Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nik Laker - A Subjective Perspective

label - export label
genre - downtempo
release date - 2014

‘A Subjective Perspective’ is Nik Laker’s first official album. This British producer was first featured on Export Label in 2012 with a fantastic remix of ‘Who wants a bomb’ on IPWC Remixes, and recently on GNs Compilation with 'In The Sky'. Now he’s introducing his first solo album, where he fully showcases his achievements.

01 This Is The Place
02 Uncharted
03 When Will Then Be Now
04 Art & The Science
05 Metamorphical
06 What Science Forgot
07 The Habit Of Being Ourselves
08 Parachute
09 Dream Of
10 Invisibly Visible
11 Beyond
12 Art & The Reprise


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mo Kolours - Mo Kolours

label - one handed music
genre - soul, downtempo, future beat
release date - 2014

Mo Kolours is a half-Mauritian, half-English producer, singer and percussionist. On his self-titled debut album he displays dazzling inventiveness and joyous spirit – unsurprising for someone raised on the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry and A Tribe Called Quest while remaining ever curious about his Indian Ocean roots.
This album introduces a generous and endlessly creative talent to the world at large. And, as with his mesmerising live show, Mo Kolours doesn’t just give us a glimpse of the path less travelled but also offers us the fruits of his labours along the way.

01 Brixton House
02 Little Brown Dog
03 Curly Girly
04 Love For You (Humbeat)
05 Mike Black
06 Lighter Break
07 Say Word
08 Afro Quarters
09 Take Us (Interlude)
10 Streets Again
11 16-bit Slaves
12 In Her Eyes (Funk Heart)
13 Child's Play
14 Natural Disasters Wish List
15 Other Day House
16 Play It Loud (In Your Car)
17 Shepherd
18 Straight Ruk ft. Jeen Bassa