
12 Michał Urbaniak – Atma (Columbia Records, 1974)
13 ARP-LIFE – Bu-Bu (Muza, 1977)
14 The PR TV Group & Strings – Pop Proplusion (Colorsound Library)
15 Alex Band – Hello Herbie (Tonpress, 1979)
16 Laboratorium – Lato ’80 (Pronit, 1984)
17 Time Killers – Trata-tata (Helicon 1985)
18 Zbigniew Górny and His Orchestra – Front Side (Selected Sound, 1982)
19 The PR TV Group & Strings – Midnight Romance (Colorsound Library)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Matam - Good Netlabels vol.2

genre - trip-hop, nujazz, instrumental hip-hop, mix
release date - 2008

Matam is the author of the next release from the series of Good Netlabels sets. The style of the content has changed a bit in comparison with the previous mix. This time a more aggresive, trip-hop oriented music prevails, though there is also plenty of nu-jazz bits and sounds bordering on hip-hop and electronic. In this 47 minutes long set Matam has stirred 15 excellent tracks from the world's undergound of contemporary music.
Special thanks go to blondas, a skilled Polish photographer who has done the cover art for this work. Many thanks also go to: nowa muzyka, 80bpm, vombat radio, independent and mixotic.
You can find more info about Good Netlabels vol.2 and Good Netlabels vol.1 on the GNs SETs website.

01 Quantifier - Suburban Night (soundlab 2007)
02 Mr. S - Acoustically Illustrated (audiorascal 2007)
03 Zetena - Be My Drug (east eventz 2006)
04 First June Repression - Cetait eCri
05 Tricolore and Krii - Aquatik Lifeforms (rebound 2004)
06 Violent Public Disorderaz - Electric Storm (dustedwax 2007)
07 Cyesm - Bj Pub (good citizen factory 2007)
08 Black Era - What About Us (aquietbump 2006)
09 Sublinear - A Quiet Death (this plague of dreaming 2007)
10 Not.Con. - The Balance (perfidny plan 2007)
11 Bassfrucht - Landschaft im Kamin (foramel 2003)
12 Oh No Nuno! - Analog Stone (dog eared)
13 Mr. Moods - Sensuality (dirtybird rexx 2007)
14 Goc - E-Kasetony (moon label 2007)
15 Solcarlus - I can't quit you


Monday, November 3, 2008


genre - nujazz, electronic
release date - 2006

Bandfx on MySpace.

01 Rundorun
02 Mechanical root
03 Smoke Story
04 Other Species


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gonzo Gonzales - Nothing but Gonzo

genre - jazz
release date - 2003

01 Dooit
02 Live Trio
03 Dreifach
04 Munstertaler
05 Varkos Narkos
06 Caravanin'
07 Maharadjas
08 Two Horns
09 Too Slow
10 Nussbossa
11 Schlaflied Cosmic Dream
12 Bye bye


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Foolk - Living Room Pieces

genre - nujazz
release date - 2008

Early works by Foolk, groovy tunes like "Something like Jazz" (Node Records 2005), "Bar" or "Upstairs Cabaret" are now for free download (under CC license) on net-LP "Living Room Pieces" (2008).
Foolk on MySpace.
Thanks to Lienka.

01 Something Like Jazz
02 Bar
03 Upstairs Cabaret feat. Habbiel
04 Bleep Bleep
05 Push The Square
06 Glue Me
07 Blue Story
08 Space Blues (feat. Bene)
09 Kubko
10 Hard Key
11 On The Left Side
12 Sprava by Peto Tazok (Foolk remix)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bassfrucht - Ein Warmes Gefühl

netlabel - forame
genre - nujazz
release date - 2003

Bassfruchts music on GNs.

01 Gartenfrage
02 Gruesome
03 Landschaft im Kamin
04 Brugelmoor


Friday, October 24, 2008

Skipless - Jazzamentals

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - instrumental hip-hop, lo-fi, nujazz
release date - 2008

It's saturated with cuts from old dusty jazz records like Madlib and can run the crowd with a phat dirty sound like Wu-Tang! It's a pure definition of the music we're looking for! Prepare yourself for the sweetest chilled lo-fi beats you ever heard!
Skipless on MySpace.

01 Intro
02 Lo-Moments
03 Loose Tune
04 Twilight Days
05 One Sofa
06 Stella
07 Still


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motown Junkie - More

netlabel - phonotactics
genre - trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2008

Sampling:" the basis of musical creation", grown from this infinite source of inspiration this 3 tracks ep "More" can be defined as a fusion between illbient and trip hop with some common traces to instrumental hip hop with bases that echo ties to hipnotism of the loop.
Motown Junkie on MySpace.

01 Doped night drive
02 Farlopa satanica
03 Run away from me


Friday, October 17, 2008

The X-Structure - Westcoast Trip

genre - trip-hop, electronic
release date - 2008

The songs on this album served as the background music to a trip Starrzan and his good friend Flock went on back in 2006. They traveled up the South Africa westcoast, then inland and reached the east coast at Cape Agulhas. The songs where all made in 2006 but have only been compiled into a complete album in 2008 by The X-Structure collective. Hope you enjoy the Westcoast Trip with them.

01 New mission
02 Skypilot

03 Strive to honour

04 The gift of All

05 Subversive
06 Subterranean low tech
07 Sunrise showdown


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Citizen Crane - Mystical Forces EP

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2007

These guys paint simple but powerful hip-hop / trip-hop portraits with an unique for the UK style. Awesome jazzy flavour, funky basslines and frisky phat beats will blast your moods on the top of the crop!

01 Iceland
02 Mystical Forces
03 Monastry
04 Stanleyknife Cutz
05 Nick The Stick
06 Stress


Friday, October 10, 2008

Transient vs VPD - Bright Expressing Time

netlabel - fant00m
genre - trip hop, electronic, rmx
release date - 2008

Transient and Violent Public Disorderaz (VPD) teamed up and collaborated on this special release here on Fant00m. 4 songs out of one track that Transient made back in 1999 with (for the geeks) Modplucker Software. VPD has a thing for lofi jazzy electronika and fell in love with the 1999 track. Now almost 10 years later Transient works in a whole different way, which can be heard clearly on this release.
Transient's music on GNs.
VPD on GNs.

01 Transient - Bright Expressing Time rmx 2008
02 Violent Public Disorderaz - Bright Expressing Time 2007 edit
03 Transient - Bright Expressing Time 1999 edit
04 Violent Public Disorderaz - Bright Expressing Time 2008 rmx edit


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cyesm - Tricks and Stuff

label - good citizen factory
genre - trip-hop
release date - 2007

Cyesm creates and programs music since 1998. After Electro Addict Band (electro funk) and MAP (Trip-hop), Cyesm decided to do his own music. His music is a mix between acoustic and electronic material. He likes to visit different style of music and making them sounds together.
Cyesm on MySpace.

01 Theme From...
02 Hip Hop Tasty
03 Bj Pub
04 Dunky Hop
05 Figure It Out interlude
06 Pass
07 Nasty Berry
08 Crumble
09 Trouble
10 Overbrained
11 Blond Dance
12 Missing Someone
13 Nightmare at All


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Niteffect - Lost Identity

netlabel - kreislauf
genre - trip-hop
release date - 2008

Niteffect's last album on GNs.
Niteffect's site.
You can listen Lost Identity on

01 Dark Clouds Coming
02 Blur Emotions
03 No Way To West
04 Going With The Flow
05 Burma Beat
06 Tropical Heat
07 Sick Manga
08 Lights Off
09 Vintage Photos
10 Never Land


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Artcrime a.k.a Circo Inverso - Still Travelling

genre - hip-hop, instrumentl hip-hop, trip-hop
release date - 2007

Artcrime a.k.a circo inverso is producing music since 2003.Playing as a performer dj since 2005 to several small clubs.Currently studying music technology and works as sound engineer in a studio. Member of a hip hop duo also featuring an underground mc,sentive and a trip hop/experimental band,Mystery Train both based in Athens.
Artcrime a.k.a Circo Inverso on

01 Intro
02 December
03 Walls around us
04 Jmt - animal rap(2.1 mix)
05 The present
06 Blue
07 D.st8
08 Distraction(demo version)
09 Teatro di narrazione
10 Santa sangre
11 Still travelling
12 What about what(mixtrack)
13 Way of the samourai interlude
14 Personal note
15 Trip to lourmarin vaucluse
16 The world is yours now
17 Athens by train(demo version)
18 Untuned sunset
19 Outro


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mr.S - HPS

label - audiorascal
genre - ambient, downtempo, lounge
release date - 2007

Following on from the great success of the fantastic "Extracerebral" album, "HPS" is a free single release featuring a massive 8 tracks for your listening pleasure. Featuring the huge talents of Krypton, Tomasz Bednarczyk, en2ak and Stealpot, the HPS single is a fantastic download and a brilliant showcase for Poland's astounding talent for electronic music.
Mr.S on

01 HPS (Radio Edit)
02 Extracerebral (Krypton rmx part 1)
03 HPS (Tomasz Bednarczyk rmx)
04 HPS (en2ak rmx)
05 Extracerebral (Krypton rmx part 2)
06 Acoustically Illustrated
07 HPS (Stealpot rmx)
08 Outro: Reminisce


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Transient - Feel good inside

netlabel - camomille
genre - ambient, instrumental hip-hop, house, idm

release date - 2008

You've seen Transient on various labels such as Thinner, Miasmah, Mono, Sutemos, One and his own output Noisy Vagabond, becoming one of the netlabel community's most hard working individuals. This time, he offers an amazing 1hour 20 minute album filled of warm and delicately stirred tracks dwelling in hip-hop, idm, pop, ambient and house. To us, this is the definite Transient collection, showcasing his talent and his mastery of all things electronic.
Transient's EP from Miasmah on GNs.

01 Conserve
02 Crick
03 Cvtecvt
04 West lake wave cradle
05 Kane mountaine firetower dub
06 The possibilities in movement, color, tone
07 Falcon kills fish
08 Lovebug
09 Feel good inside
10 Deep mountain
11 Cayadutta
12 Qoqqoq
13 I won't hurt you when you're down
14 Holding back
15 Footprints in the snow
16 Lovestory


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waveplant - Refragment

netlabel - moment sound
genre - ambient, downtempo, house, idm
release date - 2008

A Waveplant is a union between different elements that combine to create a singularity with hybrid vigor. Rather than keeping strictly with any genre, Waveplant extends this idea into tracks and scores that share this blend of approach: fresh and forward, human and resonant.
There are 2 sets, downtempo (1 - 5) and minimal house (6 - 8), each with different scenes, or tracks that are meant to be listened continuously.
Waveplant's official site.

01 Rawn Narrows
02 Moonset
03 Bloom
04 August
05 Daybreak
06 Homestretch
07 Homesick
08 Flux


Monday, August 25, 2008

B.A.U.D. - Ej systu ej

netlabel - katiusza pop
genre - ambient, electronic, sample

B.A.U.D.'s official site.

01 Ese01
02 Ese02
03 Ese03
04 Ese04 (feat. t.e.r./mirt)
05 Ese05
06 Ese06
07 Ese07
08 Ese08
09 Ese09
10 Ese10
11 Ese11


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weigl & Hoffmann - Elevate EP

netlabel - id.eology
genre - electropop, ambient
release date - 2008

Weigl & Hoffmann get into the elevator to a secret floor inbetween mind and soul. In a slow steady movement, like paper-boats on softly shimmering water, their ambient pop songs drift through the auditory canal right into your conscience. Subtle soundscapes, discreet guitar and piano ambiences along with breathy vocals create a contemplative atmosphere that gradually surrounds you, draws you in deeper and deeper, zooming your inner eye into the very core of yourself.
Weigl & Hoffmann "Examples Of A Medusa" on GNs.
Philipp Weigl's music on GNs.

01 Confided
02 Silhouettes
03 The grass is greener
04 A ship in a bottle
05 Paper boats
06 The grass is greener (Gate Zero rmx)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moabi- Sexe bourgeois

netlabel - dog eared records
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

The first thing you should note about Sexe bourgeois is how the track titles hang together to form a single maybe-sweet/maybe-dark sentence. This would seem to imply a couple of things. First, that what we have here is a suite. Second, that the subject of that suite has something to do with love. The first suspicion is easily confirmed—the individual tracks do indeed work together, sharing sounds and ideas, and generally forming a cogent whole. The second, however, is a bit more ambiguous. If this record is about love, it’s not the top-40 boyfriend/girlfriend bubblegum variety. No, this thing is about something much darker, mysterious, and altogether more interesting.
The tone is set from the start, with distant furtive bits of melody flitting through a cavernous soundscape—like a spectral orchestra tuning up in a subway station. And it remains a dark ride throughout. The tempos are steady, sometimes even brisk, but never lively, and the musical ideas tend toward the mournful...
Moabi's album from resting bell on GNs.

01 I don't think I realize
02 I'm in love
03 Am I blind or...
04 Unconscious