Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New CD in Export Label

Mad​-​Hop vol​.​6

label - mad-hop
genre - glich-hop, abstract hip-hop, dubstep, juke
release date - 2013

This is already the sixth compilation by worldwide label Mad-Hop! the album will feature talented producers from across the globe, including artists who have frequently contributed to the label such as Karaoke Tundra, Pixelord or en2ak and fresh blood from Europe, Asia and North America. Mad-Hop vol.6 offers a solid dose of trap, juke, hip-hop, dubstep, wonky beats. mad-hop.bandcamp.com

01 Karaoke Tundra-Jak My (Liquid Molly Remix)
02 en2ak - Don't Leave Me
03 Koloah - Mirage
04 2tall - Beauty 2k13
05 Headphone Activist - Bad Man Condition (Mad-Hop Drop)
06 Capella ft. Subtronikz - THE HVTE
07 Planet Soap - Feeling (H-sik Remix)
08 Memory9 - A Game Of Horns
09 Subp Yao - Pull Up (oneone Remix)
10 Jimmy Pé - Musíme si pomáhať
11 Russ Liquid X Tigerfresh - Ultra Duster
12 Taprikk Sweezee - Thingsallup
13 Pixelord feat. Airospace - The Restless Vagabond
14 Kingstux - Grol
15 Richard Colvaen - White Mystake
16 De Läb vs Sun Glitters - Den Dag vun der oppener Dier
17 Ben Mono - The List
18 Plee - Boom Shake
19 Emufucka - Pleiades
20 J(ay)A.D - Other Dimension
21 Malefigue - Spirit Of Love
22 Sipp & Steamgoat - Butter Face
23 Solice - Now That I Need You
24 Bleep Bloop - After Midnight
25 Spongemagnet - K'Tamarang
26 Jalocin - Closer


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Melodiesinfonie - Wohlklänge EP

label - soulection
genre - soul, instrumental hip-hop, chillout
release date - 2012

Melodiesinfonie is known for his flawless collabs with Jazzo who both really stay true to the warm and future-soul vibrations. Wohlklänge EP isn't just another addition to our catalog, instead it is a reflection of pristine production. Within just four tracks Melodiesinfonie hits us with nothing but constant energy that is pleasing to the ear. soulection.tumblr.com

01 ithinkfrvr
02 Positive Vibes
03 Spaziergänge in der Natur
04 Wohlklangg


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gauvin - The Day We Met In The Rain EP

label - soigne tes oreilles
genre - ambient, downtempo
release date - 2012

A new artist to the label, Gauvin is already regularly DJs in and around France. Inspired by ambient, abstract hip hop and downtempo soundscapes, his debut EP on STO will transport you to a fantastical world. This Ep is a suit we listen at once, heavy, atmospheric, his deep textures and downtempo rhythms build his musical universe. soignetesoreilles.com

01 The Day We Met In The Rain
02 Short Hair Girl
03 Short Hair Girl Part.2
04 Teddy Bear
05 Teddy Bear (B Low Drup Remix)
06 Short Hair Girl (TMRW Remix)
07 Short Hair Girl (JNS Remix)


Monday, March 11, 2013

Wojtek Cichoń - Działa Zabrane

label - skwer
genre - hip-hop
release date - 2012

Wojtek Cichowe official website

01 Ok powoli ...
02 Bądź piękna tylko dla mnie
03 Przypadkowy dzień roku 2006
04 X99
05 Wiesz jak
06 Czuje się dziwnie
07 One for eric
08 Nasłuchuję dna (one for gil)
09 A życie toczy się dalej


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ghostly Essentials: Music for Ideas

label - ghostly international
genre - electronic
release date - 2011

A 10 song experience of Ghostly's artists, each with a unique mood. The Music for Ideas compilation is a joint effort between Ann Arbor-founded Ghostly International and TEDxUofM; it's release coincides with TEDxUofM 2011: Encouraging Crazy Ideas, the second annual self-organized TED summit at the University of Michigan.  ghostly.com

01 Shigeto - Ann Arbor Pt. 1
02 Lusine - Gravity
03 Mux Mool - Valley Girls
04 Ben Benjamin - Toothlike Tokens
05 Solvent - A Product of the Process
06 Dabrye - Temper
07 Tycho - Send and Receive (Chachi Jones Remix)
08 Osborne - 16th Stage
09 Matthew Dear - Good to be Alive
10 Shigeto - Look At All The Smiling Faces