Thursday, October 30, 2008

Foolk - Living Room Pieces

genre - nujazz
release date - 2008

Early works by Foolk, groovy tunes like "Something like Jazz" (Node Records 2005), "Bar" or "Upstairs Cabaret" are now for free download (under CC license) on net-LP "Living Room Pieces" (2008).
Foolk on MySpace.
Thanks to Lienka.

01 Something Like Jazz
02 Bar
03 Upstairs Cabaret feat. Habbiel
04 Bleep Bleep
05 Push The Square
06 Glue Me
07 Blue Story
08 Space Blues (feat. Bene)
09 Kubko
10 Hard Key
11 On The Left Side
12 Sprava by Peto Tazok (Foolk remix)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bassfrucht - Ein Warmes Gefühl

netlabel - forame
genre - nujazz
release date - 2003

Bassfruchts music on GNs.

01 Gartenfrage
02 Gruesome
03 Landschaft im Kamin
04 Brugelmoor


Friday, October 24, 2008

Skipless - Jazzamentals

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - instrumental hip-hop, lo-fi, nujazz
release date - 2008

It's saturated with cuts from old dusty jazz records like Madlib and can run the crowd with a phat dirty sound like Wu-Tang! It's a pure definition of the music we're looking for! Prepare yourself for the sweetest chilled lo-fi beats you ever heard!
Skipless on MySpace.

01 Intro
02 Lo-Moments
03 Loose Tune
04 Twilight Days
05 One Sofa
06 Stella
07 Still


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motown Junkie - More

netlabel - phonotactics
genre - trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2008

Sampling:" the basis of musical creation", grown from this infinite source of inspiration this 3 tracks ep "More" can be defined as a fusion between illbient and trip hop with some common traces to instrumental hip hop with bases that echo ties to hipnotism of the loop.
Motown Junkie on MySpace.

01 Doped night drive
02 Farlopa satanica
03 Run away from me


Friday, October 17, 2008

The X-Structure - Westcoast Trip

genre - trip-hop, electronic
release date - 2008

The songs on this album served as the background music to a trip Starrzan and his good friend Flock went on back in 2006. They traveled up the South Africa westcoast, then inland and reached the east coast at Cape Agulhas. The songs where all made in 2006 but have only been compiled into a complete album in 2008 by The X-Structure collective. Hope you enjoy the Westcoast Trip with them.

01 New mission
02 Skypilot

03 Strive to honour

04 The gift of All

05 Subversive
06 Subterranean low tech
07 Sunrise showdown


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Citizen Crane - Mystical Forces EP

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2007

These guys paint simple but powerful hip-hop / trip-hop portraits with an unique for the UK style. Awesome jazzy flavour, funky basslines and frisky phat beats will blast your moods on the top of the crop!

01 Iceland
02 Mystical Forces
03 Monastry
04 Stanleyknife Cutz
05 Nick The Stick
06 Stress


Friday, October 10, 2008

Transient vs VPD - Bright Expressing Time

netlabel - fant00m
genre - trip hop, electronic, rmx
release date - 2008

Transient and Violent Public Disorderaz (VPD) teamed up and collaborated on this special release here on Fant00m. 4 songs out of one track that Transient made back in 1999 with (for the geeks) Modplucker Software. VPD has a thing for lofi jazzy electronika and fell in love with the 1999 track. Now almost 10 years later Transient works in a whole different way, which can be heard clearly on this release.
Transient's music on GNs.
VPD on GNs.

01 Transient - Bright Expressing Time rmx 2008
02 Violent Public Disorderaz - Bright Expressing Time 2007 edit
03 Transient - Bright Expressing Time 1999 edit
04 Violent Public Disorderaz - Bright Expressing Time 2008 rmx edit


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cyesm - Tricks and Stuff

label - good citizen factory
genre - trip-hop
release date - 2007

Cyesm creates and programs music since 1998. After Electro Addict Band (electro funk) and MAP (Trip-hop), Cyesm decided to do his own music. His music is a mix between acoustic and electronic material. He likes to visit different style of music and making them sounds together.
Cyesm on MySpace.

01 Theme From...
02 Hip Hop Tasty
03 Bj Pub
04 Dunky Hop
05 Figure It Out interlude
06 Pass
07 Nasty Berry
08 Crumble
09 Trouble
10 Overbrained
11 Blond Dance
12 Missing Someone
13 Nightmare at All