Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Matam - Good Netlabels vol.2

genre - trip-hop, nujazz, instrumental hip-hop, mix
release date - 2008

Matam is the author of the next release from the series of Good Netlabels sets. The style of the content has changed a bit in comparison with the previous mix. This time a more aggresive, trip-hop oriented music prevails, though there is also plenty of nu-jazz bits and sounds bordering on hip-hop and electronic. In this 47 minutes long set Matam has stirred 15 excellent tracks from the world's undergound of contemporary music.
Special thanks go to blondas, a skilled Polish photographer who has done the cover art for this work. Many thanks also go to: nowa muzyka, 80bpm, vombat radio, independent and mixotic.
You can find more info about Good Netlabels vol.2 and Good Netlabels vol.1 on the GNs SETs website.

01 Quantifier - Suburban Night (soundlab 2007)
02 Mr. S - Acoustically Illustrated (audiorascal 2007)
03 Zetena - Be My Drug (east eventz 2006)
04 First June Repression - Cetait eCri
05 Tricolore and Krii - Aquatik Lifeforms (rebound 2004)
06 Violent Public Disorderaz - Electric Storm (dustedwax 2007)
07 Cyesm - Bj Pub (good citizen factory 2007)
08 Black Era - What About Us (aquietbump 2006)
09 Sublinear - A Quiet Death (this plague of dreaming 2007)
10 Not.Con. - The Balance (perfidny plan 2007)
11 Bassfrucht - Landschaft im Kamin (foramel 2003)
12 Oh No Nuno! - Analog Stone (dog eared)
13 Mr. Moods - Sensuality (dirtybird rexx 2007)
14 Goc - E-Kasetony (moon label 2007)
15 Solcarlus - I can't quit you


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