Thursday, December 23, 2010

Danny Bow - Frozen Memories

netlabel -
export label
genre - electronic, trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2010

It is our pleasure to introduce export label new representative – Danny Bow. A character known previously as Enbe, present on the music scene for few years now. His last album which was warmly welcomed, the “Theory of Jazz” released in 2007 by 16wersów label, still has a group of loyal and regular listeners. After longer absence the artist returns with altered profile. Hiding behind new nickname he takes up music themes which until now weren’t present in his quests. He expresses that in seventeen premiere tracks comprising “Frozen Memories” album.
The sounds of „Frozen Memories” create strong, continuous lines out of shraged single point. Sometimes by being abruptly broken off they push the listener into the feeling of insatiability, but after a while they compensate it with thick, intense tone. The other tracks from this album emphasize the rush of the world in all its forms, or build its complex structure. By the dialogues interspersed throughout the melodies, Danny Bow expresses his opinion on music and topics that concerns it.

01 This music (intro)
02 Unbelieveble feelings
03 Lonley Traveler
04 Emotion capture
05 Frozen memories
06 Walk'in on the egde
07 Different life
08 Lyric
09 Anger
10 Nine tears
11 Heartlock
12 Dreamin
13 Loose mind
14 Showbiz
15 Save me
16 Future me
17 Old me (outro)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Footprints 16 - Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'

genre - jazz, funk, electronic, mix
release date - 2010

Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'” mix is a collage of European recordings dating from 1960-1980, oscillating between such genres as Jazz, Big Beat, Funk, Electronic, Psychedelic and Rock music. Unlike two previous mixes containing some recordings of Polish artists signed with Muza Polskie Nagrania and Pronit, this one joins musical pieces of European artists from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France. The 68 pieces used in the mix were carefully selected out of nearly one thousand vinyl records released in the Old Continent over the decades. The idea behind “Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'” is to show the identity of European music dating from the developmentally significant and simply the best times for the music itself.
Footprints on GNs.

01 Lokomotiv GT - Prologue and Trialogue (Pepita, Hungary 1980)
02 Olympic - Harem (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1973)
03 Karel Ulach and his orchestra - Romance For a Crown (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1980)
04 Maria Pahomenko - Grusti (Melodija, Russia 1971)
05 Stephan Sulke - Nee Fraulein (Intercord, Germany 1976)
06 Bergendy - Automatic Love (Pepita, Hungary 1981)
07 Helena Vondrackova - Az Pujde Dest do Travy Spat (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1977)
08 Adamo - Ensemble (Amiga, France 1971)
09 Tereza Kessovia - Love Story (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1973)
10 Apostol Group - A Family Conference (Pepita, Hungary 1978)
11 Omega 6 - Mozgo Vilag (Pepita, Hungary 1974)
12 Merveilleuse Mireille - Je Ne Sais Pas, Ne Sais Plus (Melodija, Russia 1973)
13 Szabados Quartet - Az Eskuvo (Pepita, Hungary 1974)
14 Dorin Anastasiu - Chiar Daca Tu (Electrocord, Romania 1977)
15 Apostol Group - Hol Egy Dallam (Pepita, Hungary 1978)
16 Xanten Sekura - Symphonie 1 (BASF, Germany 1978)
17 Mireille - Tu m'as Donne' La Vie (Amiga, Germany 1973)
18 Marcela Laiferova - MLC (Opus, Czechoslovakia 1969)
19 Klaus Doldinger - Ataraxia Part 2 (Amiga Jazz, German Democratic Republic 1978)
20 Locomotiv gt - Es Jott a Doktor (Pepita, Hungary 1975)
21 Vladimir Misik - Deserted Alley (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1971)
22 Syrius - Broken Dreams (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
23 L.Georgiev - Sha (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1965)
24 Cidalia Meireles - Macau (Alvorada, Portugal 1973)
25 Presser Gabor - Electromance (Pepita, Hungary 1982)
26 Marie Laforet - A Demain My Darling (Musidisc, France 1974)
27 Sonja Salvis - Moulin De Mon Coeur (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1970)
28 St.Eturski - The Love of the Sailor (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1971)
29 Aktuell - Etude (Amiga Jazz, German Democratic Republic 1976)
30 Frank Schobel - Sie Naht Ja Schon Ihr Hochzeitskleid (Amiga, German Democratic Republic 1975)
31 Passport - Eternal Spiral (Atlantic, Germany 1973)
32 P.Hammel - Blaznowe Byty (Opus, Czechoslovakia 1975)
33 HetFo - Shall I See You Again (Pepita, Hungary 1973)
34 G.Gorbovsky - Gloomy, Rain Evening (Melodija, Usrr 1983)
35 Zsoldos Imre - Charleston Egyveleg Some Of these Days (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
36 C.Kokyan - Msarurgwa (Melodija, Russia 1973)
37 Isabelle Aubret - Quelque Chose (Polydor, France 1968)
38 G.Grigoriu - Inima Mea e a Ta (Electrocord, Romania 1969)
39 Maria da Gloria - Um dia Voltaras (Alvorada, Portugal 1968)
40 Ray Connif - Softly, As In a Morning Sunrise (Amiga, DDR 1972)
41 A.Pugacheva - The Angel On Duty (Melodija, CCCP 1981)
42 HetFo – Weekday Ballads (Pepita, Hungary 1973)
43 Wladimir Wistotski - Ships (Melodija, Usrr 1980)
44 Barris, Koehler, Moll - Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Amiga, German Democratic
Republic 1977)
45 Lokomotiv GT - Prologue and Trialogue (Pepita, Hungary 1980)
46 G.Kuprevicius - 3 (Melodija, CCCP 1979)
47 Eugen Rotaru - In Zori (Electrocord, Romania 1971)
48 Mihaly Tamas - Ride of the Valkyries (Start, Hungary 1983)
49 Lovomotiv gt - Circus (Pepita, Hungary 1980)
50 Gabor Novai - Mar Nem Tudom (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
51 S.Mladenov - My Rails (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1971)
52 Vaclav Neckar - Nautilus (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1972)
53 Isabelle Aubret - Nous Dormirons Ensemble (Polydor, France 1969)
54 Alex Imre - Amor, Mon Amour, My Love (Electrocord, Romania 1970)
55 B. Myljawyn - Rozy cwet (Melodija, Russia 1977)
56 Jean - Michel Caradec - New York (Polydor, France 1974)
57 Kr. Stanishev - Play Upon Words (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1971)
58 Daliah Lavi - ...Und Meine Traurigkeit (Polydor, Germany 1976)
59 A.Zoller - Aphrodite (Philips, Germany 1966)
60 Dainuoja Viktoras Malinauskas - Elegija (Melodija, CCCP 1972)
61 Alexandra - Schwarze Engel (Philips, Germany 1969)
62 Horst Geipel - Satin Doll (Amiga, German Democratic Republic 1981)
63 Fonograf - Prelude (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
64 Jeanne Bichevskaya - Why Do You Sit Up Until Midnight (Melodija, Ussr 1980)
65 W. Tamalja - Withe Girl (Melodija, Ussr 1973)
66 M.Magomayev - Peaceful Be Your Home (Melodija, Ussr 1980)
67 Eugen Rotaru - Rumba (Electrocord, Romania 1976)
68 Chris Doerk - Du Bist Da (Amiga, German Democratic Republic 1975)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zambon & Pnk. Discorp - The Very Polish Cut Outs Mixtape 01

label - the very polish cut outs
genre - nudisco, mix, remix, electronic
release date - 2010

First mix in the series. Only edited polish music from the 70s & 80s selected & mixed by Zambon & Pnk.Discorp.
The Idea behind The Very Polish Cut-Outs is very simple – we want to promote Polish music all over the world through releasing different compilations, mixes and by putting it in a new context through editing – lately one of the most common way of recycling music. On this site you will find lots of dusty grooves, obscure sounds and sometimes very hard to find gems that were recorded in Poland back in the days. Take your time and enjoy the trip trough the wastelands of Polish music.

01 Arp Life - Baby Bump (Zambon Edit)
02 Breakout - Słuchaj Rytmu (Yacht Rock Disco Short Edit)
03 Transport Band - Obłęd (Funkoff Dub Wersja)
04 Kombi - Przytul Mnie (Old Spice Edit)
05 Lombard - Diamentowa Kula (Pnk.Discorp Edit)
06 Budka Suflera - Noc Komety (Zambon Master Of Orion Rework)
07 Alex Band - A W Schronisku Bal (Pnk.Discorp Edit)
08 Nasza Basia - Gniewna Pisoenka Muminka o Lecie (Rune Lindbeak Edit)
09 Franek Kimono - Dysk Dżokej (Zambon Disco Edit)
10 Czerwone Gitary - Uczę się Żyć (Pnk. Discorp Edit)
11 Andrzej Zaucha - Byłaś Serca Biciem (Old Spice Edit)


Monday, December 13, 2010

Polish Edits EP #1 Old Spice

label - the very polish cut outs
genre - nudisco, remix, electronic
release date - 2010

The Idea behind The Very Polish Cut-Outs is very simple – we want to promote Polish music all over the world through releasing different compilations, mixes and by putting it in a new context through editing – lately one of the most common way of recycling music. On this site you will find lots of dusty grooves, obscure sounds and sometimes very hard to find gems that were recorded in Poland back in the days. Take your time and enjoy the trip trough the wastelands of Polish music.

01 Kombi - Przytul Mnie (Old Spice Edit)
02 Kombi - Pieniądze (Old Spice Edit)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Asheville Beat Tape Vol. 1

label - lab coat
genre - instrumental hip-hop, abstrackt hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2010

The idea for an Asheville Beat Tape came from Nigel One, a long-time DJ and producer who has been involved in Asheville’s electronic music scene since the early 2000′s. Soon after joining forces with Skew Records, Nigel decided to spearhead the idea of bringing some of the surrounding talent together to form an Asheville Beat Tape. After a month’s time, Nigel had collected a multitude of tracks from area producers, and brought on Skew producers Peripheral and DM Stair to help artfully and seamlessly arrange the tracks into order. The result is a 45-minute mix of inspiring production and composition styles.

01 SYS-HEX – Could Have Sworn
02 KimathiM – Nammo
03 TwoFresh – Mini-Max
04 Moving Temple – NewWorld
05 d:Raf – Ninja Au Go Go
06 DJ Bowie – Doin’ It
07 DM Stair – Radio Mountain
08 Mother Hood – Waffle Fryz
09 Nigel One – Pyradelic
10 Jables – Abbrev
11 Bookworm – MPCONE
12 ProFlogik – Velvet
13 Mingle – Town To Town
14 Peripheral – Wave
15 Wuchinow – Tola
16 Marley Carroll – Be Good
17 Shoutro


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Biegaj - Night Noise

genre - hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2010

Biegaj on MySpace.

01 Intro (The time is coming)
02 3:00
03 As The Journey Ends (feat. The Lost Talent)
04 ... and rain
05 Night noise
06 Przekątna niematerialności (feat.Juby)
07 Outro (The time is gone)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Freethebeats vol.2

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2010

Free the beats is a project aimed at releasing bedroom beats that would not otherwise see the light of day as a free compilation once every three months.
Covering a range of styles and approaches to beat making the one theme drums.
Beat heads, and underground crate diggers who love their synths and dusty samples lock themselves away to produce a multitude of tracks that range from dubstep and glitchy electronica to down tempo instrumental hiphop and ambient beats.
The project is focussed around a DIY attitude. 100 Cd's burnt from home are bound in carefully constructed cases made from recycled materials and are a limited edition artwork in themselves. The cd's are given out for free and distributed in local record stores, sent to radio etc. Once the discs are gone thats it!
Themes found in the materials used to make the cases will be given to contributing artists and interpreted musically.
Freethebeats vol.1
Freethebeats website

01 P Major - Doowap
02 Verbaleyes - METK (Meditationalethnictranskrunk)
03 Goony Swillz - Interlude
04 Samy Saga - Island dreams
05 Weekend Off
06 Ears - Jitterthing
07 Kaputs - Chasing Rainbows
08 Limetipe - A snake in my dream
09 PSYKEone - Guishin
10 Jack Prest - Geyer
11 P major - Collide
12 Chasm - Master Marlowe
13 Rotes - Heavy rain
14 Tim Massif - Treedollarbaaav
15 Ears - Angelic Wolf