Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Co - Footwich Ep

label - polish juke music
genre - juke
release date - 2013

CO on soundcloud and GNs

01 Call of Booty
02 We know where we're going
04 Livin Aqua
05 Ping Shit
06 Lk Yrz
07 Tribute to HWDJAZZ


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mecca:83 - Sketchbook Pieces

genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2012

Mecca:83 official website

01 Aura feat. Bobby Blunt
02 Midnight Kids (feat Kan Sano x Buscrates 16bit Ensemble)
03 Golden
04 Booda French x Von Pea - Full Time (Mecca:83 Remix)
05 Jesse Futerman x Rise - One For Irvine
06 Alexis Davis - The Lift
07 Chapter 2
08 Love Story
09 Jay's Theme
10 Head West
11 Swilkqa Night (feat Somepling)
12 Nas - One Love (Mecca loves the 90s Remix)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BeatGeeks Next #1 - Russian Lullaby

label - beatgeeks
genre - instrumental hip-hop, soul
release date - 2013

Earlier this year, we organized a beatbattle to decide who would join the Geeks on their trip to the MPM Beat BBQ in Cologne. Out of a tidal wave of submissions, we picked 6 producers and invited them over to BeatGeeks HQ at Monarch. Sterio, Plukk.Inn, Robot Orchestra, Kaft, Uncle Rafa & S.Fidelity took part in the final Battle. We let the crowd pick a winner as each of them played their submissions in front of the audience. Sterio made the race. beatgeeks.tumblr.com

01 Sterio (Winner of the Battle) - Russian Lullaby
02 Damien Shuffles - Russian Lullaby
03 Dienst & Schulter - Russian Lullaby
04 Dony - Russian Lullaby
05 Dualizm - Russian Lullaby
06 Jimbo Matsumoto - Russian Lullaby
07 Juraj Fortwangler - Russian Lullaby
08 Kaft - Russian Lullaby
09 Mighty Macsen - Russian Lullaby
10 Moritz Pietzsch - Russian Lullaby
11 beatfux - Russian Lullaby
12 Peet - Russian Lullaby
13 Plukk.Inn - Russian Lullaby
14 Radsch - Russian Lullaby
15 Robot Orchestra - Russian Lullaby
16 S.Fidelity - Russian Lullaby
17 SonicK BooM - Russian Lullaby
18 Toneless Bombast - Russian Lullaby


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kratos Himself - Imagination

label - export label
genre - downtempo, hip-hop, remix
release date - 2013

'Imagination' is the new EP by the dutch producer, Kratos Himself. An EP released on Export. After getting lots of support on his critically acclaimed EP 'A Town Called Imaginarium' on Jus Like Music and collaborations with Deon Custom and Jesse Futerman, Kratos continuous his journey through the imagination.
Once more featuring additional instrumentation by Marc Machielse and vocals by K.J.B. and Ditte de Muynck. This time Kratos also has a track featuring rapper Teknical Development. Along with the 4 tracks by Kratos Himself, the EP also features 4 remixes by Crookram (NL), Nik Laker (GB), Aske (PL) and Thallus (DE).
A balance between the organic and the electronic, 'Imagination' is an EP that represents the more trippy side of Kratos' imagination. Deep basses, ethereal melodies and soundscapes by which you can get lost in your imagination.
'Imagination' will be release on CDs in limited edition (100 copies). exportlabel.com

01 I Will Return
02 C12H16N2
03 DMT
04 Imagination (ft. Teknical Development)
05 I Will Return (Crookram remix)
06 C12H16N2 (Nik Laker remix)
07 DMT (Aske remix)
08 Imagination (ft. Teknical Development) (Thallus remix)