Saturday, March 19, 2011

GNs Compilation - Break Asymmetry

label - export label good netlabels
genre - nujazz, downtempo, abstract hip-hop
release date - 2011

Good Netlabels is proud to present another volume of GNs Compilation: Break Asymmetry. This release celebrates the fourth anniversary of the launch of Good Netlabels, a site dedicated to music produced and published independently or via netlabels, available online for free. From the very beginning, Good Netlabels has been devoted to reviewing and promoting the most interesting releases within the realm of contemporary electronic jazz, abstract instrumental hip-hop, experimental downtempo, chillout or trip-hop. The newest release, Break Asymmetry, shares this ambiance. Those familiar with last year's GNs Compilation Jazzy Puzzle will have another opportunity to listen to tracks by Printempo, Maed, Crookram, Nienvox, Thallus, Bandfx. Break Asymmetry also features promising newcomers, such as JazzClams, Ears, Quantifier, B.R.O, Lupid Ocampo, Niteffect and Danny Bow. All featured artists have already arrived on the underground scene. They are people of original ideas and exceptional musical imagination; each track bears witness to the enormity of the potential that lies in these artists as well as in the music of the new generation. Music which, in its independence, many a time finds itself going against the current of the mainstream.
Cover design: Justyna Bielecka
Translation: Ola Górska
Mastering: Jacek Latoń
Compiled by Matam
Thanks to axun arts magnetoffon independent popkiller jazzclub hipnoza 80bpm uwolnij muzykę radiofonia

01 Printempo - 40000 words
02 Crookram - Booby Trap
03 Maed - Yfelful
04 Nienvox - Namae
05 Thallus - A4
06 Bandfx - Babydub (VIP 2011)
07 Ears - Red Rope
08 Maed - Trip to LA
09 B.R.O. - Story of sad human
10 Quantifier - Thread
11 JazzClams - Morningbirds
12 Bandfx - City traffic (skit)
13 B.R.O. - Proxima Centauri
14 Lupid Ocampo - Kalter Winter
15 Niteffect - No Doubt
16 Ears - Bus Trip
17 Danny Bow - Only got One



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thallus - Belong

genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2011

Thallus on MySpace and GNs.

01 Full battery
02 Speed of cars
03 New day
04 Focus the play
05 What´s wrong
06 Belong
07 Wait before you go
08 All you got to do


Monday, March 14, 2011

Freethebeats vol.3

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

Free the beats is a project aimed at releasing bedroom beats that would not otherwise see the light of day as a free compilation once every three months.
Covering a range of styles and approaches to beat making the one theme drums.
Beat heads, and underground crate diggers who love their synths and dusty samples lock themselves away to produce a multitude of tracks that range from dubstep and glitchy electronica to down tempo instrumental hiphop and ambient beats.
The project is focussed around a DIY attitude. 100 Cd's burnt from home are bound in carefully constructed cases made from recycled materials and are a limited edition artwork in themselves. The cd's are given out for free and distributed in local record stores, sent to radio etc. Once the discs are gone thats it!
Themes found in the materials used to make the cases will be given to contributing artists and interpreted musically.
Freethebeats vol.1 and vol.2
Freethebeats website

01 Roleo - The Dentist
02 Howard - Music in slow motion
03 Samy Saga - Short story
04 Limetipe - Ambrosial
05 MOR - Da Da master of Ribongia
06 P Major - Down
07 Palamino - Elephant curtains
08 Ears - Bus trip
09 Milo Firewater - Angelic politics
10 Mashy P - Eternal Dawn
11 Howard - South Guiteur
12 Samy Saga - Galaxy


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Karel Craft - Free Net Tunes Mix

genre - downtempo, hip-hop, mix
release date - 2011

Karel Craft on MySpace.

01 Artcrime a.k.a Circo Inverso - what about what.mixtrack
02 Enbe - About her
03 Klitbeats - Hide Out
04 Ortega Cartel - Banger
05 Apes on Tapes - Grand 5
06 Printempo - The Strut
07 Suhov - Skunn
08 Holdcut - Idea From The Studio (With Dj.Primeminister)
09 Curly Jefferson - The Sneak
10 Roszja & Lu - Fantastyczna Wyspa
11 Professor Kliq - Pangea
12 Merlune & Daakoon - Apocalypse
13 Tracky Birthday - Balla!
14 DAVIP - Hall Of Evil (feat. Almaz)
15 Gone (x3) - Gone Gone Gone
16 Phour Trakk - Eastbound
17 paniq - Heavy Working Robot
18 Suhov - Exx Fuck
19 Grillo - Double Rare Tender
20 Merlune & Daakoon - No Money
21 younnat - ronin on air
22 Black Gold 360 - Superbia in Proelia
23 Sliptone - Birds And The Bees
24 Peacespeakers -It's All The Same
25 Sabian - trail in the forest
26 Broke Lovers Sextet - Bungaloo
27 Tizzy Def - The Noose


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eufoteoria - Eufoteoria LP

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - trip-hop, abstract hip-hop, experimental
release date - 2011

Eufoteoria is a project of the polish producer Amadeusz Szczerbowski. The debut album "Eufoteoria" is full of stunning suprises, combining dark cinematic sounds, deep basslines, crispy glitches, compressed drum breaks and splendid organic samples.

01 Time And Bullets
02 7 am Blue pm
03 Spinal Cord
04 Mantra (Guest: Kidd)
05 Nishino
06 Magic Music
07 Razem Czekamy Na Noc (Guest: Wojtek Cichon)
08 White Mouse
09 Last Verse
10 T&B Lazymix


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Metaharmoniks - Be A King

label - budabeats
genre - jazz, lounge, remix
release date - 2011

The four-member Russian band formed in 2009 by the leader, Anton Evtukhovich. Without style-constraints they are creating in different genres, which are connected with lounge, electronica, funky rhythm, mad-women vocal & space sounds. Now here it is their debut EP with two downtempo tracks, and remixes made by Budabeats artists (Artner, Klitbeats, M.W.D.), MustBeat Crew and from the bandleader too.

01 Be A King
02 Be A King (Klitbeats remix)
03 Be A King (M.W.D. remix)
04 Brahma
05 Brahma (Artner remix)
06 Brahma (MustBeat Crew remix)
07 Brahma (Metaharmoniks reedit)