Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waveplant - Refragment

netlabel - moment sound
genre - ambient, downtempo, house, idm
release date - 2008

A Waveplant is a union between different elements that combine to create a singularity with hybrid vigor. Rather than keeping strictly with any genre, Waveplant extends this idea into tracks and scores that share this blend of approach: fresh and forward, human and resonant.
There are 2 sets, downtempo (1 - 5) and minimal house (6 - 8), each with different scenes, or tracks that are meant to be listened continuously.
Waveplant's official site.

01 Rawn Narrows
02 Moonset
03 Bloom
04 August
05 Daybreak
06 Homestretch
07 Homesick
08 Flux


Monday, August 25, 2008

B.A.U.D. - Ej systu ej

netlabel - katiusza pop
genre - ambient, electronic, sample

B.A.U.D.'s official site.

01 Ese01
02 Ese02
03 Ese03
04 Ese04 (feat. t.e.r./mirt)
05 Ese05
06 Ese06
07 Ese07
08 Ese08
09 Ese09
10 Ese10
11 Ese11


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weigl & Hoffmann - Elevate EP

netlabel - id.eology
genre - electropop, ambient
release date - 2008

Weigl & Hoffmann get into the elevator to a secret floor inbetween mind and soul. In a slow steady movement, like paper-boats on softly shimmering water, their ambient pop songs drift through the auditory canal right into your conscience. Subtle soundscapes, discreet guitar and piano ambiences along with breathy vocals create a contemplative atmosphere that gradually surrounds you, draws you in deeper and deeper, zooming your inner eye into the very core of yourself.
Weigl & Hoffmann "Examples Of A Medusa" on GNs.
Philipp Weigl's music on GNs.

01 Confided
02 Silhouettes
03 The grass is greener
04 A ship in a bottle
05 Paper boats
06 The grass is greener (Gate Zero rmx)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moabi- Sexe bourgeois

netlabel - dog eared records
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

The first thing you should note about Sexe bourgeois is how the track titles hang together to form a single maybe-sweet/maybe-dark sentence. This would seem to imply a couple of things. First, that what we have here is a suite. Second, that the subject of that suite has something to do with love. The first suspicion is easily confirmed—the individual tracks do indeed work together, sharing sounds and ideas, and generally forming a cogent whole. The second, however, is a bit more ambiguous. If this record is about love, it’s not the top-40 boyfriend/girlfriend bubblegum variety. No, this thing is about something much darker, mysterious, and altogether more interesting.
The tone is set from the start, with distant furtive bits of melody flitting through a cavernous soundscape—like a spectral orchestra tuning up in a subway station. And it remains a dark ride throughout. The tempos are steady, sometimes even brisk, but never lively, and the musical ideas tend toward the mournful...
Moabi's album from resting bell on GNs.

01 I don't think I realize
02 I'm in love
03 Am I blind or...
04 Unconscious


Sunday, August 10, 2008

tBH - Book of Salms

label - noecho
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

tBH started in 2007 from the late-night jam sessions of Kris Klubo and Tim Shireman, former members of London industrial/electronic outfit The Brainhole. As the sessions progressed they took the shape of the album, Book of Salms.
Noecho on Myspace.

01 Alumni 2
02 Untitled-1
03 Prescopate
04 Preu
05 Seething Sours


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Thomas Nunnally Ensemble - The Tunnel At The End Of The Light

netlabel - negative sound institute
genre - nujazz, idm, ambient

On this EP, the Thomas Nunnally Ensemble ride the hand-car down the rails in an recording about the way in which the process of living renders both sweet and bittersweet the transfers and railway stops that characterize coach travel in the human condition ... TNE create music in juxtaposition - an ambient drone might be accompanied by an electro beat, a narrative about passing clouds might be married to an urban frenzy. In so doing, they seek to neither darken the light nor lighten the tunnel. They aim instead to provide a pleasing reality in the fantasy of divergent musical ideas ...

01 Rail Trail Outside Sudbury
02 Perkancal
03 Five R's
04 Allen
05 Beep Beep


Friday, August 1, 2008

Kosmo Koslowski - Den magiske snor

netlabel - homebody
genre - jazz, folk
release date - 2004

Inspired by Klezmer, Hip Hop, Eastern European folklore, Reggae, Polka and Jazz, "Pirate Jazz" is the unique style of the six young musicians who make up the band Kosmo Koslowski. Their origins are as varied as their music: from Germany, Denmark, Poland and Finland with instruments such as guitar , flute, melodica, violin, clarinet, bassclarinet, double-bass, drums and percussion. Kosmo Koslowski concentrate moods, stories and visions with the result of a richly musical illustration. Music which moves your belly, brain and feet.
Kosmo Koslowski on MySpace.
Official site.

01 Nynnesang
02 Ripalta
03 Pippi
04 Das mit den flugzeugen
05 Peter pathos
06 Knodeltrote rmx
07 Wild joe
08 Busum 3
09 Alpaka m
10 El borra cherra
11 Abac