Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Marow - Lysar

netlabel - klitorik
genre - ambient
release date - 2010

Listen to the new release of marow for klitorik called "Lysår". Take off your sunglasses and keep an eye on the rainy days which accommodate essential pieces of wisdom.

01 Gatow (inside out)
02 Nazca lines (for our understanding])
03 Lucid dream (once we were friends)
04 Patina (we wrote so many stories)
05 Samsara (my cosmic dust will still love you)
06 Void (goodbye)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ludwik Ludwikzon Orkestra - Komedijas EP

netlabel - ndstwtrst
genre - instrumental, abstract hip-hop
release date - 2010

Ludwik Ludwikzon Orkestra on MySpace.

01 Roter Himmel
02 Reprise
03 Clash Of The Titans
04 Drei
05 Klatscher
06 Self Defense
07 Frau Holle ist tot
08 Der Löffel und die Weisheit
09 Podvijen Rub
10 Fuck Out


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monokle & Galun - In Frame

netlabel - 12rec
genre - electronic, pop, trip-hop
release date - 2010

What we get to hear on "IN FRAME" is a mixture from Hip Hop beats, quixotic Pop melodies and precisely these mesmerizing Postrock motives I was fond of with "TESAURUS" already. The whole production is dense and warm and full of details and influences. Neo-Krautrock acts like Fujiya & Miyagi, To Rococo Rot or Caribou might spring in mind and especially in combination with GALUNs' decent vocal performance, the solo works of Thom Yorke have to be cited.
Monokle on MySpace.
Galun on MySpace.

01 Happy Sun
02 Colding
03 Two Times
04 Globus
05 Fine Care
06 Air Krispella
07 Crossed Fingers
08 Justalite
09 Get At Will
10 Long
11 Smolder
12 Means


Friday, June 18, 2010

Jables - Assemble EP

genre - instrumental hip-hop

release date - 2010

Jables on MySpace.

1 Horizontal
2 Milkstaek
3 Havenots
4 Elastic Wasteband
5 Half & Half
6 Aesthics
7 Inspector Gadget


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eltron John - JuNouCast 18

netlabel - junoucast
genre - disco, soul, instrumental, mix
release date - 2010

Eltron John on MySpace.

01 Mudd & Pollard - Vincent (Mark E remix)
02 Double - Woman Of The World (Long Instrumental Version)
03 La Rambla Perversion - Cup Of Wine (Instrumental)
04 IMPS - Almost Live But Definitely Plugged
05 DJ Nature - Win Lose And Dance
06 Juju & Jordash - Untitled
07 STL - Vintage Hunter
08 The Mole - Oh My Stomach
09 Mark Grusane & Mike Cole feat. Deanna - Time & Space
10 Black Jazz Consortium - Far Away (Atmospheric Pass)
11 Gino Soccio - Closer


Friday, June 11, 2010

Giles Barratt and the Kino Orchestra - Spring Waltz SP

genre - jazz, hip-hop, rmx
release date - 2010

Giles Barratt is a Welsh Jazz guitarist/composer currently based in Kraków/Poland. He has just written a mini album with his new band: The Giles Barratt and the kino orchestra experience. The ablum is called 'Fragments'. The project is based from Giles experience of living in Kraków. These tracks are also influenced from old European Jazz film sountracks from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and many Jazz musicians: Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Bernard Herman, Herbie Hancock,Carlos Jobim and Charles Mingus etc. The band is made up from very talented Jazz musicans based in Kraków: Giles Barratt guitar/composer; Bartek Betkowski sax/flute; Krystian Jaworz keyboards; Michał Peiker drums; Pawel Kluba bass.
Piotr Skorupski (Spisek) is a dj/producer with a deep reverence for jazz and soul. He made a name for himself as founder and producer of hiphop/jazz group Spisek. This remix also features Łukasz Bzowski on Hammond organ.
Giles Barratt and the Kino Orchestra on MySpace.

01 Spring Waltz (Spisek rmx)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Freddie Joachim - Mellow Orange & Organology presents A.M.

genre - instrumental hip-hop, jazz
release date - 2010

Freddie Joachim on MySpace.

01 Mist
02 Strawberries
03 Scar
04 Limits
05 Sand
06 Moons
07 Stay Awhile


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adam Williams & Leonardo Rosado - Take This Longing

netlabel - feedback loop
genre - ambient, piano, electronic
release date - 2010

Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado aka Subterminal decided to communicate. And they chose the most conclusive language existing in this universe: They started a dialogue via their music using the tongue of the piano and electronics. And it turns out they're great communicators, as they both know the art of listening.
Attracted to subtle and minimal arrangements, they develop the most interesting musical dialogue on their joint ep "Take This Longing". While Williams usually holds the talk with cautious notes and chords, Rosado illustrates these fine contours with his discrete electronic sounds and field recordings. Both respond to one another, closely observing every musical move to be ready for the next answers and the right questions.

01 To Begin
02 Ethos
03 A Sudden Loss of Meaning part I
04 What Has Gone is Lost Forever
05 A Sudden Loss of Meaning part II
06 A Lifetime Spent Together
07 Take This Longing