Sunday, January 25, 2009

Matam - The Slow Session

genre - ambient, electronic, chillout, mix
release date - 2008

Special mix for Notheen.
More info on the GNs SETs.

01 Philipp Weigl - Common Cause (comatronic)
02 Weigl & Hoffmann - Winters Tale (autoplate)
03 Avell - 54.511827,18.551788 (soundlab)
04 The Banjo Consorsium - Talk About You (aerotone)
05 Herzog - In The Background Secret Armies (12rec)
06 Kreng - Kamer (fant00m)
07 Moabi - I don't Think I Realize (dog eared)
08 Nest - Charlotte (serein)
09 Virculum - Wwlit Alma (aerotone)
10 Malaria - Somps (chill-label)
11 Karmacoda - Transitory Redux (miasmah)
12 Airnino - Beautiful Random Chops (retrofuturism)
13 Muhr - Tsuriai Part 2 (serein)
14 Nest - Trans Siberian (serein)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Konntinent - All Lines Lead In

netlabel - serein
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

"All lines lead in" is a wholly remarkable EP, particularly striking is Konntinent's ability to weave a story into his music - the EP conveys a very definite feeling of beginning, middle and end, visiting upon eerie and unsettling amalgams of strings and field recordings, to incredibly delicate melodies picked out on guitar. The tracks build out of static and lost radio frequencies into shimmering, hazy pieces of blissful music, hanging in the air like some delicate mist before disappearing on the next wave of hum and white noise.

01 Grasp Of Math
02 3 Of 8 Of 4
03 All Lines Lead In
04 Nasse


Friday, January 16, 2009

Con Cetta - Sclerosis

netlabel - zymogen
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

Sclerosis is his debut under this moniker and could be seen as Giuseppe's attempt at escaping the chaos of the industrial metropolis, generally seen as lacking the color and poetry of everyday life. This release is full of passion while the contrast between the two extremes is clearly audible and molded into the sound ...
Con Cetta on MySpace.

01 2.53
02 Fragile
03 Hexagram
04 Sad.ay
05 Intentionality imbrication
06 Hornplant
07 Openness
08 Calendaexl


Monday, January 12, 2009

Karmacoda - Transitory EP

netlabel - miasmah
genre - trip-hop, ambient

San francisco quartet Karmacoda is back with another melancholic approach to their gentle ambient/trip-hop lovelyness. This time abit more on the cinematic side, with nostalgic sounding pianos and cloudy afternoon walks.

01 Transitory redux
02 Firefly


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kreng - Zomer

netlabel - fant00m
genre - jazz, abstract hip-hop, experimental, ambient

A new tale from Belgiums cut-chemist Kreng. A surprising warm and open EP where Kreng blends avant garde jazz with spanish guitar and glitchy hip hop. “Zomer” (meaning summer in Dutch) is a nice addition to Krengs great cinematic adventures, taking you on a trip to a warm summer night, kreng style…
Kreng on MySpace.

01 Daver
02 Grappa
03 Jaloers
04 Kamer
05 Lente
06 Paris
07 Pover
08 string
09 Villa
10 Zavel


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ko-On-Ten - Live in Inowlodz

netlabel - audio tong
genre - electrionic, experimental
release date - 2005

Ko-On-Ten is a unit of Yukino Nono, a dancer, and Yoichiro Kita, a musician using an original DJ soft "Ninja Jockey" and effect trumpet. He is also a member of Shibusashirazu Orchestra.
The music of Yoichiro Kita is a beautiful mixture of abstract electronic sounds and jazzy notes played by him on a trumpet.

01 Live in Inowlodz