Friday, February 28, 2014

Mono.Mental - Coloured Sands EP

label - dub temple records
genre - dub
release date - 2014

The Coloured Sands EP is the DTR debut from Mono.Mental (Munich). The title track 'Coloured Sands' takes centre stage bringing the listener deep into Mono.Mental's signature sound of luscious down-tempo electronica and soulful beats. 'Kiama' and 'Kodo Love Song' continue the journey which finishes with re-interpretations from with Elroy 4.0 (Byron Bay), Sauce (Brisbane), HeapRize (Brisbane) and Walrii (Brisbane).

01 Coloured Sands
02 Kiama
03 Kodo Love Song
04 Coloured Sands (Elroy 4.0 Remix)
05 Coloured Sands (Sauce Remix)
06 Coloured Sands (HeapRize Remix)
07 Kiama (Walrii's Stone Town Jungle Dub)


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rebeka - Melancholia SP (Part 2)

label - brennessel
genre - electropop, remix
release date - 2013

"Melancholia" SP is also a very special release for Brennnessel - it features two remix packages, we’re so happy to share. The first package contains the original song and four atmospheric remixes by: turntabilist Daniel Drumz from Polish famous beat makers label U Know Me Records, rising house music producer Klaves (his newest EP “Closer” was featured on XLR8R magazine), our favorite experimental duo UL/KR (currently promoting their second LP “Ament” and Berlin-based, electronic producer Mooryc. Even more hot names to follow, while the second package is scheduled for early June. You can already expect some more four to the floor beats.
Rebeka on GNs

01 Melancholia (Original mix)
02 Melancholia (Daniel Drumz remix)
03 Melancholia (Klaves remix)
04 Melancholia (UL/KR remix)
05 Melancholia (Mooryc remix)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DFRNT - Dark Blue EP

label - cut records
genre - dub, drum & bass
release date - 2013

Dark Blue is a deep, dub-techno styled drum & bass track, with Stunna's remix giving it more melody, a beautiful breakdown and something a bit more dancefloor friendly.

01 Dark Blue
02 Dark Blue (Stunna Remix)


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beat Garden Compilation 3

label - gergaz
genre - future beat, abstract hip-hop
release date - 2014

GERGAZ celebrates its 5th year with new compilation from the BEAT GARDEN series. As you might expect, the 3rd instalment puts together emerging artists side by side with household names in the world of beats and bass. Aiming to offer a variety of engaging sounds as well as to point out those young talented artists out there, we have gathered 18 tracks for this year compilation that we felt strongest about.

01 The Black Arrow. - The Chase (Jimmy Pé remix)
02 Stratasoul - Sherryblossoms
03 Fallgrapp - Arca Natura
04 Kelpe - Puds (Sina. Remix)
05 Brock Berrigan - Brooklyn Bob
06 Je$u$ - Like Energy
07 Mute Speaker - Captain Howdy
08 Shatter Hands - Backside Disaster
09 KONCH!S - Bruk Out
10 Yuki Sato - paw
11 Nolan House - Jordan (GLGN remix)
12 Jetsam - Desert Child
13 sosiego/金 - Animas
14 Oddlogic - Minerva
15 GLGN - Hadaikum
16 Jimmy Pé - Buzzout
17 headshotboyz feat. Dalma Berger - don't cast the devil out of me
18 FVLCRVM - That's the way it is


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rebeka - Melancholia Remixed

label - brennessel
genre - electropop, remix
release date - 2013

The second part of the release contains more dance-oriented stuff made by such hot artists as Portuguese disco house master Moullinex, Belgian disco pop act Shindu and Polish trio Kamp!.
Rebeka on GNs

01 Melancholia (Moullinex remix)
02 Melancholia (Shindu remix)
03 Melancholia (Kamp! remix)


Monday, February 17, 2014

Ghosts Traxx Volume 1

label - polish juke
genre - juke, footwork, house
release date - 2014

Ghosts Traxx' is also trying to be a foundation. In the history of Polish, club-scene oriented, electronic music there isn't any compilation featuring Poland-based producers inspired by juke sound and footwork from Chicago. While the popularity of the styles is on the increase, we wondered whether the same would hold for Poland. The answer to this is the first part of 'Ghosts Traxx' compilation comprising eighteen tracks by eighteen producers.

01 Spisek Jednego - Bitches, $ & Drinks
02 CLN3000 - Stickup
03 Boorgroove - No Future
04 LFO - Freak (Benncart's Gettin' Your Freak On Juke Edit)
05 Fidser - Forget About Her
06 Jakett - Switch That
07 K.R. Ufo - Hip Hop
08 Co - So Blind
09 Rhythm Baboon - Ugly as fuck
10 Deam - Bang
11 TVB - Rollin
12 xtnt - Do I Want You
13 Symbiotic Sounds - Funky Beats
14 Dubsknit - Ghost
15 Lux Familiar - Mistkäfer
16 Miko - Try
17 Richard Murder - Isole
18 Naphta - 160 Stars


Monday, February 10, 2014

Niteffect - Dark Glow

label - export label
genre - downtempo, trip-hop, electronic
release date - 2014

The first 2014 release at Export Label is ‘Dark Glow’, an album recorded by the Hungarian artist Niteffect. Budapest based Miklos Labady (Niteffect) has been a part of the underground scene since 2000; after numerous EPs, cooperations and guest appearances on compilations, he finally recorded a long play.
‘Dark Glow’ comprises nearly an hour of music, divided into twenty parts, characterised by the restlessness of trip-hop and abstract hip-hop. Niteffect’s recent material shows great maturity and consistence, every track on Dark Glow compliments the next, making the album a logical and coherent whole.

01 Relevations
02 Two Dimensional
03 Down Down Down
04 Delusion
05 Broken Lights
06 Auld Lang Syne
07 Get Under Way
08 Swamp Song
09 Voices From Below
10 Frozen In The Ice Age
11 Crime Scene
12 Beyond Reason
13 Survive A Day
14 New Testament
15 Stupor
16 Out Of Focus
17 Drift Into Nothing (bonus track)
18 Raise Hope (bonus track)
19 Drain Away (bonus track)
20 Lost Cause (bonus track)