Friday, November 30, 2012

Cut Volume 1

label - cut records
genre - dubstep, electronic, idm
release date - 2011

Cut's first release is a statement of intent, a taster of what we have to come. A cross-section of our sound, and a starting point for us to develop from. Over an hour of incredible electronic music for free. 14 beautiful tracks covering deep dub-techno, dubstep, drum and bass, future garage and IDM.

01 Vax - Let's Go
02 Lostlojic - Give Me Love
03 Atomic Haze - Couchlocked
04 DFRNT - Going The Distance
05 Lush - Spatial Love
06 Lung - Whale Song
07 Klatu - Zealous
08 Mekha - Acufen
09 Myrkur - Transmission
10 Toffee - Milkshake
11 Jazzy Jazzy - Friends With Benefits
12 Nowan - Snowflakes
13 Vandera - India Joya (DnB Remix)
14 Oddisee feat. Oliver Daysoul - In The Now (Krts Remix)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dowdy / Alovesuprime - Do Da Di / Sadovoe

label - ritmo sportivo
genre - funk, dance
release date - 2011

While your bodies languishing from the heat, we want to give you some more summer madness. For cookin' this digital double - single we got into our archives and found two crazy joints (recorded in midsummer of 2010) from 2 representatives of the deepest Moscow underground scene - Dowdy and Alovesuprime. Tribal rhythmes in ''Do da di'' from Dowdy and funky grooves in ''Sadovoe'' from Alovesuprime- all this shit is exactly what you need to make your headphones finally melted from the heat. Be careful listening it.

01 Dowdy - Do Da Di
02 Alovesuprime - Sadovoe


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deep Shoq - Life of Swing

genre - downtempo, hip-hop
release date - 2012

The second attempt to conquer the playlists of picky music lovers characterizes by the shades of mellow beats, electronica, neo-soul, soft dubstep, house and goes under the name of „Life of Swing“ (not Swag). The new EP consists of 9 equivalent and orbicular pieces (+ 2 Bonus tracks) .
Collaborations with local and foreign artists is the thing your ears must notice. It includes distinctive voice of London based mc/vocalist Joleon Davenue and Chantelle Nandi from Maverick Sabre’s band, Canadian singer Eric Nicholas and Lithuanian soulstress Kotryna.
Deep Shoq on bandcamp

01 Desire (ft. Joleon Davenue)
02 Wulin Water
03 By the channel
04 Chrystal flashbacks
05 Redemption (ft. Joleon Davenue & Chantelle Nandi)
06 Need to feed (ft. Kotryna)
07 Fool without you (ft. Eric Nicholas)
08 Make dis choize (Need to flip) (ft. Kotryna)
09 Sip the heat


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Salvia Kamili - High Life EP

label - morgen-noi
genre - dub, hip-hop
release date - 2012

Inspired by african highlife and bass music, Salvia Kamili's debut EP dips into a warm, fuzzy vinyl sound with a strong and powerful vibe. So, turn it up and enjoy the high life !

01 No.1 de No.1
02 Radio Amboussa
03 Porry
04 Right On
05 Paid in '92


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cube Face - Fair Use EP

label - cadence collective
genre - electronic
release date - 2012

Sample based electronic music, with lots of vocals and hiss. Wooden and metal percussion in different rooms. UK. Will soon take live bookings.
Cube Face on soundcloud

01 Intro
02 Called You
03 Give
04 I Guess
05 For Me


Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Call It a Sound - Reworks & Remixes

genre - electropop, house, remix
release date - 2012

EP album from polish band We Call It a Sound with 5 reworked or remixed songs made by their friends - polish producers: An On Bast, Dextre, Disordered, Hailo and Lemodien. Available for free!
We Call It a Sound on bandcamp

01 Hailo feat. We Call It a Sound - Akwamaryna Rework
02 An On Bast feat. We Call It a Sound - Sun Antonio Rework
03 Triangles (Disordered Remix)
04 Adriatix Harmonix (Dextre Remix)
05 Cocain Moon (Lemodien Mix)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Niedodźwięki - Szybki strumień widoków zza szybki EP

genre - nujazz
release date - 2011

Niedodźwięki on bandcamp

01 Intro
02 W bloku startowym
03 Szybki strumień widoków zza szybki
04 Podróz po areszcie
05 Życie podszyte jest aksamitem
06 Koncert życzeń sobie ciebie tutaj
07 Trzy trzustki