Thursday, May 29, 2008

Asonic Garcia - Galaxy Slap

genre - hip-hop, rmx
release date - 2008

Asonic Garcia on MySpace.
Thanks to Asup - Retrofuturism.

01 Blast Off (Intro)
02 Sole - Banks of Marble
03 Beans - Crave
04 Talib - Get By
05 Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell
06 Mos Def - Mathematics
07 Haiku De'tat - Mike Aaron and Eddie
08 Hieroglyphics - The Who
09 Rza & Gza - Third World


Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh No Nuno! - Dusty Gentle Insides EP

netlabel - dog eared records
genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic

Proudly bearing its loopy plumage from the get go, Oh No Nuno! (a.k.a. Ian D. Hawgood) tackles the hip-hop/electronica genre like a kid playing hop-scotch over an oversized map of the London Underground. He jumps and twirls, skips and zig zags, over a sharp and dynamic abstraction of the city. The beats are tight and often quirky, the hooks are bright and always memorable, the ambient washes have the colour of treasured polaroids. If you're familiar with the genre you wont be surprised by the build-up technique of these songs, the self-assembling clockwork which gathers layer upon layer and then sheds them off to leave the bare heart of the music beating over the twilight colours ...
Thanks to Miklos - Niteffect.

01 Just Another Day
02 The Everyday of Us
03 The Gentle Robot
04 Dusty Piano Inside
05 Analog Stone
06 No Change In Me


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Suhov - Symphaty Modul EP

netlabel - budabeats
genre - instrumental hip-hop, folk
release date - 2008

Suhov is a producer and dj from Szeged/Kecel. He spends his days with beat making in 24 hours, so not surprising he has huge and great music substance. Budabeats presents his EP "Symphaty Modul" including "Exx Fuck" with Bollywood samples, stony instrumental hip hop "Different", "Funny" with sweet beats, "Moonhill" with folk elements, the mambo song "Skunn", and not to mention the other great tunes.
Suhov on MySpace.

01 Exx Fuck
02 Different
03 Funny
04 Over
05 Moonhill
06 Clear
07 Skunn


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Basementality - See It Coming

netlabel - ground floor records
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2005

Basementality is aimed on alternative beat production. It´s a one man project from the north of Czech Republic that early produced hiphop tunes under the moniker of Mr.Scarface. This project was created between summer (fall in 2005). After first two years BSM utilises deep ambient effects, distorted sounds, with a combination of electronic and live drums to create own brand of trip-hop, alternative hip-hop and downtempo.
Thanks to Miklos - Niteffect.

01 See It Coming
02 At This Very Moment
03 We Are People Of The Universe
04 Emotional Draft
05 See It Coming (instrumental)
06 Heretic - Destruction (Basementality remix)


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Niteffect - Fragments

netlabel - kreislauf
genre - abstract hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2007

On Fragments each track is exactly 2:08 minutes long. Each song takes you on a little trip through a slightly surrealistic world [...] any kind of ear-catching melodies, intense atmospheres, interesting sounds and extraordinary beats.
You can listen Niteffect on

01 Hentai
02 Bound for home
03 Nice bugs
04 True types
05 Blickering
06 Topless in China Town
07 Go for a ride
08 Stale stories
09 Crack on the head
10 Sleeping sickness
11 Ghost of a chance
12 Black mack


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Comfort Fit - Use it or lose it EP

netlabel - tokyo dawn records
genre - instrumental hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2005

His album "Forget and Remember" on GNs.
Comfort Fit on MySpace.

01 As Pure As Possible
02 True Form
03 Kurz Vor Danach Ganz ‘05
04 Thursday Is Thursty
05 The Hunt


Friday, May 9, 2008

Brudny Wosk - Abstract Remixes

genre - hip-hop, rmx
release date - 2008

Brudny Wosk's official side.
Thanks to Herrkozz - Polskie Breaki.

01 Intro
02 J-Live - Harder
03 Baatin - Magic
04 Kev Brown - Work In Progress
05 Q-tip - Do It
06 INI - Fakin' Jax
07 Pete Rock ft. Cl Smooth and Denosh - It's a Love Thing
08 Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah! Got You All In Check
09 Edo.g - Wishing ft. Masta Ace
10 Wordsworth- Head High ft. Oddisee and Kenn Starr
11 Outro


Sunday, May 4, 2008

African aka Ctrl - My Gift To You

netlabel - retrofuturism
genre - jazz, electronic, chillout

His the latest album "Data Flow" on GNs.
African on MySpace.

01 Intro Energy
02 The Next Episode
03 Dedication To The Buena Vista Social Club
04 Alive as you feel
05 Forward To The Light
06 Free Energy
07 Interlude
08 Give Love and Thanks
09 Just Embrace The Music
10 Progression
11 Where It all Started, Actually