Monday, June 30, 2008

Tomasz Bednarczyk - So Nice

netlabel - audio tong
genre - lo-fi, click'n'cut
release date - 2006

A beautiful in its quietness release from one of the most promising and acclaimed young Polish audio artists. Tomasz Bednarczyk was born in 1986 and currently lives in Polish city of Wroclaw. His music is nice, delightful and harmonic in click'n'cut style. "So Nice" is an EP consisting of four stories about positive emotions and things that accompany them in life. Each story is build upon different acoustic sounds. Looping clicks and noises are supposed to touch the listeners in different ways, calling out different emotions.
His official side.

01 So Nice
02 Snow
03 Tender
04 Love


Friday, June 27, 2008

Asonic Garcia - The dead muse EP

genre - instrumental, electronic, lo-fi
release date - 2008

Vallejo, CA is a bay area city known mostly for some of the hyphy movement's premiere all-stars, along with high murder rates and big drug sales - but it's also the home of artists like ASONIC GARCIA, the lo-fi smoke music maestro who's releasing his new sampler ep "The Dead Muse". The title definitely gives away a dark undertone, but you'll find things aren't all grim in Dead Muse' thick sounds, which cover a psychedelic spectrum of moods and emotions - doing so while blending electronic music and boom bap in an organic way which rockets both genres straight into outerspace and beyond. This isn't an album that's stuck in rigid paradigms of the past - and this isn't an artist who's wearing blinders, only focusing on one aspect of our world: whether it be separation with loved one's, or breaking out of the dominant culture's fixed ways, these are the sounds of movement and of the struggle for positive change. Get with the sounds and find your own meaning within them - get up high and swim in the sky, float around in the clouds and come back down from the Vallejo Space Station with a new perspective on what it means to experience music.
His music on GNs and thanks to Asup - Retrofuturism.
Asonic on MySpace.

01 Lone chief cosmic
02 Seperated daze
03 Communications delay
04 Market st march
05 Smoke bomb proof
06 Sunset reflect
07 Vallejo space station
08 Aerosal evening
09 Lost in fuzz
10 After karma theres life


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Futurists part Two

netlabel - retrofuturism
genre - electronic, turntablism, sample

Our second label sampler. Our artists are a little different this time. We are featuring two guys who arent part of retros core crew: NAD and Asonic(his music on GNs).
Enjoy our blend of chilled music!
Futurists part One on GNs.

01 African - Timevsman
02 B-Ju - Apprentice
03 NAD - Sombolero
04 Asonic - Sayawng ng umaga
05 Asup - 34D-26WAIST-34HIP
06 Monophonic - The port
07 B-Ju - Sleeping train
08 Airnino - The way out
09 Nolram - Return call
10 Airnino - Cyborg
11 Asup - Incognito
12 Dreamcast - 2020


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Various Artists - One Year & A Day - The 5inch Files

label - equinox records
genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic, turntablism
release date - 2008

“One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files” features ten awesome tracks on 5 different records that are available in a limited collector’s box of 250 handnumbered copies and as a free download. Artists contributing to this special project are Vangel, Misanthrop, Aqua Luminus III., Mnemotrauma, J.Baracuz, B-Ju, SmoKey131, DJ Snatchatec & The Raincoatman.

01 Vangel – Wake Up
02 Misanthrop – Commercialism
03 DJ Scientist feat. DJ Snatchatec. – Rewind & Refine
04 Aqua Luminus III. – Uplock The Poprock
05 Mnemotrauma – Shining
06 J. Baracuz – Yellow Cab
07 SmoKey131 – Got To Keep On Searchin’
08 B-Ju – Soja Extra
09 Aqua Luminus III. & Misanthrop – Sternhagelblau (5inch Edit)
10 The Raincoated Man – Outro


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fonoteka 1 (Remixed)

label - estrada nagrania
genre - hip-hop, downtempo, lounge, jazz, rmx
release date - 2008

01 Tension
02 Common - The Corner (produced by Endrjuss)
03 Patr00 feat. Caucasian - Relax (cuts by Full Crate for 22ndStreet)
04 Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way (produced by Horry)
05 Daniel Drumz - Sorcerers (performed live at Seventh Floor Club)
06 Sabama - Don't Want To Sleep
07 The Polish Radio Orchestra - Czasem bez tercji (produced by Przaśnik)
08 The Jonesz - Miracle Men (produced by patr00)
09 De La Soul feat. Redman - Oooh (produced by Moro)
10 Novi Singers - Five, Four Three (produced by Pióro)
11 Fizz - Midnight Haze
12 The Polish Radio Orchestra - Now or Never (produced by McCoy)
13 Relief