Wednesday, June 11, 2014


genre - jazz, electronic, improvisation, acoustic
release date - 2014

PUNKT EKLEKTIK SESSION is the initiative of the Eklektik Session artists platform located in Wrocław, Poland. Project combines innovative concepts of Punkt Festival (Norway) with the integrative nature of Eklektik Session. Broad spectrum of common activities planned in 2014, such as special performances, studio workshops, panels and touring, not only allows Polish and Norwegian artists to exchange their experience and set ground for future collaborations but, above all, emancipates essential values in creating art.

01 Eklektik Ensemble - Abstract
02 Eklektik Ensemble - Strangers on the Grass
03 Eklektik Ensemble - Wild Game
04 Eklektik Ensemble - Odra
05 Eklektik Ensemble - Lost Souls
06 Eklektik Ensemble - Rudnik
07 Punkt - Live Remix of Lutosławski Quartet
08 Punkt - The Deep Serene (live)


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